The most popular beverage nowadays is the healing system?

That night, at three o'clock in the morning, Wan Lai was completely silent. I stayed up all night as usual, slumped on the bed, addicted to my phone. The roommate walked in sneakily and mysteriously took out a can of Coke from his crotch.

He said:

Dude, don't play too late, drink a glass of fat house water.

At that time, I looked in a trance, didn't think much, grumbled, drank it out, I didn't expect to soon become weak, lethargic, and suddenly felt something bad:

You, you, drugged in Coke…

As everyone knows, it was very intense that night—my purring.

After waking up, I looked at this newly packaged Pepsi, and it turned out that something was wrong. It's called "driftwell", I searched it, and it is Pepsi's new "sleep aid".

The above plot is purely fictitious. But Pepsi's new sleep aid drink is real.

More than "driftwell", there are more and more beverages to heal the physical and mental health of contemporary young people .

When the drink becomes a "healing system"

What is a "healing drink"?

In the "2019 China Consumer Trends Report", ten major consumer trends including the "healing economy" are put forward. The "healing economy" refers to contemporary consumers' work, family responsibilities, finances, economic situation and family health. Under pressure, anxiety is increasing day by day, and a new wave of consumption that gives spiritual comfort is born.

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"Healing drinks" also appeared under the influence of the "healing economy" , including a series of drinks that help people reduce stress, refresh, help sleep, soothe their emotions, and improve health .

Last year, major Chinese brands have set off waves in the field of sleep aids .

Mengniu launched the "Good Evening" functional milk in September last year. It is said to have taken 8 years to create it. It contains GABA, which can calm the nerves and relieve stress and enhance mental performance, as well as wild jujube seed, tuckahoe powder, chamomile, etc. Wait, it sounds very strong.

The national brand Wahaha also launched "White Peach Flavored Sleeping Yogurt" , which also added GABA ingredients and tea theanine, claiming that these two key ingredients can relieve stress and release bad emotions for people who have trouble sleeping and sick.

There are also Wangwang's "Mengmengshui", Yakult's new product "Yakult 1000" to relieve stress and troubles, and Junlebao's "One hour milk before going to bed"…

Coca-Cola, which is well-established in all types of beverages, is also ahead of Pepsi. In May of this year, it launched a new drink called "Zun Xuan 28 Sleep and Wake Yan".

Hearing the word "respectful election", it has demonstrated its not cheap temperament, 7 bags cost 198 yuan.

When the price is high, the packaging is naturally indispensable. It is like a lotus flower that you want to open when unpacked. The content also captures the psychology of female audiences-not only to make you sleep peacefully, but also to make you beautify in your dreams.

Because the ingredients in this drink also include collagen peptides, Italian blood orange powder, white fungus, lotus seeds, wolfberry…

In addition, the mental state of young people is also closely related to brain health.

Therefore, the three squirrels occupying a place in the nut world took the opportunity to launch the "Second Brain", which is a double-protein coffee milk drink with mixed nuts, mainly used to nourish brain.

The founder of The Three Squirrels, Zhang Liaoyuan, said it was an inspiring drink. The workplace people who were squeezed out of work by their work were shocked when they heard it.

Foreign brands have a greater battle for stress-relieving and relaxing drinks. Speaking of this, I have to mention the new favorite that has swept the foreign market: CBD drinks.

CBD (cannabidiol), as the active ingredient in the hemp plant, has been studied to show that it has various effects such as anti-anxiety, anti-fatigue, anti-oxidation, and headache treatment. Therefore, CBD has begun to be added to various beverages , such as BLNCD Naturals. , The Alkaline Water, Canopy Growth, the categories range from coffee, tea, beer, to dairy products and functional drinks .

CBD mainstream market is expected to grow from 2019's $ 3 billion in 2024. The $ 18 billion that young people drink it to relieve stress anxiety, middle-aged people to drink it to relieve pain and insomnia, but only in the United States, Canada and other marijuana Only in a legalized country can these drinks flow unimpeded.

There are also emerging sports energy drinks on the market that combine protein, coconut water, and caffeine; combine creatine, BCAA, and electrolytes to make the body more athletic and concentrated, which satisfies consumers The mentality of "a bottle of drink solves multiple needs".

▲ Alien 0 Sugar Electrolyte Sports Drink

In addition, I have to mention the hottest drink this year-sugar-free drinks.

To heal contemporary young people, sugar is also an indispensable comfort. But the price of this comfort is gaining weight. Therefore, 0 sugar and 0 fat beverages are coming.

On this turbulent zero battlefield, "Storm Boy" Vitality Forest is the first to appear. Subsequently, Jianlibao, Nestlé, Yili, and Arctic Ocean successively launched sugar-free beverages, and a small bottle of peach-flavored sugar-free sparkling water from Hey Tea Hey also came. Even the white cat detergent introduced lemon sugar-free soda sparkling water.

It is really "no sugar, no internet celebrity."

After reading a bunch of "healing" drinks, it's hard not to be puzzled: How come a good drink begins to "heal" ?

Why did "healing drinks" become popular?

The "healing drink" fires naturally because people have more "emotional problems".

This has to come back to "healing" itself.

In 1999, the term "healing system" first became popular in Japan . At that time, the actor Naoko Iijima who appeared in the GEORGIA coffee advertisement video was considered very healing. Soon, Yuka and Ben, who appeared in the beverage advertisement Kami Manami, Igawa Haruka and others are also considered very "healing."

