The most comprehensive prediction of Apple’s new products: Is the iPhone really thirteen fragrances? The most powerful mobile tablet iPad mini 6 is coming

Looking forward to the stars and the moon, the Apple Autumn Evening, which technology enthusiasts are looking forward to, is about to begin, and just this morning, Apple finally announced the exact date of the next conference: September 15 at 1:00 in the morning.

As the release date approaches, the fog about Apple’s autumn press conference is slowly receding. We use this week’s hard information to help you sort out product information that may appear at this press conference. The content is not guaranteed. Really, by then, please keep close to APPSO. Mr. A will bring you a summary of new products as soon as possible after the press conference.

How about iPhone 13? But it doesn’t seem to improve much at the moment

Let me tell you the bad news first, this year’s iPhone is likely to increase in price.

According to TSMC, the company plans to increase production costs for many customers, including Apple.

As TSMC's largest customer, Apple may be affected by this policy or increase the price of new products by 3-5%. It seems that even Apple can't escape the knock-on effect brought by the "core shortage".

In addition, the changes brought about by the new iPhone are more moderate. The first is the appearance. From ID design to screen size, the front bangs will be further reduced, and the module area will become smaller, which means that the top bar can be displayed. More information.

▲ Picture source: Phonearena

There is even more news that the iPhone has already tested Touch ID under the test screen, but unfortunately this technology is not used in this generation of iPhone.

In the short term, we still have to continue to endure the eye-catching bangs, even if the Android manufacturers next door have already offered their off-screen cameras, Apple is still not slow. However, users who have long complained about the problem that they cannot be identified by Face ID after wearing a mask may be improved.

Another improvement related to the appearance is that the lens position of the rear camera module of the iPhone 13/13 mini may be changed to a diagonal arrangement. In addition, this generation of iPhone will probably add two new colors, one is close to matte dark black, and the other is close to brass-like gold.

▲ Picture source: @Apple_Tomorrow

It is already Apple’s traditional art that every new phone will have a new color scheme. Under the premise that there is not much change in the design, it has to introduce new color schemes to help everyone distinguish the old and new iPhones.

For consumers complaining about the fact that the stainless steel middle frame of the Pro series is easy to be contaminated with fingerprints, Apple will also make corresponding changes for this, and may add an anti-fingerprint coating in the process of processing the frame.

In terms of functions, this generation of iPhone will still suffer from imaging technology. Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the entire series of iPhone 13 cameras will support sensor displacement image stabilization technology, which is exclusive to iPhone 12 Pro Max in the iPhone 12 series. The technology, in short, is to achieve optical image stabilization through sensor displacement.

The ultra-wide-angle cameras of the two models of the Pro series will be upgraded to a 6P lens, which can increase the amount of light into the lens and further enhance the night scene shooting ability of the iPhone. However, this configuration is not uncommon in the Android camp, and I look forward to it. Apple's improvements in computational photography.

In addition, it is almost a certainty that the new iPhone will add ProRes encoding. First, Apple is already familiar with this. Second, last year the iPhone introduced Dolby Vision technology. This year, it will also bring newer technologies in the field of video shooting to ensure The iPhone continues to be at the forefront of the industry.

The imaging technology has been significantly improved, which requires the silent support of the processor. The processor of this generation of iPhone should still be routinely upgraded to the latest A15 processor. The performance improvement may not be large, but it is still one of the strongest mobile chips on the market. .

As for what everyone is most concerned about, it may be whether the iPhone will use a high screen refresh. According to the latest news, ProMotion technology will only be used on two higher-end iPhone 13 Pro series machines, and the refresh rates of the two are still inconsistent. The iPhone 13 Pro supports up to 90Hz, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max supports up to 120Hz.

Apple Watch Series 7 looks big change

The latest report by Strategy Analytics shows that the world's largest smartwatch shipment in the second quarter of 2021 is still Apple's Apple Watch, which is far ahead of its peers with a share of 52.5%.

Obviously, Apple Watch has long been firmly established as the king of smart watches in the world. In theory, this series does not require too many tricks, as long as it is stable and iteratively can maintain its advantages.

But this year we may be able to see the Apple Watch with a brand new design.

Earlier, foreign media 91mobiles released CAD renderings of Apple Watch Series 7.

The picture shows that the new watch uses the same rounded and straight-edged middle frame design as the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro, which is consistent with the shape changes shared by Jon Prosser before.

The change in appearance brings not only a new look and feel, but also a new screen size. It is said that the screen size of this generation of Apple Watch will be upgraded to 41/45mm, and the screen can present more content, which broadens the space for the new dial.

Not to mention the unpleasant shape of straight edges and rounded corners, at least many friends around me have entered the state of holding money and waiting for new products to be launched. It seems that Apple Watch’s crown selling throne will not be easy in the short term. host.

In addition, it was rumored earlier that the new generation of Apple Watch will be equipped with a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring function.

In the face of guaranteed battery life and new features, Apple will inevitably give priority to the former, unless they have a breakthrough in improving battery life.

The good news is that they have indeed found a new way to increase battery life. Instead of increasing battery capacity or reducing screen power consumption, they adopt a dual-core design similar to OPPO Watch 2, Galaxy Watch 4: use a special low The power chip handles background tasks, which should also be a new direction in the field of smart watches.

