The magic game “Synthetic Big Watermelon”, let me play until midnight without going home

If you have not touched “Synthetic Watermelon”, then your life is lucky.

You can’t stop this thing once you touch it.

Yes, I’m talking about the little game that has exploded recently-“Synthetic Big Watermelon”.

In the morning, she saw my colleague’s eyes darkened, and she still asked me enthusiastically, “Have you synthesized a big watermelon?”; at noon, she looked at the colleague at the next table, and their mobile phone screens were filled with colorful fruits and melons. In the afternoon, she saw her colleague go to the bathroom. It hasn’t been back in an hour, I know, she probably also went there to eat melon.

So, what magical power does this simple game have?

That night, we were all “synthesizing big watermelons”

First, let’s briefly introduce “Synthetic Big Watermelon”. It comes from the microumbrella game website and is a fun casual synthetic game.

In fact, it is like a combination of “2048 + Tetris”, but the game content has become a “melon” that everyone loves to hear.

Open the “Synthetic Watermelon” webpage and you can start the game.

At this time, various fruits will fall on the screen, including apples, mangosteens, oranges, lemons, kiwis, tomatoes, peaches, pineapples, coconuts… The last big boss is watermelon.

The task of the player is to slide the screen, select an ordinate, and then drop the fruit, the same fruit will collide and eliminate, forming a larger new fruit.

Every time a new fruit is generated, other fruits will slide according to the gap on the screen, and randomly collide with various puzzles, and then crackle into a bunch of new fruits.

The fruit that does not collide and synthesize will continue to occupy the screen space and grow upwards until the top red line is placed and the game is over.

Compared with other elimination games, its space has no restrictions, which makes people feel extremely free and comfortable, except of course that there is a grape between the two halves of the watermelon.

Generally speaking, the ability to synthesize two large watermelons is already the limit.

However, many people still firmly believe that it is impossible for two big watermelons to exist in this world at the same time.

Therefore, this game needs to test how players best place fruits to form more eliminations and guide more collisions. The more you get to the back, the more difficult the game will be, and more items will be unlocked.

The most exciting part is that the form of its elimination is not fixed.

Sometimes, a big fruit falls down and chooses the right place to smash it, which can “make a miracle vigorously” and smash a chain synthesis; sometimes, as long as a big fruit synthesis vacates a place, many small fruits will collide and eliminate frantically.

You remember the inner activity when you first opened it: this is it?

It wasn’t until three o’clock in the morning last night that I suddenly realized: It’s so fragrant!

In the dazzling elimination like fireworks, the feeling of happiness at that moment cannot be described in words. You can only enjoy it in the brilliance.

“Tips” behind the “big watermelon”

Although it’s a small game that doesn’t require brain thinking, everyone is doing their best to get the big watermelon.

It is estimated that the developers did not expect that this game could be widely spread for several days without any promotion, and even caused the webpage to crash for a while.

In order to prevent everyone from losing their way in the melon fields and harvesting big watermelons earlier, we also specially compiled some tips.

  1. At the beginning of the game: Arrange the fruits in an orderly manner, which can be arranged in one direction from big to small, which is easy to cause continuous synthesis.
  2. During the game: if there is no similar fruit below, try to lean on the side.
  3. The game is in progress: try to put a piece of fruit that is one level off.
  4. The game is in progress: Big fruits don’t touch small fruits, and small fruits don’t make the bottom.
  5. The game is in progress: Control the height in time. If there is no suitable space and similar fruits, put it in a low position.
  6. Advanced game play: timely use the physical mechanisms in the game, such as collision, squeeze, and puncture, to “squeeze” out the fruit space that can be eliminated; through the principle of reflection, let the thrown fruit hit the wall or other balls, Thereby changing direction and hitting the same fruit.

There are also netizens who leave the game itself and seek the assistance of external mysterious forces.

