The meaning of travel is not just about clocking in and “producing a film”|The topic selection will open a small difference

Although the November holiday is far away, the editors of Aifaner can't help but look through the photos on their phones, reminiscing about the scenery and the food they have tasted during the National Day trip.

Of course, travel is not all good. During the short vacation that just passed, some young people were "scammed" by the filters of the Internet celebrity attractions.

Xiaohongshu and Douyin tell you that this is a pink beach full of girls' hearts, but it is actually playing in the mud on the beach. The grass waves are said to be super beautiful and comparable to the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, but they are actually sparsely yellow. The so-called 100% reproduction of "Slam Dunk" Ko Kamakura is nothing but a track and a sign.

▲ "Seller Show" VS "Buyer Show", the picture is from the Weibo user @你的镜仔not changed name version

I don't know when it started, "filming" seems to have become the meaning of travel. It doesn't matter whether the scenery of a place is beautiful or not, as long as the filter on the photo P can be deceived to like it, it is worth the fare. And when there are more people who like to check in, there are more people who make Internet celebrity attractions: Little Kyoto, Little Kamakura, Little Chiang Mai, Little Morocco…the same "man-made attractions" appear provinces and cities. .

Is the travel destination becoming an Internet celebrity, or is our mentality changed? In this week's "topic selection meeting", we will talk about the check-in craze of online celebrity attractions, the film-oriented travel method, and the meaning of today's travel.

Internet celebrity attractions are inseparable from the development of photography equipment

@爱范儿 Reader Zhang Weird

In 2014-16, I visited most of the domestic frontiers and plateaus. At that time, there were no Internet celebrities. The tourist destinations were more traditional. There were not so many photos left and it was "wow". Place, but what you see is what you get.

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival went to Ningxia, Yinchuan, Zhongwei, and Tengger. For the first time, I did a trip full of celebrity check-in points. I have to say that I haven’t produced as many movies in the past few days as I wandered for half a year.

This time I was very purposeful, and I rushed to take photos like Xiaohongshu bloggers. The equipment and travel companions were all available, with SLRs, tripods, and drones. It was not difficult to find. However, places like Route 66 and Sikouzi Canyon are really tasteless. After we arrived, we even sent out the confusion of "This is it?", and then we looked for a camera to shoot the same "blockbuster" and posted "Uh like" in the circle of friends, and continue. This Ponzi scheme.

▲ Some photos of Route 66 on the Little Red Book

In the end, our two girls revisited the itinerary: If we were to take a trip, we would be satisfied. We could take about 8 sets of photos and 3 vlogs in five days, which basically met our expectations. But as a tourist, there is basically no sense of experience at all.

We are all former or current tourism practitioners. Regarding tourism, we know that 1,000 people can have different experiences when they go to the same destination. But what I feel deeply is that many destinations in China have been brought up with filming equipment and Internet celebrities.

For example, we went to a red salt lake in the Tengger Desert. The local name is "Ulan Lake", which is hyped as "Heart of the Earth." It can't be found on the map, there is no road, no signal, and there are deserts nearby. If it were not for the rise of drones, no one would care about such a lake. The usual angle of view would be a calm lake in the desert—but when the drone flew up, I looked at the mobile phone control interface and exclaimed. .

▲ Ulan Lake aerial photography effect, see watermark for picture source

I have prepared the psychological preparation that Xiaohongshu bloggers are all "Internet scammers", but they are really popular. It is a miracle that there is such a lake in the depths of the desert.

Such scenic spots would not become popular when traveling a few years ago. Internet celebrity and development following photography technology is probably an irresistible tourist destination trend.

People, we still have to learn more photography knowledge


As a photography enthusiast who is good at selling envy in the circle of friends, I want to say: man, we still have to learn more common sense of imaging.

The scenery films on the journey are not documentary photography, and there is no need to be responsible for the facts seen by the eyes. Exaggeration and post-production are normal. And discovering surprises in the ordinary world is precisely an excellent skill of a creator.

