The most popular feature on iOS 15 is actually “I want to be quiet”?

"The Up master you follow has updated a new video!"

"Today only! Two takeaway red envelopes have been added to your card pack!"

"Your package has a new logistics dynamic!"

Whenever you put down your phone and prepare to work or study, your phone will always receive reminders from various apps. Once you don't grasp your attention, an hour will pass unknowingly as soon as you hold your phone.

In this era where attention is money, every app is deliberately "dividing" your attention, which causes our mobile phones to receive some innocuous "spam" and endless notifications all the time. Interrupted the rhythm of our work and study.

And now, if we want to protect our concentration that has been crushed by mobile phones, we are likely to need the help of mobile phone manufacturers.

This may be the most useful feature of iOS 15

After the WWDC 2021 conference, 9to5Mac launched a poll to invite readers to choose their favorite new features on iOS 15. As a result, 30% of readers voted for "Focus". It seems that most people’s In my mind, focus mode is perhaps the most useful feature on iOS 15.

Prior to this, the best way to block notification interruptions on iOS is to turn on the Do Not Disturb mode, and reduce the interference of notifications and call reminders by mute and other methods.

But when you pick up your phone, you still have to face the colorful world composed of various entertainment apps, and you will still be distracted when it is time to be distracted.

If you often have to waste 90% of your time fighting against useless information for 10% of your work time, then the focus mode of iOS 15 is worth looking forward to.

Before using the focus mode, you need to enter "Settings> Focus" to preset your state. After you turn on the focus mode, you can only receive notifications from selected apps and contacts, and other app notifications will not be displayed.

For example, you need to communicate through corporate WeChat and email at work. You can add the app you want to use in the allowed app column to avoid missing important work notifications, and block the logistics dynamics of your shopping app (of course, some People care more about this).

▲ In the current focus mode, you can only use the app on the main screen

Merely blocking notifications is not enough to protect people's fragile concentration. You can gather all the apps and components you need into a dedicated home screen and use them in the focus mode according to your work needs.

For example, you need to use dictionaries, music, and calculators when reviewing. You can set these apps as a home screen, and select the home screen when you turn on the focus mode, so you won't be distracted by other apps.

The way to turn on the focus mode is also very simple. In addition to calling the focus mode menu in the control center, you can select the corresponding focus scene, and you can also let the iPhone intelligently turn it on according to your use time, location, and app usage.

For example, when you come to a library or office, the iPhone will automatically enable the focus mode according to your current location, or when you click on a reading app such as WeChat reading, it can also automatically turn on the focus mode to ensure that your reading time will not be disturbed .

At this time, when other people send you iMessage and other messages, they will receive a reminder that you are focusing and cannot reply in time, avoiding the embarrassment of being left out, and if it is some very important information, the sender can also choose to push it to You, so you won't miss it.

▲ When you enter the focus mode, you can see the icon reminder on the lock screen, long press to enter the mode setting

After enabling the focus mode, you can see the focus mode icon on the lock screen, status bar, control center and other places, reminding you to return to the work at hand.

And Apple said that the focus mode will span multiple platforms such as iOS, iPadOS, macOS and even watchOS. When you enable focus mode on one device, it will be synchronized to your other Apple devices.

This functional layout across multiple platforms may indicate that digital health is becoming one of Apple's most concerned topics.

The world is disturbing, Android manufacturers just want you to be quiet

In fact, the destruction of concentration by mobile phones is a topic that has been criticized for a long time. As early as 2018, Google and Apple both launched the screen time monitoring function to help people manage their own use time and fight the addiction of mobile phones. .

However, a simple reminder of the duration does not constrain people's fingers well. To help users regain their concentration in the digital age, both camps need to make greater determination.

Compared with iOS, the Android camp pays more attention to user concentration earlier.

▲ Turn on focus mode. Picture from: 9to5Google

When Google released Android 10, it had already added the system-level focus mode, but the entrance to the focus mode was relatively hidden. Many people may not find this feature even after updating to Android 12.

Users who use native Android 10 or above can find the entrance to the focus mode in "Settings> Digital Health and Parental Control", or slide down the notification bar and add a shortcut switch for the "focus mode".

Google’s focus mode requires you to first select the app you need while focusing. When you enter the focus mode, except for the apps you need to use, everything else will be suspended and grayed out, reminding you not to touch it.

If you really need to use certain applications, for example, if you want to check a problem with Zhihu, the system will prompt you to temporarily use it for 5 minutes, and then the application will be suspended again, so that you can avoid being sucked into endless information Flow in the vortex.

