“The most beautiful pure electric” Geely Galaxy E8 is launched, with a price of 170,000 yuan, leveraging Xiaomi SU7

During the Southern Dynasties, the famous painter Xie He wrote the first systematic work in Chinese history that focused on the theory of painting art – "Ancient Paintings", in which the theories and standards had a profound impact on later generations.

In the preface, Xie He proposed "Six Methods of Painting", the method of "vivid charm" was placed first, emphasizing that Chinese painting pursues "spiritual resemblance", which is different from the "physical resemblance" of Western painting.

It seems calm, but in fact it has a vivid charm.

Geely chief designer Chen Zheng commented on the Geely Galaxy E8 he designed. At the beginning of the design, he hoped to show agility and vitality on the Galaxy E8 like a traditional Chinese painting. "Bringing Chinese aesthetics to the cars I design" is Chen Zheng's goal.

"High-end sense" derived from oriental aesthetics

On the Galaxy E8, what best embodies the "vivid charm" is its front face, "a fierce feline", which is the charm that Chen Zheng wants. What is lined up on the left and right are not headlights, but the slightly opened eyes of the tiger, and the daytime running lights on both sides represent the roar.

The tiger's nose is drooping, the tiger's eyes are bright, and the tiger's appearance is upright.

It is not an exaggeration to describe the front face of the Galaxy E8 as "more beautiful than practical". The only thing that plays a lighting role is the small main light below, with an illumination distance of 197 meters and a width of 25 meters. In addition, all other lights serve the "vivid charm", especially the two largest "headlights".

What makes Chen Zheng even more proud is the "rhythmic grille" with light transmittance in the middle. Looking at the entire automobile industry, there are only concept cars that can achieve such an effect, and there is only one mass-produced car.

In order to realize this unrealistic "conceptual design", Geely used laser processing to process micro-holes of only 0.2 mm in the inner layer of the front enclosure, and 100 micro-holes form a light-emitting unit. There are a total of 158 light-emitting units, which means it has a total of 15,800 micropores. Geely said that the Galaxy E8's rhythm network can achieve up to 100 kinds of rhythm effects according to different music.

More importantly, Galaxy E8 gives users the opportunity to choose. If you really don’t like it, you can turn off the lighting effect. From the outside, this is another flat front face without any holes.

This concept of "nothing is better" also extends to the Geely logo in the middle – it is a backlit logo, but when the light is off, it is a normal silver logo, quietly placed in a simple on the clamshell front cover.

At the press conference, Geely Automobile Group CEO Gan Jiayue said that the Galaxy E8's first "Ripple of Light" rhythmic grille is not only a new breakthrough in technology, but also subverts the stereotyped "high imitation faces" of other electric vehicles. .

However, in the opinion of Liu Xuewen, editor-in-chief of iFaner, the front and side lines and tail shape of the Galaxy E8 are more worthy of praise:

I think it has the most beautiful side and rear styling among the trams.

The height of the Galaxy E8 is only 1,465 mm. The low center of gravity and wide body bring about a "crouching posture" and a dynamic posture that is ready to go. The car body shape created by cutting and carving techniques also has a free and easy expression of a gentleman's "strength and beauty".

At the same time, the Galaxy E8 also retains the more traditional car proportions, leaving a "3-wheel" wheelbase and "1.5-wheel" front and rear overhangs, making the overall body more stretched. Compared with the Krypton 007, which is also built on SEA's vast architecture PMA2+ platform, the Galaxy E8 has almost the same wheelbase, but there is a 145mm difference in length between the two. The difference lies in the ratio of the front and rear overhangs.

The smooth and stretched body also brings excellent wind resistance performance. Geely said that the wind resistance coefficient of the Galaxy E8 is as low as 0.199, the lowest in mass production in the world.

For the protruding tail compartment, Chen Zheng did not use a "tiger claw" design to echo the front face, but chose another keyword – West Lake. Why West Lake? Don’t forget that Geely is from Hangzhou.

The Galaxy E8 does not blindly use the popular through-type taillights. Instead, it chooses to "cut" two knives in the middle and integrate them with the high-mounted brake lights to depict the scene of the rising sun above the West Lake. The folding lines inside the taillights are like the ripples of the West Lake.

What also has the characteristics of West Lake is the color matching of Galaxy E8. Two different "whites" are used as examples: "First Snow Silver" and "Willow Frost White".

In January, West Lake received its first snow. The sky was still a little cloudy, and the snow formed a darker white color under the light gray sky. That was the "first snow silver". "Willow Frost White" refers to the white that appears when the sun has covered the snow after the snow stops. It is a vivid white.

