The most lively “people” on the Internet are in the Douban group

Female data workers quickly cut numbers, commented, and generated popularity on their mobile phones, all for the purpose of maintaining the popularity of idol topics; many operators and porters skillfully add words such as sudden and heavy in the title, which are generally misused The exclamation point is just to attract your attention; the comments that have the most likes in the comment area seem familiar, and you have seen the same content "repeat" at least on the other three platforms.

Data, traffic, copy and paste, business society has its own set of mature operating rules. However, under the influence of data and repeated content, people seem to have changed from diverse and free individuals to predictable labels. Platform big V, fans, opponents, everything seems to be running on an invisible track.

In this predictable labeling environment, a friend next to me said: " In contrast, I prefer Douban groups because they have a human touch. "

Douban team, let "boring" have a corner

What is "humanity"? In the eyes of friends around you, the "human taste" of the Douban group is a shock to the unpredictable behavior of human beings, and you can't help but sigh the accident that "there is still such a thing" or "there is such a thing in this world".

"Join this group and you will be kicked out" is an unexpected group. Its existence and vitality made his founder feel a little confused.

In 2012, Douban launched the Douban Group mobile app, which brought a sudden increase in Douban Groups. Douyou @芈子叶 found that Douban had a lot more groups at the time, "You will get XXXX when you join this group", which inspired him, and he decided to also create a group in this format. In the end, he decided to determine the main purpose of this group as kicking people.

▲ Photo courtesy of respondents

At the end of 2012, a weird "Join this group and you will be kicked out" was created. In Douban, where people come and go, this group is just one of the hundreds of thousands of groups, but because the theme of the group is not an unusual way, this group quickly became popular, and everything was a little unexpected.

On the first day of the group’s creation, I discovered that the bean friends of this group basically did not hold their hands on "join", and then waited to be kicked out by the administrator. Unfortunately, these initial members may not be able to wait for the founder's "hands-on kicking", because they are kicking scripts.

As a programmer, @芈子叶 wrote a script after founding the team, and also asked Douban's engineers to assist and cooperate, the purpose is to make this script play its role for the operation of the group-kick people out . But the script was disabled after only two days of running. There was no error in the script. It was this group that "errored"-it was so popular that many people applied to be the administrator of this group the next day.

▲ One of the group rules is that people can be kicked and banned

Seven years later, @芈子叶, who almost gave up after establishing a group and formulating rules, discovered that this group is still operating normally. Although the administrators who joined on the second day of establishment did not kick people in time as they used to, they were still performing their duties. These administrators seem to have shifts, and every few days, administrators go online to kick these new team members out.

There is also a bean friend @ sponge body baby who claims to have "completely broken out the M attribute". He joined on the second day of the group’s creation, and has been kicked 681 times so far. He is familiar with the increase and decrease of the group’s administrators, and enjoys this game:

Why did you add a new administrator again? ! Now 12 administrators hit me one? This is too……cool!

▲ 豆友@洞体宝宝's post

In the face of administrators who have persisted for eight years and experienced users who never admit defeat, the founder @芈子叶 does not quite understand what everyone is thinking. He confessed that when he created this group, he just wanted to try an interactive game. The explosion of this group and the influence it is still exerting today made him puzzled:

Many new team members join in just to post a post and wait to be kicked.

After it was founded, I basically didn't participate in it for seven years. One day, I found that the group was still there and it was running very well. I think it may be that the interactive mechanism of the game attracts some people, but really, I don't understand it myself.

Fun, niche, life, there is more than one "corner"

The extremely boring game confrontation is just a microcosm of the Douban team.

In this spiritual corner, there are not only "boring" that is incompatible with other apps, but also more personal, more interesting, and unexpected content.

▲ The content reposted by founder Abei when Douban was founded 14 years ago

A friend who doesn't read Douban but doesn't miss Douban content is a loyal fan of the "Hahahahahahahahahahaha group". She doesn't use the Douban app frequently, but she will read about the "Ha Group" pushed by the Douban official account. Here are hilarious stories that you can't imagine. The funny and embarrassing daily life in everyone's life eventually becomes a source of happiness for the spectators.

Another friend who likes to collect paper bags found his attribution on Douban:

I used to think that collecting paper bags is like collecting plastic bags for the older generation. It is a symbol of poverty and saving. I am not as embarrassed to tell others about my hobby. As a result, after seeing the paper bag collection museum team at Douban, I felt that I was a real paper bag collector. After discovering it, I felt that it was not a shame to like paper bags, it was still a very money-saving hobby.

Seeing everyone make beautiful paper bags into book covers, wallets, and storage boxes, I just feel very cured.

▲ Mobile phone case and cover made by member Xin Xia with paper bags. Picture from: Paper Bag Collection Museum

In Douban, there are many similar groups "I didn't expect to have this hobby." In addition to the paper bag collection museum, people obsessed with plants, BDO (Huge Silent Stage) obsessed with patient syndrome, we just like walking, looking up and looking at trees, village lovers, you are also using iPad to draw ducks, national subway lovers communicate The league, fruit tag collectors, and cloud painting teams are also attracting many "niche" fans.

