“The most beautiful BYD” Song L released, starting from 220,000, the new energy boss doesn’t want to be ugly anymore

In April 2023, BYD Destroyer 07 made its grand debut at the Shanghai Auto Show. This B-class sedan, which combines marine aesthetics and DM-i hybrid technology, failed to become the focus of everyone. What attracted more attention was the SUV next to it. ——Song L concept car.

▲Song L concept car

It really doesn’t look like BYD.

Wan Wan, who saw the Song L concept car for the first time, sighed, "In my impression, BYD's design is rather crude."

But the Song L concept car in front of us uses neat lines, just the right embellishments, and plump rear wheel arches to convey a message to the world through the long guns and short guns on the scene:

BYD can also build good-looking cars and build cars for young people.

Concept finally comes to fruition

Half a year after the Shanghai Auto Show, the Song L concept car officially ushered in its mass-produced version at BYD's Pingshan headquarters. The new car was owned by Dynasty.com and was named Song L.

There are several versions:

  • 550KM transcendent model, pre-sale price is 220,000 yuan
  • 550KM excellent model, pre-sale price is 240,000 yuan
  • 662KM transcendent model, pre-sale price is 240,000 yuan
  • 662KM excellent model, pre-sale price is 260,000 yuan
  • 602KM four-wheel drive excellent model, pre-sale price is 280,000 yuan

BYD said that the "L" in Song L does not mean lengthened, but in fact the length of Song L has reached 4840mm, which is 10 centimeters longer than Model Y and is basically equivalent to a long-axis version of the BMW 3 Series.

Not only that, the wheelbase of the Song L is also very long, at 2930mm, which is even 11 centimeters longer than the "big brother" BYD Tang EV. This is not unrelated to the e-platform 3.0 used by the Song L, which is a pure electric vehicle developed by BYD. The electric platform, short front and rear overhangs, and long wheelbase are one of the characteristics of this platform.

In terms of suspension, Song L is also equipped with the Yunnan-C intelligent damping body control system owned by BYD Han. By controlling the solenoid valve of the shock absorber to adjust the damping, it can achieve stepless adaptive adjustment of the suspension damping.

Simply put, Yunnan-C can make the chassis "softer" when the vehicle passes through bumpy roads, and can make the chassis "harder" during emergency lane changes, acceleration and braking, improving handling stability.

Another configuration of Song L also reflects its sports orientation – mandarin duck tires. Song L's front tires are 245mm wide and the rear tires are 265mm wide. This combination can improve the vehicle's high-speed stability and steering response speed. At the same time, in order to cover the wider rear wheel, Song L's rear wheel arch was thrown out a lot. As your shoulders become wider, you will feel more muscular.

Before Song L, BMW, which focuses on control, also liked to play this trick.

In terms of the most basic power, Song L is divided into two versions: rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The maximum power of the two rear-drive models is 150kW and 230kW, and the zero-to-zero time is 8.6 seconds and 6.9 seconds respectively; the maximum power of the four-wheel drive model is It is 380kW, with a maximum torque of 670 N·m, a zero to zero time of 4.3 seconds, and a top speed of 201km/h.

After briefly explaining the basic information about Song L, it’s time to talk about its highlight, design.

BYD’s new starting point

In the development of BYD design, there are two cars that can be regarded as "turning points" in design thinking. The first one is the first work of former Audi design director Wolfgang Egger after he came to BYD. , Song Max, the second one is Song L.

▲Song Max

As Dynasty's new B-class pure electric SUV, Song L adopts Dynasty.com's new generation "Pioneer Dragon Face Aesthetics" design language, and the interior is simpler. In BYD's words, Song L is "the most beautiful hunting SUV."

In order to make Song L's body more dynamic, BYD has used various tricks, such as making the body dive lower, making the "dragon whiskers" in front of the car more three-dimensional, and making the undulations on the side of the car more exaggerated. It even uses a floating roof that is rare in BYD.

Another configuration that is rare in BYD is the frameless door. In fact, it cannot be said to be "rare". The Song L is the first mass-produced model in BYD's history to adopt frameless doors.

