The most advanced electric skateboard to date? Endurance of up to 69 kilometers

When you were young, did you have an "electric skateboard dream" like me.

A few days ago, the Australian company Evolve launched the most advanced electric skateboard so far-the Hadean series, which has four times the performance of the previous generation GTR series. Among them, the battery capacity has increased by 37%, and the maximum speed can reach 50km/h.

"Since the successful launch of the Carbon GTR series in 2019, we have always hoped to improve the performance of our products." Evolve founder Jeff Anning said, "Improving performance requires increasing the size of batteries and motors, and this innovation overcomes the size limitation. It can effectively enhance the user’s riding experience.”

It is understood that while the skateboard continues its concise design, Evolve has also added a new generation of battery system for it, composed of 21700 lithium batteries, and has heat dissipation holes to ensure heat dissipation. Evolve said that the cruising range of the Hadean series is 30% longer than that of the GTR series, with a cruising range of up to 69 kilometers.

The Hadean series is powered by two 3000 watt motors. The top speed of 50km/h is a great improvement compared to the previous generation of 40km/h for electric skateboards.

In addition, Evolve claims that the Hadean series is the world's first "chassis-type" electric skateboard. Its chassis is made of forged carbon fiber to ensure the strength of the frame. At the same time, the extremely light weight also provides the rider with a good handling experience. This material is usually used in airplanes and racing cars.

In addition to the skateboard body, Evolve has also redesigned a Bluetooth handheld remote that can control acceleration and braking. The remote control is firmly installed in a metal frame, surrounded by rubber materials for cushioning.

In addition, this remote control can also provide riders with information on battery power, system updates, and other special situations. It can also control the new generation of lighting systems on Hadean, including hazard warning lights, brake lights, etc.

If you don't like the black carbon fiber version, you can also choose Hadean with bamboo board. The configuration is the same as the carbon fiber version, but in terms of driving style, this version is more flexible.

In terms of personalization, Evolve has also equipped these two models with street wheels and larger all-terrain wheels. Riders can change the wheels according to their actual needs.

It is reported that the starting price of Hadean Carbon Street is US$2899, while the starting price of the Bamboo model is US$2549. Shipment is expected in September.

The pictures in this article are from: Evolve

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