The most expensive Spring Festival in history is here, will you still celebrate the New Year in the cinema?

Life is not a movie, life is harder than movies.

After 2020, countless fans and filmmakers should have a personal experience of this line of "Paradise Cinema".

The Spring Festival stall, which returned after a year, also became extremely lively.

Seven Chinese New Year films are sparing no effort to compete for the New Year’s Day, and the "Internet Chinese New Year Files" launched by video websites are also gearing up to reproduce the grand occasion of last year's "囧Mom".

If you still go to the cinema to watch movies as a reserved program for the Spring Festival, you will have to pay a greater price, because the price of movie tickets has increased again, and we once again ushered in the "most expensive Spring Festival in history."

Movie tickets are getting more and more expensive. How many do you plan to watch this Spring Festival?

Among the 7 films in the Spring Festival this year, "Detective Chinatown 3" (hereinafter referred to as "Detective Tang 3") is the biggest hit, far ahead of other films.

As of press time, the pre-sale box office of "Tang Detective 3" has exceeded 670 million. Among them, the box office on the first day of the new year exceeded 470 million, accounting for 37.5% of the day's row and 65% of the box office. Surpassed the original "Reunion 4".

"Tang Detective 3" was originally scheduled to be released during the Spring Festival last year. Because of the epidemic, the rest of the films in last year’s Spring Festival have been released one after another. "Tang Detective 3" chose to stick to the Spring Festival. In addition to confidence in the quality of the film, there is more Ambition.

The distribution staff of "Tang Detective 3" revealed to the media that the box office target of "Tang Detective 3" is 5 billion, even breaking the box office record of Chinese film history. This goal will not be easy to achieve when the impact of the epidemic has not been completely eliminated.

However, the more expensive movie tickets for the Spring Festival this year are expected to accelerate the box office accumulation of "Tang Detective 3". According to data from the Beacon Professional Edition, the average ticket price for the Spring Festival stalls has reached 51 yuan per ticket, and it is not uncommon to see more than 100 yuan. In a VIP laser hall in a theater in Chengdu, it is as high as 203 yuan .

The chaos that has appeared in the Spring Festival and the release of "Reunion 4" in the past has also reappeared. For example, the price of the same movie has changed many times or even doubled within a day. Some theaters have locked the "golden position" in the future. If the price is increased and then sold, it gives people the feeling of "getting the ticket and running."

▲ The theater's “Sao Operation'' when “Reunion 4'' was released.

Compared with the 2019 Spring Festival file, which was also complained about the price increase, this year’s increase is actually not that big, but it has also caused heated discussions in social media. Some netizens said that they would reduce the number of movies they watched, or make a decision based on word of mouth after the movie was released. Whether to buy a ticket.

The most popular pre-sale "Tang Detective 3" was the first to be a target for people to complain about high prices. A netizen said on Weibo:

A ticket of 100 yuan, "Detective Chinatown 3" is so expensive, is it because you can sit on Liu Haoran's lap to watch a movie?

Li Ye, the marketing general manager of Wanda Films and Television, the producer of "Tang Detective 3", felt wronged. He said that the movie ticket price is determined by the movie theater. "High ticket prices are not worth mentioning. Hot pot restaurants raise prices? ​​​"

In fact, the price increase of movie tickets is not the first time that it has caused controversy. In the past few years, the price of Chinese New Year movies has increased to varying degrees. The increase in 2019 was the most obvious. That year, "movie ticket freedom" became like a "chelizi". Internet buzzwords like "freedom".

The reason for the increasing price of movie tickets is actually not complicated. First of all, after the habit of watching movies in the Spring Festival is gradually cultivated, the Spring Festival has become the most important time of the year in movie theaters.

The box office in the 7 days of the Spring Festival in 2019 exceeded 5.8 billion, accounting for nearly 10% of the annual box office. In many third- and fourth-tier cities, cinemas are basically counting on the peak of movie viewing brought by the Spring Festival return home. It is not an exaggeration to say that "the Spring Festival box office is one year old".

In the Spring Festival when the demand for movie watching is soaring, many theaters will maximize their profits through price increases in order to seize the few opportunities that can make a fortune.

Some distributors even made no secret of saying that even if the movie goes on a round trip during the Spring Festival, no matter how you "cheat", you can "cheat" one or two billion.

There are also some objective reasons for the price increase, such as the cancellation of the "ticket supplement" by the National Film Administration, which basically made the 9.9 yuan/19.9 yuan movie ticket of the previous years become history.

As well as the increase in the number of special theaters such as IMAX theaters and Dolby Cinema, the average ticket price has naturally increased. There are 3 films in the Spring Festival this year that have 3D IMAX format.

In addition, there is another special reason for this year. Movie theaters whose income has fallen sharply due to the epidemic need to seize this Spring Festival stall to make up for last year’s losses. Some theaters on the brink of bankruptcy can no longer consider long-term development and can only increase frantically. price.

Behind the most expensive Spring Festival file in history, the film industry is still not easy to recover

The film industry must be one of the industries most affected by the epidemic last year. According to data released by the National Film Administration, the total box office of national films in 2020 was 20.417 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 68.33%.

In June, hundreds of cinema practitioners who had waited for several months and still had no hope of resuming work publicly "call for help ", saying that "waiting for the resumption of work feels like being delayed." Many practitioners chose to switch to stalls, micro-businesses, and food delivery. Make a living.

The lips are dead and the teeth are cold, and the life of the upstream movie producers is also difficult. According to statistics, in 2020, 15 of the 19 listed film and television companies are in a state of loss, with a cumulative loss of more than 15 billion. Among them, Wanda Films behind "Tang Detective 3" has the largest loss, with an estimated net profit loss of 6.15-6.95 billion.

