The most commonly used Emoji in 2021 is released, and the first one is it

Emoji are used by 92% of the online population in the world, and billions of emoji are used every day to express love, gratitude, and congratulations, and to retain instant thoughts and emotions.

▲ Picture from: Unicode Consortium

As ideographic symbols, emoji can transcend nationality and cultural exchanges, and can also be compatible with most computer systems. This is mainly because they have been included in Unicode encoding since 2010, and there are now more than 3,600 emojis included in them. Among them, which ones are the most popular?

Recently, the non-profit organization Unicode Consortium has listed the "most used emoji in 2021". The size of each emoji in the figure below illustrates its relative popularity.

▲ Picture from: Unicode Consortium

"Laughing and crying" ranks first with an absolute advantage, and it accounts for more than 5% of the total usage. This expression of unknown meaning seems to be suitable for all familiar and unfamiliar situations, expressing all emotions between crying and laughing.

The following is a complete list of the top ten emojis of 2021:

▲ 2021 top ten (positive order).

At first glance, the repeat rate with the top ten in 2019 is extremely high. Generally speaking, the top-ranked emojis are because they have richer ideologies. According to statistics, facial and hand emojis are particularly likely to appear in the top 100 or 200.

▲ Top ten in 2019 (positive order).

In addition to the stable players who dominate the rankings throughout the year, there are also dark horses that are making rapid progress. Compared with 2019, “Prayers” jumped from 97 to 14, “cakes” rose from 113 to 25, and “balloons” rose from 139 to 48.

▲ Pleading Face.

Since the outbreak, health-related emoji have been used more frequently, but their performance has not been outstanding.

Two expressions of “bad complexion” entered the top 100 in 2021, “wearing a mask” ranked 156, and the unwelcome “virus” just entered the top 500. Surprisingly, the lucky symbol "four-leaf clover" fell out of the top 100, perhaps because people experiencing the epidemic generally don't rely on it.

At the same time, the Unicode Consortium counts the best in the same subcategory.

The flying rocket symbolizes progress and anticipation of major changes; the biceps is the most popular body part emoji, often used to express strength, success, show off or roll up sleeves for vaccination; bouquets are suitable for congratulatory occasions and romantic relationships, in plants Dominate the category.

Butterflies are the most common animal emoji, representing change, beauty and nature; side flips may not be the most popular sport, and side flips are not necessary for exercise, but it is often used to show the joy of sports.

By the way, some netizens once suggested adding doge to emoji, but due to copyright issues, this may be difficult to achieve. So we can't see the familiar dog head in the "animals and nature category" now.

▲ Picture from: Unicode Consortium

All kinds of love in emotional emoji are overwhelmingly popular, while other emotional emojis—such as dizziness, irritation, and bombing—are more popular.

The emoji above is just the tip of the iceberg. Most of the more than 3,600 emojis are neither completely popular nor completely sitting on the bench. One of the least popular category is "flags". This category has 258 emojis but is the least used.

These data inspired the Unicode Consortium. They may encode fewer specific emojis in the future and focus more on communication symbols that are globally relevant and can be used multiple times.

They also look forward to breaking new ground and are troubled by the question of "do we have too many emojis of the same type". Although the world is full of unlimited creativity and diversity, the top 100 emoji account for about 82% of the total usage.

So, what is your most commonly used emoji;-)

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