For example, shaking the phone to try to make the fruit move; for example, pulling the edge of the split screen on the computer and then letting go, trying to make the fruit slide down; for example, playing directly on the tablet to double the screen space.

Because the longer the screen means the more fruit can be accommodated, some people have also tried to use the Google browser to adjust the screen ratio to the limit of “23:151”, and found that it can reach up to five or six thousand points, which can accommodate seven or eight melons.

Although I have been obsessed with it for a day, I have only synthesized half a big watermelon in most cases, and the highest record is also a big watermelon.

In order to meet the demand for eating melons in short supply of the masses, Zhihu even has programmer XAzrael to make magical changes to this and let people directly eat melons .

Open the game, you can choose the “original” version, “violent melon” version, “cheat mode” version and so on. With a single tap, the big melons fall from the sky, and the salute spreads all over the sky, making people feel happy.

Moreover, the respondent also specially made a “remove melon” version. After all, the highly praised comments in the game comment area are:

This game should be called “the nasty purple grape”!

Although the demo version was changed to a hot search on Weibo, allowing netizens to call “realize the dream”, but now the demo version can no longer be opened because the main oss data package is exhausted.

The unavailable big watermelon is still in constant commotion.

Why can “synthetic big watermelon” become popular overnight?

Some people love each other, some people watch the sea at night, some people synthesize a big watermelon and can’t get together all day.

This “synthetic big watermelon” that makes people indulge in all day, although the design is simple, the fruit itself looks refreshing, and it is obviously more comfortable and refreshing than the headache of 2048 and the densely packed tetris cubes. Unzip.

Psychological research has also found that red and yellow can trigger people’s excitement, blue and green can trigger people’s comfort, and purple can trigger people’s melancholy, so colorful fruit synthesis games can bring people to life. Psychological feelings.

Of course, we also know why purple grapes make people so angry.

In addition, the bombing sound of fruit can also trigger a person’s psychological defense mechanism, allowing people to effectively release stress and enter a moment of leisure for a short time.

The quantifiable short minutes of game time gives people the illusion that they can control time.

You float, you feel good, and then you are gone forever.

These are the reasons why elimination games such as Xiaoxiaole, popstar, and fruit legend are so popular.

However, “Synthetic Big Watermelon” has a deeper “routine”.

The biggest highlight of this game is that it is set with physical characteristics such as “collision and rolling according to volume and mass”, which greatly increases the game’s playability .

In the silky scroll of various fruits, you will never guess what chain journey may appear in the next second, which will bring you into the climax of emotion and the peak of happiness.

This kind of surprise makes players more full of expectations for the game. As long as it is not over, they can always be immersed in this kind of expectation, and when it is over, they can start again easily.

This feature may also suddenly burst into a big watermelon when you are about to reach the limit red line. The sudden pleasure is like plunge into the cool waves from a cliff, like a cannonball exploding in the air after being shot.

In the terminology of game design, this is called “superimposed enhancement program.”

It refers to the use of superimposition techniques in the game to allow players to continuously receive rewards, while also allowing players to pay more than just one reward.

The large amount of luck in “Synthetic Big Watermelon” is a variable-scale strengthening program that makes players unpredictable about the game content and results.

When players have the opportunity to synthesize a big watermelon at any time, this kind of unexpected surprise can make the rewards more attractive.

The final score at the end of the game, the comparison with the highest score, and the words “You beat **% of the players in the world” have further strengthened the player’s eagerness, allowing players to feel frustrated or a sense of accomplishment to start playing immediately One round, or share to attract more friends to join this joyful arena.

Therefore, this small game is called “Synthetic Big Watermelon”, but it accurately captures the little secrets of human nature.

At this moment, in the frustrating melon field, I announced that I would temporarily give up abide by the desire of human nature, continue to indulge in the game of eating melon, and enjoy this moment of leisure and joy.

Life is short, and I only wish to be illuminated by the holy light that synthesizes a big watermelon at this moment.

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