▲ A photo before and after comparison

Is the spatial compression of a 300mm short gun shot by a human being able to achieve the same effect that you can achieve with a single-camera phone? The Milky Way, which was developed after 30 seconds of exposure, is of course pitch black.

▲ Left: What I see with my naked eyes. Right: I photographed with a 300mm lens

This is like the photos of the listings on the intermediary platform. The super wide-angle and three-square-meter kitchen all give you the impression of a square, but if you look through the perspective, you will know that this is not the fact that you can see with the naked eye.

Today, when anti-fraud has become the theme of the times, it is necessary for everyone to master a bit of de-authentication skills. Next time you see those heart-warming photos, please automatically ignore those framings that only see the trees but not the forest, correct the perspective that does not match the human eye, and lighten the overflowing colors.

Of course, the most important thing is to break the illusion of travel.

Travel itself is meaning


2020 is a watershed for many people's living conditions. This watershed will be reflected in various places, both explicit and implicit.

2019 was the year I went out the most. This year, I spent a total of more than half a month on the plane, flying once every 4 days on average. With a better mindset, as long as it's a trip, it's a trip. Then this year, the flight frequency plummeted to one-tenth of that of the previous year. In contrast, I feel that this year has been a little lackluster.

Whether it’s the magnificent secrets in the west, or the little Kamakura here, the little Nara there, whether it’s a photo or a cheat, whether it’s pleasing to yourself or pleasing, it seems that travel itself is a meaning, and travel is a way to go to work and sleep. In addition, the multiverse is opened.

If travel is of greater significance, it lies in breaking away from a self-explanatory, label-like cognition. Only when you really go to a strange place and feel the local customs, can you realize whether you have one-sided and narrow understanding of this place in the past.

For example, when you come to Guangzhou, you will know that there is actually no place where you can eat Fujianese.

Travel is not invoiced circle, such as Jinyi night trip


In less than a year, the plaid picnic cloth on the grass of the park was replaced with a tent, and camping became the new favorite of the new middle class, and gained a sense of satisfaction that is close to nature but not too close.

During the National Day, many merchants also launched family-style camping annual cards at the right time, and they are also equipped with photographers to follow the whole process. It can be said that they have mastered the "wealth code" of this era.

In the age of social media, for many people, the travel shown in the circle of friends may be more important than the travel itself. From photos taken by celebrities in high-end hotels, to various small Kamakuras "scammed by Douyin", being able to make films and share them is indeed becoming an increasingly important reason for people to choose their travel destinations.

▲ The best Kamakura can only be left in childhood memories

Travel is not invoiced circle, such as Jinyi night trip.

Although traveling is a private matter, it is inevitable that people have to run a small show place from time to time under the influence of social media. It's not just about traveling. In the past few years, some restaurants have taken a different approach and prepared some photo props for customers to gain popularity.

I sometimes get into conflicts because of this, which is mainly reflected in the conflict between my wife’s little visits to attractions and more staying at hotels and the need to take a lot of good-looking photos.

Calvino also discussed the meaning of travel in "The Invisible City": Is it travel to go back to your past? Are you traveling to find your future?

Elsewhere is a mirror on the reverse side. The traveler can see how little he owns, and how much he has never had and will never have.

This text may be a copy for my Moments on my next trip, wait, is this a bit too little bourgeois.

Don't let "film release" constrain travel


As a person who was evaluated by the editor-in-chief of "wasting the three iPhone cameras", I would like to say that the National Day trip, which is not based on the main task of punching in the film, is really cool.

When there is no idea of ​​"must be posted in a circle of friends", I will only rush or stop for the natural scenery, cultural heritage, and historical value.

You don’t need to bring heavy photographic equipment, you don’t need to find the perfect angle in a crowd of people, you don’t even need to face the scorching sun and smile. Now that you have spent money and time, you should focus on the experience and perception of new things, broaden your horizons, increase your knowledge, and enrich In life, this is the "hedonic" state of travel that I like.

