The Lego shoes that were snatched wildly, I just got stuck in my feet…

Speaking of Lego, do you have the kingdom of bricks that made children scream and adults exclaimed romance, and the heart-wrenching pain of stepping on a Lego barefoot on the floor…

▲ Step on the Lego stalk, don’t take it seriously, see the watermark for the source of the picture

The feeling of loss of voice in this memory came even more profoundly when I saw the joint name of Lego and shoes.

Yes, the world's largest toy company has finally focused on "players' feet."

When Lego enters the shoe ring, shoes can also pile up wood

This pair of Lego shoes is Adidas Ultraboost DNA X Lego Plates.

It was sold out as soon as it went on sale. In fact, the version is not so ingenious. What attracts people is mainly the 144 freely assembled Lego in the shoe box.

Moreover, the place where they can be assembled is on the classic three bars of Adidas.

For each bar, you can use a combination of three different colored blocks-green bars on Mondays, red bars on Tuesdays, blue bars on Wednesdays, and yellow bars on Thursdays. I don’t want to repeat the same every day. I’m interested, but I can still wear them on Friday. Transform into a "Rainbow Bar".

In addition, the uppers, tails, soles, and even the insoles of this pair of shoes have been made into Lego block-style designs, in which there are real grooves on the upper and inside of the shoe.

If it weren't for the fact that Lego bricks are hard, it seems that the entire pair of shoes will be made of Lego bricks in the future.

However, this pair of shoes is not cheap, priced at 200 US dollars (about 1306 yuan).

This is not the first time Lego has collaborated with Adidas.

In order to gain more children's love, they cooperated to launch children's T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies , and colorful shoes last year, but the shoes cannot be assembled with Lego blocks.

In September last year, Lego and Adidas sold adidas Originals ZX 8000 cooperative sneakers in limited quantities. You can replace several Lego blocks at the laces.

It's just that compared to this year's cooperation, the degree of freedom and playability of assembly last year is much lower.

But this pair of shoes looks more "Lego", because its appearance is colorful, red, yellow, blue and green "settling down" everywhere.

That is, in October last year, Lego and Adidas confirmed a long-term partnership , and this year will launch different series of products based on different Lego themes.

It is reported that the Lego-branded Adidas ZX 8000 shoes will be launched at the end of this month, with 6 new colors, and the box will also be designed as an oversized toy.

The black and gray of this shoe look more pleasing to the eye, but the other four colors of shoes may be… more wild.

Not surprisingly, co-branded products will continue to appear in the next few years.

However, consumers who bought "Lego shoes" probably first thought to see if the shoes were empty, so as not to be tricked into throwing a Lego into it.

For Lego, cooperating with Adidas is another step they have made in order to awaken a new group of consumers and expand the consumer territory.

Over the past year, this company that loves co-branding has crossed dozens of brands and is simply the social king of the toy industry.

Lego is the old driver in the co-branding world

Going back to your memory, Lego's favorite joint name seems to be the popular IP in major popular movies.

They are the beginning of the history of Lego's joint name, and they also rescued Lego at its most dangerous time.

In 1998, Lego, which has been in business for more than 60 years, suffered a loss for the first time in its history. At the same time, it also carried out the largest layoffs in the company's history, with a layoff of nearly 1,000 employees.

Braggman, the former chief operating officer of Olufen, came to Lego to save Lego through a large number of diversified innovative measures, including providing educational services, establishing education centers, developing 3D games, making theme parks, and co-branding with movies.

Beginning in 2001, after Lego and "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter" jointly launched a series of toy sets, sales began to pull back from the edge of despair and achieved a substantial increase, which is also a key turning point in Lego's history.

Although the two films were not released in 2003 due to excessive reliance on movies, the Lego toys were unsalable, on the verge of bankruptcy again, and the CEO was changed again. However, Braggman planted the "co-branded seeds" for Lego, which also opened up Lego’s later one. The new direction of series development.

Under the adjustment of the new CEO Knudstoop, Lego consolidated its fragmented product line, and relied on focusing on the product itself and core children's users, and quickly returned to rapid growth. In 2011, it became the world's largest selling toy. the company.

▲Knudstoop, former CEO of Lego. Picture from: BBC

At the same time, Lego's "Joint Road" also began to change.

They have launched their own IP-licensed products, including the "Lego Movie" cooperating with Warner Bros. Pictures, making movie-related themed toys, and authorizing electronic games, attacking consoles and mobile game platforms, and extending their tentacles to entertainment Various parts of the market.

▲ Picture from: "Lego Movie"

The joint name no longer serves as the core, but as a support.

Lego cooperates with Disney, Marvel, DC, Blizzard Entertainment and other film and television game entertainment companies to launch a variety of themed toys, which sell well as soon as they go online. This will not only increase the sales of Lego products, but also attract more new user groups.