In this "corner", niche hobbies are the most popular. No one finds it weird to like to draw clouds. Nearly 20,000 "cloud draw masters" will only praise you for your good paintings and your creativity. Characteristic trees in different regions of China can basically be found in the "Look up and see the trees" group. When someone gets happiness from the Internet, these group members share their discoveries in the real world with online bean friends.

▲ The left is the original picture, and the right is the cloud drawn by member Day. The picture comes from: Cloud Painting Team

Some hobbies may not only be called hobbies, but should be regarded as some kind of persistence or some kind of exploration. For example, the Buddha Jumping Wall Ruins Discovery Group maintains some deconstruction and doubts about the existing rules and order by exploring abandoned buildings on the edge of the city; Douban Cemetery Group can also establish an Internet cemetery for mourning the deceased bean friends, allowing online relationships and emotion It can survive forever; there is also a cemetery of lost things, where some people record their own carelessness and loss, and some people deconstruct the culture of mourning.

In the trend of many app content following the trend, many Douban groups have maintained an unacceptable attitude, seeking resonance in the group's private space.

Among these disobedient groups, the pull group may be the two most highly evaluated. A member of the pull group said to me: "This is my favorite group. It's very special, but some people's mouths are really stinky." Born because he likes entertaining gossip content and dislikes fan reviews, Douban La The strict entry rules of the group made them call themselves "Douban 985".

▲ The recently banned pull team has strict entry rules

When the stars are fully protected by fans, this group can make every star suffer a violent blow. In this group, Yi Yanqianxi is the ugliest, Di Lieba is a blessing, and the talent show must be muddled, but everyone's discussion and stigma are necessary. The drag group that no star can get out alive seems to be the other side of the rainbow fart, a resistance to a fan culture.

While the whole world is sighing "he also has cats/dogs", the Douban Cat/Dog Dismissal Team is working hard to dissuade the eager breeders. Did you know that keeping pets takes up a lot of your time? Did you know that many pets demolish their homes? Do you know that once a pet gets sick, it is thousands of years old? Under the boom of the cute economy, some people here are trying to wake up all irrational candidates for shit shoveling officers.

▲ There is no better way to persuade you to leave than to roll the quagmire and tear down

There is also a "hot concept and cold thinking" group, which hopes to help everyone stay vigilant about new concepts through discussions with group members, adhere to critical thinking, and not abuse concepts. In the discussion of "What are the popular concepts being abused nowadays", the team members put forward a different and calmer understanding of popular concepts such as minimalism, PUA, and PTSD. In the current public opinion field that is constantly reversing, such cold thinking is special enough.

Unknown Douban group, vivid group member

For a long time, Douban Group was the birthplace of many contents on the Internet. The collections of jokes, celebrities breaking news, current affairs comments you see on other platforms…If you want to trace their origins, these contents may all come from a daily sharing or group discussion in the Douban group.

However, the richness of Douban's content output is not proportional to the scale of its users. In Analysys sails August 2020 monthly live application list , the watercress that most people know the app ranked 340 total, 20 social ranking, only 6.7 million monthly users live.

But it is this user scale that is not considered top-notch in China's Internet applications that has produced many excellent content.

A big reason is that Douban's monthly active users are truly "active" users. They discuss, produce, interact, and share their lives and thinking on Douban. They did not walk along the established track, and the fun and accidents in life were recorded by them in the Douban group.

The Douban app with 6.7 million monthly active users also gave birth to the Xiakitchen app with nearly 14 million monthly active users. In the beginning, the kitchen was just a group in Douban. After the user level was upgraded, the kitchen, which caught up with the mobile Internet wave, became an advanced choice for every kitchen novice.

▲ Picture from: Flip Book

Today, Douban group may already be the most important function of Douban , and it may be more important than book video. After all, in the 2018 revision of Douban, the once sub-function of "Group" was moved to the center of the five buttons below, and the successful C-position debut symbolized Douban's more obvious social attributes.

But some people do not like Douban Group. @芈子叶, who founded "Join this group and you will be kicked out", said that he will not visit the group around 2014, and many of the groups he joined are silent. In his view, the group is an outdated means of communication: "WeChat groups are instant, but the Douban group is basically impossible for you to get instant information."

Another person who dislikes the Douban group hates the new users it brings: "I think the group has attracted a lot of new people, which are not the same as the previous users. These users may not be interested in the book, video and music, which affected the original Douban group. Atmosphere. And the existence of these people has made Douban scores watered. Their scoring mechanism for film and television works is very different from ours before."

▲ Picture from: Douban X Feiyue Cooperation Poster

In addition to opposition, there are also voices of support. Some people think that Douban Group is not an instant messaging community, it is a small corner of life. "Some people think that Douban is different. I have seen this kind of argument in every app review, but I think Douban is still Douban. My favorite groups are being updated, and the content I like can be found. It has brought me a lot. "

Another friend thinks that the Douban group members are very energetic, and every speech has real vitality. This kind of "humanity" is also the reason for her favorite Douban, because there are some content that other platforms can't see. Whether it is a profound philosophical problem or a stingy way of life, everyone is living, not just living.

On the third anniversary of Douban, its founder, Abei, summarized Douban in one sentence-Douban helps everyone find the unknown things in life that suit them best.

Now 12 years have passed. Although Douban has undergone many changes, it can still help people find unknown things that suit them.

Only this time, the group is more responsible for this function.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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