"Tang Detective 3" last year’s Spring Festival file publicity costs can be said to have basically been dampened. Although the pre-sale box office is now far ahead, Wanda Movies is still under a lot of pressure. Once the film’s reputation declines, the final box office will fall short of expectations. I am afraid it is difficult to turn losses into profits.

Fortunately, half a year after cinemas resumed work, the film market has gradually recovered. In the New Year's Day file just past, driven by films such as "Give You A Little Red Flower" and "Bomb Disposal Expert 2", the New Year's Day box office hit a record high of 600 million yuan on the first day.

Therefore, the market has also reported more optimistic expectations for the upcoming Spring Festival. Even if the listed film and television companies handed over unsightly financial reports, the stock price still ushered in a round of rise.

Investment analysis agency CICC Research predicts that even under the most conservative circumstances, the box office for the Spring Festival in 2021 (excluding service fees) will reach 5.809 billion yuan, and the most optimistic is expected to reach 7.05 billion yuan, both higher than 2019.

However, the biggest uncertainty in the Spring Festival this year is still the epidemic. Repeated epidemics may cause theaters to close again at any time. Recently, Beijing cinemas were required to have an attendance rate of no more than 50% during the Spring Festival.

And because of the nationwide advocacy of "Chinese New Year in situ" this year, the reduction in the number of returnees will also affect the business of many small town movie theaters, and the abacus of "raising a fortune" with the help of the Spring Festival stalls may not be effective.

In this way, even if ticket prices increase during the Spring Festival this year, the growth of theater revenue may be relatively limited, and the winter of the film industry may not be over.

After "囧Mom", the Internet Spring Festival file also came

Although major theaters were temporarily shut down in 2020, home isolation has ushered in a major explosion of online movies, and the turning point of the matter was that "囧母" was played online for free.

Last year, when all major Spring Festival films were withdrawn, "囧Mom" directed by Xu Zheng was directly broadcast on the Internet. ByteDance paid 630 million yuan to purchase the copyright for this, and the producer Fang Huanxi Media and Xu Zheng also recovered the cost in advance.

However, this move was jointly boycotted by a number of domestic theaters, and called on the National Film Bureau to urgently stop the premiere of "囧Mom" on the Internet platform, believing that this is a behavior that undermines the basic rules of the industry and will bring major theaters across the country. loss.

However, the outbreak of the epidemic prompted more films to make the same choice as "囧Mom," starring Donnie Yen. "Fatty Dragon Crossing the River" originally planned to be released on Valentine's Day was subsequently launched on iQiyi and Tencent Video.

Many people have begun to discuss that the first time a Spring Festival movie is broadcast on the Internet for free, will it kill the theater? It seems that although the cinema has not been replaced, streaming media has opened a new chapter.

According to the " 2020 Annual Report on China's Online Film Industry ", in 2020, a total of 79 online movies had a box office of more than 10 million, which is more than double that of 2019.

Among them, the top three "Qi Men Dunjia", "A Chinese Ghost Story: Love in the World" and "Ghost Blowing Lantern: Xiangxi Secret Collection" have reached more than 50 million box offices, which have exceeded the box office of most cinema movies last year.

Even Warner, one of the "Hollywood Big Six", also announced that the movies released in 2021 will be released simultaneously on streaming platforms and theaters, including blockbuster films such as "Wonder Woman 1984", "The Matrix 4", and "Dune".

This year's Spring Festival, under the promotion of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, "Aiyou Teng" jointly launched the first online movie Spring Festival file. The theater-level production lineups such as Tang Jili and Wang Baoqiang mean that online movies are no longer just a little joke and shoddy work. Up.

Traditional film and television production and distribution models are being quietly changed. More and more small and medium-cost films may choose to premiere on the Internet. This is also a trend that movie theaters have to face.

After becoming the world’s largest ticket warehouse, Chinese movies still have many hidden worries

In October last year, China's movie box office surpassed North America for the first time, becoming the largest box office in the global movie market. However, the maturity of China's film industry does not fully match such results.

In terms of movie ticket prices, according to the 2017 data of the box office website Box Office Mojo, my country’s average ticket price/disposable income of residents is higher than that of most developed countries, and it is 4.5 times that of the United States. Shrink too much.

In the U.S. theaters, in addition to box office revenue, the second largest source of income is food and beverages. This part of the revenue profit margin is as high as 80%, which is the main source of profit for these theaters. It is difficult for domestic movie theaters to do this.

In addition, the number of domestic movie screens has been over-expanded, which has greatly exceeded the current demand for movie watching. At present, the total number of screens in the country has reached 75,581. China has become the country with the most movie screens in the world, but the number of movie viewers has shown a negative growth.

Even if there is no epidemic, a large number of movie theaters will be unsustainable, and it is only a matter of time before they close down. In fact, there was a wave of theater closures in 2019, and one theater closed almost every day.

In fact, neither the increasingly expensive ticket prices nor the emerging streaming media will really "kill" movie theaters. The audience's demand for good content has always been, whether it is online or offline, they want to "fiddle "The audience is not so easy.

Professor Dai Jinhua of the Chinese Department of Peking University believes that the cinema is also the last social space left to us in the 20th century, allowing us to collectively watch movies alone in a shared space. This is a unique and important experience.

Whether it is filmmakers, movie theaters or audiences, they should jointly guard this public space, rather than destroy it in irrational ways.

Which movie are you most looking forward to this Spring Festival? Welcome to share with us in the comments section.

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