Later, various types of healing products in Japan emerged, such as healing singers, healing animations, healing novels, healing music…

▲ In 1999, musician Ryuichi Sakamoto released the single "ウラBTTB", which was very successful as a healing music. The picture is from "Ryuichi Sakamoto: Finale"

Healing products have become a new category of Japanese consumption and a popular global lifestyle. The reason behind the healing products is that Japan fell into a long-term economic recession in the early 1990s, and the society is becoming aging and low social desires. Anxiety product.

The accelerating pace of urban life in China has also put more and more pressure on contemporary young people. The consumption of "healing" is also increasing . From yoga, fitness and other stress-reducing activities, to the rise of mini KTV and food for one person, When there are more cats, cafes, and dogs, the pet economy is booming, there are also venting houses, decompression halls, and broken relationships museum…

▲ Zhaoqing Museum of Broken Relationships

It is not surprising that healing drinks are appearing more and more. Young people are paying more and more attention to health, nature, and their own mental stability .

Taking sleep as an example, the "2019 China Sleep Index Report" shows that at least more than 300 million people in China have sleep disorders. Among them, young people born in the 1990s are the hardest hit areas, 3/4 are falling asleep after 11pm, and 1/3 are 1 am Click to fall asleep. Insomnia is gradually becoming younger, and the sleep food industry is also moving towards pure naturalness, reducing side effects and dependence.

The functional beverage market for sleep, stress reduction, and refreshing is also growing. In 2019, the functional beverage market exceeded 50 billion yuan and is expected to reach 81.24 billion yuan by 2024.

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In addition, the epidemic caused by the coronavirus is also a major factor affecting consumers' diet.

The research results of the OutsideVoice consumer insight platform indicate that after the epidemic, the main trends in 2021 are increased stress and anxiety, changes in social connections, and more comprehensive health care methods.

Therefore, consumers will continue to adopt more proactive methods to nourish their bodies and minds, cope with stress and protect their health.

Consumers have seen this year that with the old brands of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Wahhaha, and Unity, the old brands are unified in the market, Yuanqi Forest still stands out with its youthful, healthy, and high-value features. It is the first. But it will not be the last.

The size of China's soft drink market is nearly one trillion yuan in 2019 , and it is still growing.

The demand for "health" will continue to urge major beverage brands to continuously innovate, from adding various nutritional and pharmacological ingredients to reducing all kinds of damage to the body, and continuously improving people's mood, spirit, and living conditions .

In 1984, Jianlibao turned out to be a single charge on the beverage market and became the prototype of China's energy drinks.

I am afraid it did not expect that there will be no more than ten energy drinks on the market in a few decades.

Is it true "healing" or false "healing"?

When more and more "healing" drinks, we need to pay attention to: can they really "heal"?

Take sugar-free beverages as an example. Sugar-free beverages are not really sugar-free. Everyone has read this kind of reports.

The sugar substitute sweetener used in Yuanqi Forest is something called erythritol. It is indeed a better substitute, and it can even replace sugar in our daily lives.

However , Fan Zhihong, director of the Chinese Nutrition Society, once said :

One of the main meanings of sugar-free sparkling water is to provide spiritual comfort to those who know that sweet drinks are unhealthy, but can't live without sweet drinks. After all, compared with sweet milk tea, high-sugar drinks, etc., they are still fresh and less harmful.

So compared to the previous beverages, sugar-free is at least better than sugar-free, which is an alternative.

The sleep aids on the market look similar to health products, using herbs, natural extracts and other medicinal and food methods to try to improve people's sleep. However, it should be noted that they do not have the "Blue Hat" logo for health food issued by the state.

In other words, at present they can only be regarded as an ordinary beverage .

The main GABA and tea theanine components in these beverages are indeed effective in promoting blood circulation in the brain and relieving tension in the brain, while the latter also has the effect of calming and reducing the nerves, but they do not directly affect human sleep.

After all, being comfortable does not mean being able to sleep well. Many scientists have also confirmed that they have no direct effect on improving sleep .

Therefore, these sleep aids may be drunk to soothe the mood and calm the nerves, and supplement some of the nutrients the body needs, but don't be dazzled by the exaggerated slogans of the business.

This is also the essential reason why the "sleep-aid drink" has been launched for one or two years, but it still hasn't caused the whole people to drink hot drinks.

However, sleep aids do have an extremely broad consumer market . When major beverage brands flood the track, it also means that it will have more possibilities for in-depth research, innovation, and market trust.

There are also various doubts about the emerging CBD drinks abroad.

Although CBD does have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, and has passed the Farm Bill, it has not yet been approved as a dietary supplement or food in the United States. In view of the low public awareness of CBD, the lack of relevant scientific research, the lack of effective regulatory mechanisms and industry standards, etc., there is still a bumpy road to popularization.

Although there are more and more complex functional drinks on the market, although they can achieve certain effects in their respective "energy pools", they can still only be used as supplements. Consumers should not put too much physical and mental health on a bottle of beverage .

For the beverage itself, the formulation design of many functional beverages also needs to do more "addition" and "subtraction", do more innovation and innovation, in order to achieve greater effectiveness in people's future lives.

▲ Picture from: Healthline

The World Beverage Innovation Award held by Foodbev this year, the Best Beverage Concept LifeFuels-Smart Nutrition Bottle , not only has the natural flavor of water, but is also rich in functional ingredients such as vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants.

Not only that, there are also 3 flavor bottles at the bottom of the bottle, which can be equipped with 90 different flavors of beverages. You can also use your mobile phone to adjust the flavor concentration and track the body's water absorption and consumption…

It sounds far away, and it actually takes a while to go on sale, but at that time, my roommate should be able to knock on my door openly, holding the LifeFuels-Smart Nutrition Bottle, and gently asking:

Can you drink a cup of snow when you come late?

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