In the focus mode, you can also set yourself a rest period, take a short break of 5-30 minutes, and then return to the state of focus.

Google’s focus mode is a kind of weak intervention logic. It does not completely prohibit you from using other apps. Instead, it warmly reminds you before you want to be distracted: "Do you really need to use this app?"

▲ The effect of the focus mode also varies from person to person

Samsung’s OneUI has also added the same focus mode as Google. After experiencing it, many users think that turning on the focus mode can indeed restrain distraction to a certain extent, but some users said that once the finger "addiction" comes, they can do it at any time. The focus mode of quitting seems to be useless and does not help me much.

For these users, the strong intervention focus mode represented by OnePlus' "meditation mode" may be more suitable for them.

▲ The design of the early meditation mode, OnePlus said, "The change from night to dawn shows that while enjoying life, the phone also slept."

The meditation mode allows users to choose to keep the phone in a "brick" state for a certain period of time-blocking all notifications, only answering calls, calling for help and taking pictures, not even adjusting the brightness.

When OnePlus first launched the meditation mode, it was ridiculed by many netizens. In the eyes of some people, restricting the functions of mobile phones is an unreasonable thing, and "bricking" makes smartphones meaningless.

Even many users who are dissatisfied with the hydrogen OS transfer their anger to the meditation mode, which is full of controversy for a time.

However, for more people, forcing people to put down the meditation mode of their mobile phones does help them find more time for life outside the screen, just like OnePlus’s definition of meditation mode, leaving the mobile phone briefly is like It's a challenge, and people can't help but think about the relationship between mobile phones and life.

In subsequent updates, the meditation mode has added multi-person meditation and background white noise in cooperation with the tide app. The addition of white noises such as ocean, starry sky, grassland and environmental music can allow users to moderately empty their brains through short meditations. Improve the efficiency of focused work.

On ColorOS and MIUI, a focus mode with similar logic has also been introduced. Taking MIUI as an example, you can find the entrance to the focus mode in "Settings> Screen Time Management" to isolate the temptation and interference of mobile phones when encountering important tasks.

In general, the simple and rude "bricking" may not necessarily divert the user's attention from the screen to the book. While resisting the temptation, it may also cause a lot of inconvenience to the user, but even the input method wants to be added. In the age of information flow, the meditation mode gives users at least 20 minutes the opportunity to escape the Internet.

Digital health needs more attention

Excessive indulgence in the screen will not only damage the body, but also affect the emotion and spirit of the person to a certain extent. According to a new study from the St. Vincent and St. James School of Medicine, the increase in young people’s stress during the epidemic is related to the longer screen usage time.

Studies have shown that the increase in the amount of time young people spend watching entertainment programs on electronic devices is related to the increase in anxiety scores, with students getting higher scores than non-students.

In other words, being overly addicted to the screen will not only help us relax, but it will also cause anxiety. The lives of some young people are being eroded by electronic screens.

The mobile phone blurs the boundaries between work, study and life, and the unclear time allocation aggravates people’s procrastination. As a result, people continue to accumulate psychological stress, which creates an unstoppable sense of anxiety.

▲ Student He's third video that exceeded 10 million views

The technology blogger He at station B once posted a video to help people "quit" playing mobile phones. At present, the number of views of this video on station B has exceeded 10 million, and after entering the review month, the number of views is still It is constantly increasing.

This also shows that digital health is receiving more and more attention from users. Many young people have realized that their time and attention are being divided up by screens such as mobile phones. There is an urgent need for a solution to the problem, and this should be achieved. More manufacturers' attention.

After Apple launched the focus mode, OnePlus’ COO Liu Fengshuo also shared the story of the birth of the meditation mode on Weibo. He believes that whether it is meditation mode or the launch of focus mode in iOS 15, it is essentially to improve the relationship between man and machine. , Experience the thoughts and attempts made without burden.

Whether it is the weak intervention logic of Apple or Google, or the strong intervention logic represented by the meditation model, the meaning of the focus model is to allow the mobile phone to return to the role of communication more and to restore the original appearance of life as much as possible.

It is no longer possible for us to live without a mobile phone that is a collection of wallets, entertainment centers, and social tools, but at least we don't have to let mobile phones take up all of our lives.

The mobile phone crushes and mixes entertainment and production. We need to clarify the relationship between them. A better focus model may be the "boundary" we are struggling to find.

Higher, higher.

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