The most beautiful thing in the world is reunion, and the back seat of the electric car carries warmth and companionship

The Hundred Years is the first. The Spring Festival is the most important festival of the year for Chinese people all over the world. The custom of returning home for reunion during the New Year is deeply imprinted in everyone's heart. Every Spring Festival, we always leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind, return to our hometown, and embrace family affection and warmth.

The festive atmosphere not only permeates every household, but also fills the streets and alleys. Riding an electric bike, passing through the yelling of folks and elders, sitting behind you may be your mother who visited relatives and friends with you, an old friend who is going to pursue childhood memories, or the person who brought you back for the first time. home lovers.

The Spring Festival, in this coldest season, connects you closely.

During the Spring Festival, electric vehicles are always the most suitable means of transportation for us. It seems that there is no alley or crowd that it cannot pass through. The small electric car not only meets the loading needs of visiting relatives and friends, but the front and rear seats without borders also bring the distance between the hearts closer.

On weekdays, the electric cars we talk about the most may be Tesla and Wei Xiaoli, but the one most people discuss, which is more closely related to their lives, is Yadi.

▲Yardi Wuxi Headquarters

Yadea, which has led the global sales for five consecutive years and exported to more than 100 countries and regions, is the undoubted industry leader, providing green travel solutions for more than 70 million users around the world.

At the same time, Yadi is also a big brand with warmth. On this day of family reunion, Yadea teamed up with CCTV News to launch a blockbuster film celebrating the Year of the Rabbit. Through the journey of "Returning Home and Reunion", it conveyed a concept to us:

The most beautiful thing in the world is reunion, and Yadi will accompany you to spend the Chinese New Year together.

▲Yardi teamed up with CCTV News to launch a blockbuster film celebrating the Year of the Rabbit

The Spring Festival is indispensable to the Spring Festival Gala. The Spring Festival Gala has existed for 40 years and reflects the reunion time of countless Chinese families. It has become one of the important ceremonies for Chinese people all over the world to welcome the New Year.

As early as the Spring Festival in 2021, Yadea became the first brand in the industry to appear on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala stage. Celebrating the Chinese New Year with Chinese people around the world has become a strong memory of the Spring Festival.

▲Yardi teamed up with CCTV to bring "Young in the Spring Festival Gala"

This year, Yadea teamed up with CCTV to bring "Young in the Spring Festival Gala", cooking New Year's Eve dinner with the main station host and special guests, listening to nostalgic golden songs, enjoying national dances, and celebrating the New Year with everyone.

This will be a dream linkage between the national stage and the national electric car.

▲Yardi launched the "717 Cycling Festival"

Yadea can become a national electric car because it meets two major national needs: super long battery life and super power.

Yadea's first TTFAR carbon fiber 2.0 lithium battery powers Yadea GN 3 S9 MAX, and with the world's leading TTFAR smart driving electronic control core, it can easily achieve a long battery life of 200 kilometers.

▲ Yadea GN 3 S9 MAX

Yadea GN 3 E9 PRO with built-in 1200W TTFAR motor is more focused on providing users with super power. By optimizing the magnetic circuit design, Yadea increased the output torque of the motor to about 95N m. The OC overclocking mode brought by TTFAR smart driving electronic control core can push the riding experience to the peak.

▲Yardi GN 3 E9 PRO

On the other hand, Yardi's first TTFAR graphene 3rd generation Plus battery can continue to provide unimaginable battery life for Yardi GN 3 E9 PRO even in the cold winter. The secret lies in the graphene raw material and high-activity ultra-large grid design. Under the same volume, its battery capacity is greatly improved compared with ordinary lead-acid batteries.

▲Yardi launched the "Tu Xiaomeng New Year Edition" series of products

In order to help users start new trips in the New Year, Yadea also launched a series of products called "Rabbit Xiaomeng New Year Edition". The super-high-value, Q-interesting and soft-cut appearance plus cute rabbit stickers will give users a happy New Year of the Rabbit. Best wishes.

Especially noteworthy are the Yadea Q6 Youth Edition and the Yadea DS6 Light Edition. The former focuses on "ultra-long battery life and extraordinary texture", while the latter focuses on "ultra-long battery life, one-click call", plus "ultra-long battery life, easy 100km" Yadea GN Q7, Yadea will help every user to go to a better new life with the car for the New Year of the Rabbit and reliable quality.

Years are reunion and companionship. As a national-level travel tool, Yadea has spent 25 years with countless users and witnessed the hard work and struggle of Chinese people. In order to achieve the mission of "enabling hundreds of millions of people to enjoy beautiful travel", Yadea has also launched preferential benefits for the Spring Festival. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, more benefits will be released to tens of millions of travel users, so as to crown the new year.

*The pictures show that Yadea’s new spring products are limited editions for the new year. For specific purchases, please refer to the actual product in the store.

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