A friend said that I left photos for better memories. On the contrary, I am not afraid of forgetting. In the subtle way, many things will actually be connected naturally. The most surprising thing is to see a scene and suddenly remember a journey experience. The kind of feeling.

▲ The only "landscape" photographed during the National Day holiday is a bathroom with mirrors full of green

Check-in photos are the "brand-name bags" of the social era


The beautiful landscape photos taken during the holidays, like a pair of limited edition sneakers and designer bags, have become an externalized existence of personal aesthetics, taste, and thought.

The Xiaohongshu template photos are "popular models", camping outdoor photos are "niche models", scenic spots photos are "classic models", and inaccessible photos are "limited models"… as if traveling without a handsome look. Find someone Come on a beautiful angle, and then share it in the circle of friends to make people envious, then this trip is equivalent to a white trip.

Travel itself is a comprehensive consumer behavior. The development of social media has inevitably brought about the influence of media consumerism on this ancient consumer behavior, so that it has given birth to a travel mentality that is purpose-oriented by "filming."

I am keen to punch in and get my friends’ likes. In essence, it is an irrational consumer behavior caused by the high desire to consume. I get off the car to take pictures, get in the car to fix the pictures, and I don’t remember anything when I lose my mobile phone. Consciously consuming the media, but also consuming the self, eroding people's spiritual desires.

Therefore, when I get a beautiful check-in photo, I always give it a big compliment with respect, and thank the author for sacrificing the spiritual experience to please my eyes.

I can’t take pictures, which hinders my travel


In the past two days, WeChat released a "2021 National Day Holiday WeChat Data Report". With 369,700 users not exceeding 100 steps in a single day, Guangdong successfully regained the title of "the laziest province".

I am not talented, and I have made a meager contribution to this title by not leaving home for 6 days.

It's not that I don't want to go out to play, it's not that I'm shy in my pocket (most of the reasons), it's just that the National Day people are crowded, and I don't have a high level of taking pictures. There is no need to go out and join in the fun.

That's right, the poor level of photography is also an important factor. I know that the scenery is in the camera, and the level of photography is also a very important part of the travel experience -not only can you post your friends to cheat likes, you can also look at the photos when you are tortured by work and remember what you once had. It's a pity that friends who took pictures had their own arrangements, and no one went out to play with me, so I just took a break. If you take a dog at home, the dog will definitely give me a thumbs up.

▲ Check-in photos on National Day

These days, even the new consumer store in front of your door has to work hard to package it so that people are willing to take pictures and share it, and it is understandable to package the scenic spots. However, no professional photographers can take good photos. I thought it would be more suitable for me to lie at home for 6 days.

Everyone is a small Semporna manufacturing machine


On the National Day trip to Libo, there was a conversation:

-I heard that there is an attraction here called Xiaosemporna.

– Really? I do not believe.

She suspected that she had opened the little red book, and then the two of them made a humming sound.

The corners of my mouth rose slightly. Before I came, I was ready. I also wanted to take hundreds of "Semporna" and wait for a wave of likes.

The old driver who has clocked in the internet celebrity spot never cares if this place really resembles Semporna, with water, boats and filters, everything can be Semporna.

The girl in front continued: "They shoot so beautifully."

Another said: "Trust me, I will definitely photograph Semporna for you."

It seems that we have all penetrated the essence of online celebrity check-in photos, and are no longer obsessed with the expectation and joy brought by appearances.

Since others can shoot Xiao Xian Ben Na, then we can also shoot Xiao Xian Ben Na.

We are not followers of Semporna, we are only the manufacturing machine of Semporna.

▲ Libo and a bunch of small Semporna in China

Of course, people who have a little bit of "net celebrity check-in" experience will certainly not come to this place simply because of a title.

One of my own tricks to prevent being deceived is: Open Baidu Pictures and search for place names. There are not only large scenery shots taken by top equipment, but also silk scarf punch-in photos taken by the three aunts and aunts. You can see the truth when you compare.