Before Song L, BYD had always been opposed to the configuration of frameless doors because frameless doors would bring uncontrollable noise. Generally speaking, models equipped with this configuration will be equipped with thicker rubber strips. However, after long-term use, the slight deformation of the body will still lead to a decrease in sound insulation capabilities.

BYD's current confidence comes from Song L's CTB body-battery integration technology. The torsional stiffness of the body has reached 40,000 Nm per degree, and the torsional deformation of the body is smaller.

Coming to the rear of the vehicle, the automatic rear wing is also a highlight of the Song L. When the vehicle speed reaches 90km/h, the rear wing will automatically lift up. If you want to keep it raised, just enter the "sport mode".

As for whether this tail wing is useful, I think there is no need to discuss it. Its existence is more due to design considerations.

BYD said it has "practical uses":

When traveling at a speed of 201km/h, the raised rear wing can reduce power consumption per 100 kilometers by 0.88kWh.

Compared with such "practicality", good-looking is more important.

Entering the car, the interior of Song L is more modern and beautiful than before. BYD said that the interior design of Song L adopts "momentum interlacing aesthetics" and is inspired by Chinese knots to create a layered, light and surrounding spatial order.

On the Song L, BYD has removed many of the "little tricks" it used to play in the past, and combined with the reasonable application of materials, it gives people a completely different sensory experience, especially in the "White Beach" interior. In addition, BYD also brings exclusive "Wild Starry Sky" to the four-wheel drive version, which is actually black. BYD replaced some fabrics with suede to emphasize the sporty feel.

The configuration of Song L is also very rich, basically reaching the ceiling of this price range. It is equipped with integrated sports seats that have multiple comfort functions such as ventilation, heating, massage, and leg rests. There is also an EC variable light canopy above the head. , surrounded by a set of 12-speaker Dynaudio Confidence Series speakers.

Many people may be worried that Song L, which is positioned as a hunting SUV, has a bright spot at the rear, but will the rear space be very cramped?

To put it simply, thanks to CTB technology, the floor of Song L is not high and the leg room is good. However, if you are taller, the head room will be slightly cramped. As for the trunk, the space is guaranteed and very deep.

In terms of vehicles that BYD was not good at before, Song L has also made some progress. The smoothness of sliding and split-screen has been improved, and the UI has also been redesigned.

It is true that Song L has indeed made considerable progress in terms of design, but after all, it is the first product of the new line, and it is inevitable that there are some immature aspects.

First of all, Song L's rear control screen looks old-fashioned in both color and form, and is out of tune with the entire cabin.

Secondly, the position of Song L's cup holder is not reasonable. If you put a water bottle, it will be difficult to operate the low gear handle. By the way, the gear handle is redesigned this time, called BYD Heart.

Beauty is beauty, ugliness is ugly

For a long time, BYD's exterior design has been criticized. Voices of "changing designers" often appear on the Internet, but in fact, BYD's "ugliness" may be intentional.

Luo Yonghao once said this in an interview:

Aesthetics has standards just like literary and artistic creation. For example, I like minimalism, and you like complicated baroque style. Our preferences are completely different, but if you and I have studied to a certain extent, even if I don’t like your stuff , I also know what level your thing is in your field.

To sum up, the style you like can be a matter of opinion, but beauty is beauty and ugliness is ugly .

However, there has always been a threshold for aesthetics. Not everyone can become a designer. Most people lack sufficient aesthetic cultivation and edification, especially the lower-tier market groups that the BYD brand previously mainly targeted.

In the first half of this year, Dongchehui communicated with an exterior styling designer from BYD on this issue. At that time, the designer said that regardless of beauty and ugliness, the "recognizability" of a vehicle is also an extremely important aspect.

Now that BYD has successfully dominated the entry-level market, the next thing to do is to enter the higher-end market. But in the higher-end market, recognition alone will not work.

BYD knows this truth well.

Lei Hanyan, market research manager of the Qin Series Product Sales Center of BYD's Dynasty Net Sales Division, talked about Song L's target groups in the release, including "highly educated elites", "young families", and "exquisite women". She gave a good summary of these groups in three words: avant-garde, technology, and fashion.

Having strong aesthetic ability is a common feature of these groups.

A BYD insider told the Dong Auto Association that BYD's senior management has begun to lean towards more modern and advanced designs. In the future, there will only be more and more models like the Song L.

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