In addition, Galaxy E8 also has "Autumn Apricot Yellow", "Hazy Gray", "Begonia Pink" and "Zhiqiu Red", which describe six of the "Ten Scenic Spots of the West Lake".

Starting from the Galaxy E8, new energy vehicle aesthetics have entered the "Chinese Design Era".

In Gan Jiayue's view, "high-end design" derived from Eastern aesthetics can currently only be seen on the Galaxy E8.

Galaxy E8, more than just "vivid charm"

The "vivid charm" pursued by Chen Zheng also extends to the interior of the car. If you look carefully at the pattern on the door panel, it is like standing on the edge of the West Lake and looking at the distant mountains across the bank. The door open button on the side is "Sunset Yen on the Long River".

But if you throw away the "Eastern stories" told by these Eastern designers, you will find that the IP (dashboard) design of the Galaxy E8 is quite radical.

As a means of transportation in daily life, in addition to meeting the basic transportation functions, cars also carry many people's emotional appeals, especially the interior, the most critical of which is IP. IP is like a mirror that reflects the design orientation of a car and is the most eye-catching part of the car interior.

In this area, the Galaxy E8 has put in a 45-inch 8K screen with a width of 1.13 meters, which is the largest instrument screen in any car so far. In order to allow the driver to see as much of the contents of the instrument in front as possible, the Galaxy E8 also uses a hexagonal steering wheel.

What matches this large screen is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip, which has the most powerful computing power at present. It uses a 5nm process and has 8 times more computing power than the 8155 chip. It is supplemented by the Galaxy NOS Unbounded Edition car system. Geely Galaxy brings this time What is more is the experience of unbounded interaction and a more immersive cockpit experience.

By turning the Galaxy Crystal knob on the sub-dashboard, you can enter ten major scenes including the "iMax Galaxy Cinema" and the full-screen customized 3A game "Asphalt 9". Various applications can be dynamically expanded on the large screen.

▲Galaxy E8 at Meizu launch conference

In terms of driver interconnection, after connecting to a Meizu mobile phone through Flyme Link, the Galaxy E8 can also achieve seamless flow of mobile phone, navigation, music and calls.

Yes, the Galaxy E8 is the first model to support Flyme Link. Although Meizu mobile phones have a limited market share, it cannot be denied that this is a good start. In the actual connection experience, the cooperation between the two is also very good. With just one swipe of three fingers, the mobile phone can be connected to the car without any sense.

Not only that, the Galaxy E8 is also a car that can use "satellite communications".

In December last year, Geely said it would launch 11 satellites including "Geely Galaxy" in early 2024 to provide two-way satellite communications for the Galaxy E8. With the cooperation of satellites, Geely E8 can send and receive information through satellites even if there is no mobile phone signal.

In fact, as early as 2022, Geely successfully launched its first orbital satellite at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center with one arrow and nine satellites. It has been operating stably in orbit for more than a year. Geely said that it will complete the first phase of 72 satellite network deployment in 2025 to provide satellite application services to global users. Geely Group's brands such as Lynk & Co and Jikry are also expected to support this service in the future.

After talking about the Internet, let’s finally talk about smart driving.

The Geely Galaxy E8 Smart Driving Edition model brings a new "solid-state lidar" with ultra-wide viewing angles and ultra-long distance measurement, as well as a zoomable "gaze" function to participate in the full scene functions of the Galaxy Smart Driving.

Ganjiayue revealed that Geely will bring Galaxy Smart Driving 2.0, a high-end smart driving solution that integrates "urban commuting NOA", within the year. Through the repeated memory of "point-to-point" high-frequency routes, the Galaxy E8 will obtain a safer urban NOA.

In addition to smart driving, Geely has also taken out its current "family" to show off. It not only has a new generation of 11-in-1 intelligent electric drive, distributed wheel-side electric drive, a new generation of CTB technology, but also a new self-developed formula. Battery.

Although today's protagonist Galaxy E8 does not use these technologies, Gan Jiayue said that Geely Galaxy will launch 5 new products in the next two years to create a "Galaxy Era".

At the end of October this year, a video of Geely Chairman Li Shufu test driving the Galaxy E8 leaked. In the video, Li Shufu exclaimed while test driving the Galaxy E8:

If the master really wants to show off his martial arts skills, the apprentice will have to step aside immediately.

Attached is the launch price of Geely Galaxy E8:

  • 550km PRO: 175,800 yuan
  • 559km​ MAX: 185,800 yuan
  • 665km starship voyage version: 198,800 yuan
  • 665km Starship smart driving version: 218,800 yuan
  • 620km starship performance version: 228,800 yuan

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