▲ Picture from: "Lego Movie"

In the past two years, Lego and Nintendo have jointly launched red and white game consoles and Super Mario blocks to pay tribute to classics, which once caused a nostalgic rush for young consumers.

Last year, Lego began to expand the cross-border joint name in new areas of life. Long before it cooperated with Adi in shoes, Lego had already "attacked" the clothing industry.

Last September, Lego took a fancy to Levi's and jointly launched a series of clothing and accessories with them . Through a yellow bendable flexible silicone base plate, Lego bricks can be cleverly assembled.

On their classic denim jacket, there are two 6×6 silicone bottom plates printed on the chest, and the space is large enough to spell out an emoji package.

Levi's jeans are also printed on two similar bottom plates, even each button is colorful and different.

There are more styles of Levi's sweaters co-branded by Lego, from hooded to round neck, from collage style to plain style, and various bags such as waist bag, shoulder bag, functional vest backpack, woolen hat, baseball Hats and many other hats are covered with a square yellow Lego baseboard.

Each product comes with 110 blocks, so people can radiate creativity and express their individuality.

After "sweeping out" leisure brands, the same co-branding method began to enter the street fashion brands, and Lego began to attract the attention of the trendy players.

In January of this year, Lego jointly launched 28 products including T-shirts, shirts, shorts, hoodies, jogging suits, jackets, and backpacks . In order to cater to the street style, Lego added the image of its own "Ninjago" film and television to its costumes.

Through embroidery, edging, printing and other forms, Lego elements and clothing are connected, full of Japanese style and oriental colors, and the exaggerated style looks very high-profile and public.

However, street fashion brands still limit the audience. What Lego has attracted more consumers is to join hands with another co-branded giant-IKEA this year.

Together, they made a storage box named BYGGLEK series. People can not only assemble their own Lego house in this storage box, but this "house" can also be transformed into daily necessities, which can be used in daily life.

Unsurprisingly, the co-branded storage box quickly sold out as soon as it was launched.

Lego has also become more and more deeply involved in people's daily lives through joint names.

The joint name is Lego’s "Story Book", which is also a dream young people want to create

Why is Lego so keen on co-branding?

Before that, let's take a look at how much money Lego made last year.

While the epidemic swept across all walks of life with the devastating force, Lego has achieved profitability, with annual total operating income of 45.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13%; annual total operating profit of 13.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19%; annual net profit of 10.4 billion yuan Yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19%, setting a new high.

Moreover, this is the third consecutive year that Lego has achieved revenue growth.

The epidemic has increased the number of home entertainment activities and increased online shopping. This is an important factor in the growth of Lego. From the perspective of revenue business composition, Lego's main source of income is still commodity retail.

Lego’s classic brick box building blocks are one of the best-selling products. Among the 41 themes of building blocks, the best-selling ones are Star Wars, Harry Potter, Frozen, DC’s Batman, and Marvel heroes even have "Wukong Xiaoxia" launched for the Chinese market.

These products in cooperation with well-known IPs are an important reason why Lego is liked by everyone.

The joint IP series of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney, and Marvel cover a wide range of audiences from children to middle-aged.

Pay close attention to the hearts of these consumers, and don't worry about sales.

Lego itself is becoming the "story board" of these joint IPs.

Wang Ziqiao, the author of the book "Content Detonates Growth" , once mentioned that for those brands that love co-branding, the product itself becomes a story board for creating content, carrying content, and displaying content .

This product, such as Uniqlo’s T-shirt, Starbucks coffee cup, Oreo’s biscuits, Coca-Cola bottle, and Lego’s classic building blocks, and the combination of the co-branded objects and their combination creates good content out of the circle. .

It not only increases brand visibility, but also brings rich story scenarios that can be grafted and extended. A low-sharing product has been turned into a social currency. At the same time, the conversion of e-commerce platforms has also promoted revenue growth.

Such an example can be seen when the Kaws cross-border co-branded series caused a rush, and when the screens of various social media were swiped.

Therefore, through the joint name, Lego can not only attract more consumers and achieve the sales force of the product itself, but also enable its own brand value to achieve strong output in the process of communication. Why not?

After all, just selling bricks, Lego can make more than 100 million a day.

The imagination and creativity displayed by Lego in the joint name also allowed Lego to show the innovative ideas it admired, which also made the value of the Lego joint name even greater.

Of course, for Lego consumers, sometimes they buy it not only because of scarcity or uniqueness, but also because of a deep sense of identity and belonging.

Feelings are also a word that always accompanies Lego.

Lego creates the dreams of children and grown-up adults. From time to time, the joint name that attracts attention can continue this dream.

Note: Lego related pictures in the text are from Lego

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