AirPods 3 is shorter

I remember that as early as a few months ago, some people speculated that the latest generation of AirPods would be released at the WWDC Developers Conference, but it was just a fake shot.

Today, more and more news about AirPods 3, and more and more true, means that it is likely to appear in front of consumers with iPhone 13 at the autumn conference.

According to the news, the appearance of AirPods 3 will become the appearance of AirPods Pro, that is, it adopts an in-ear design, is equipped with silicone ear caps, and shortens the length of the headphone handle.

▲ Picture source: Gizmochina

However, AirPods 3 will not increase the ANC active noise reduction function. Perhaps Apple still wants to keep this function on the more expensive AirPods Pro series.

A patent also indicates that AirPods 3 may add a breathing monitoring function, and Apple will give AirPods a built-in ambient light sensor to monitor the wearer's heart rate, temperature and other physical characteristics.

▲ Picture source: iDrop News

The field of smart wear has been rolled up, and even the earphones have rushed to life with smart watches.

I looked at the AirPods 2 in my hand, and then looked at the forecast news of the new products, and I had a bit more expectations for the new headphones.

iPad mini 6 may become the biggest highlight of the conference

In recent years, as the iPad screen area has become larger and larger, the product line has begun to play the card of productivity, but there is a branch line that has become a game artifact for players, that is, the iPad mini series.

Today, this product line has not yet used a full screen. Consumers have strong expectations for it and hope to use it this year. Numerous rumors recently have filled our expectations for the new iPad mini 6.

In terms of design, the early iPad mini 6 prototype showed that it was equipped with a larger 8.5-inch Liquid Retina display, which was slightly larger (7.9 inches) than the iPad mini 5 launched in 2019.

Its forehead and chin have been shortened, closer to the appearance of the current iPad Pro. The news that the new iPad mini will be equipped with a mini-LED display was refuted by DSCC co-founder Ross Young some time ago. The mini-LED production capacity is limited and the technology will be used in the MacBook product line in the future, so we have a high probability this year. I can’t see the mini-LED version of the iPad mini.

▲ Picture source: @SonnyDickson

It can be seen from the latest leaked image that the iPad mini 6 is very likely to be replaced with a higher screen-to-body design and use the same Touch ID power button of the iPad Air 4 instead of Face ID.

In terms of performance, Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that the iPad mini 6 will not use the M1 chip, but the A15 bionic chip, which is the next-generation mobile chip.

▲ Picture source: gsmarena

What is still in doubt is the screen refresh rate and the launch date. I personally look forward to iPad mini 6 being able to use ProMotion dynamic refresh rate technology, but in the end this is probably just wishful thinking of you and me.

In addition, this year Apple may also update a low-cost and high-quality tablet product, most likely the iPad 9, and the improvement of this new iPad may be limited to upgraded chips and a thinner and thinner body design.

Mac product line, three brothers are on the battlefield

I have a friend who has been looking forward to the MacBook Pro 16" product line update, and he may be able to get his wish soon. Rumors have it that the Mac product line will launch three new products at the end of the year: MacBook Pro 14/16-inch version and stronger performance Mac mini.

The two new MacBook Pros may use the latest mini-LED screen technology, which appeared on the iPad Pro 12.9-inch version this year. Its advantage is that it has smaller lamp beads, so there are more backlight partitions, which can achieve more With high contrast, the screen brightness will also be greatly improved.

In terms of performance, these two new products will use the latest M series chips, which is the rumored M1X.

The new chip consists of 8 performance cores and 2 low-power cores, but the number of graphics cores is slightly different, and will be divided into 16 and 32 versions. The new MacBook Pro has a maximum running memory of 64GB, while the current M1 model can only be expanded to a maximum of 16GB.

As for whether the new opportunity will cut the TouchBar and add MagSafe magnetic charging function, there is no definite news.

Last week, Gurman said that Apple will update a Mac mini with a new design and higher performance in the next few months, but it is unlikely to be launched at the autumn conference.

One More Thing?

This year, Apple once again launched the AR preheating poster. You can open the Safari invitation page with your iPhone and you can enter the AR viewfinder interface. The big Apple in the poster comes into view, holding the phone and slowly advancing, the conference date 9.15 appears slowly on the lake. It is the effect of the entire AR poster. Under the premise that everything is running normally, the effect is still pretty good.

Seeing this AR poster, it is reminiscent of the news that Mark Gurman previously revealed that "Cook hopes to develop a new blockbuster category for Apple before he retires." So some people speculate that Apple wants to launch AR/VR glasses this year. , Will this be the One More Thing at the press conference next week? Although the possibility is unlikely, it is enough to make people think about it.

The above is the entire content of Apple’s special hard intelligence. No matter how much predictions and revelations are, it is just the beginning. Until the press conference, "Schrodinger’s new Apple products" will show the true face of Lushan. After that, you are welcome to come back to this article. To see the accuracy of the major news, please continue to pay attention to APPSO and Aifaner. We will bring you the news summary of the press conference, new product analysis and other related content in the first time. Please look forward to it.

Cover source: MacRumors

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