Later, I still didn't go to "Little Semporna", a place where I can row a boat in Bibo. I heard that I couldn't be ranked until the evening. It's not a pity, other attractions in Libo are also quite beautiful.

What really shocked me was the Dahuangguoshu Waterfall next to "Little Semporna".

Huangguoshu Waterfall is really big, talented with self-confidence and self-improvement.

At the moment, I am not a manufacturer of Huangguoshu Waterfall, I am just a follower of Huangguoshu Waterfall.

In the face of the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, I am willing to become Xiao Wu Zhiqi.

The meaning is decided at the time of departure, "checking in" is just an addition to me


Little Kyoto, Little Kamakura, Little Morocco… These "junior" attractions cannot attract me with just a few thin pictures, because traveling is a kind of inspiration to me, and the destination must have an inner meaning that cannot be easily replaced. It It might come from a book, a movie, or a friend.

Because of this idea, "checking in" is just an addition to me. It is enough to load lightly and unload all the burdens, and be healed during the journey. It is true that pictures are a very good tool for recording the present, but its dimensions are also limited. If you take it too seriously, it will be difficult for me to calmly release my five senses and realize everything around me. After all, they only happen at this moment. , Is the real reason why I embarked on the journey.

This time I went to West Lake again on the National Day. I heard a passerby calling on the return trip. He probably knew that he had been sitting in the office for too long, so I decided to come to West Lake to relax. The following meals and lodging have been arranged, and the tone and pace are all set. Very brisk. I am going back, and his journey has just begun. Such inadvertent encounters are hard to come by, and I am sincerely happy for this stranger.

I probably prefer this kind of moment to the endless flow of information in electronic products, which is processing reality.

I know you are uncomfortable, but you have to treat me as a friend


I understand that feeling.

You freed up time, showed your sincerity, restrained but couldn't stop the small expectations in your heart, and finally found that you were deceived into an exhibition with a "high production rate".

So you take some pictures. They don't look bad. I posted a circle of friends, got some likes, and suddenly felt a bit of comfort being compensated.

However, if I am also attracted by your beauty and can't help but leave a message "Is it fun?!" in the circle of friends, can you quietly tell me:

"It's not bad to take pictures and check in."

In this way, we are still good friends!

The journey crowded by "net celebrity attractions" is destined to be lost


In 2004, Cheer Chen released a song called "The Meaning of Travel". Seeing the various scenic spots of "Kamakura" became popular, I was worried about whether everyone would change its lyrics randomly in the future:

You tasted the little Paris at night, and you walked through the snowy little Beijing…
You embrace the passionate little island, the little Turkey where you bury your memories…

Frankly speaking, it's not the contemporary Xu Xiake, who didn't open the Internet before going on a trip to get a "punch-in" strategy.

My last real trip was almost two years ago. At that time, I took my 9-day holiday to fly to Beijing, which is high in autumn, and specially arranged a lot of internet celebrity check-in locations for myself: I went to the reconstructed Longfu Temple and saw David Hockney’s work at the Mumu Art Museum. For the exhibition, check in %Arabica Coffee, visit the new landmark Beijing Fang at the front door, walk the Forbidden City again, line up for coffee in the corner of the Forbidden City, even after a "deyun girl" addiction, go to Xiaoyuanzi to eat melon seeds and listen to cross talk…

But thinking about that journey now, the most impressive thing is that I went for a walk in Chaoyang Park on a whim and met yellow ginkgo hanging on the tree.

You can squeeze your itinerary with "punch-in online celebrity attractions", but surprises cannot be planned.

Every "Visit here" filter beauty photo on social networks, every exaggerated copy and five-star praise, all invisibly raise our expectations for journeys and attractions. After the real arrival, welcome to the real world, most of the time there is only a slope left.

Starting simply to "check in" may make you lose, but those unplanned "accidents" and "stories" are always more interesting than you think.

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