The “lazy” way to obtain endorphins, bathing can also be very smart

In the cold winter, taking a bath has become one of the things that many people like. In a steaming bathroom, the slightly hot water touches the skin, which is not only the most basic descaling, but a hot bath can also relieve fatigue and stress, and even promote the secretion of endorphins, making people feel calm, happy and relaxing .

▲ Screenshot of the thirteenth episode of the eighth season of "Friends", picture from: Sohu

Nobel Prize winner Roger Gilman discovered that the area where the body produces the most endorphins is the area of ​​learning and memory. When endorphins are secreted in the brain, people's concentration, imagination and memory will be improved (this may be the reason why many people like to think about life in the bathroom).

Although bathing is good in every way, after a busy day, to enjoy this comfort, a lot of preparations are needed: adjust the water from the tap to the temperature that suits you, and before filling the bathtub with water Waiting for a long period of time has already become a reality for many "lazy people."

In the thirteenth episode of the eighth season of "Friends", Chandler, who didn’t like bathing, fell in love with this relaxation method under the influence of Monica, but one day when he put the bath water on himself , Because it has not been adjusted to the right temperature, there have been many problems. One day when she came home from get off work, she heard that Monica said that she had put the bath water in, so she rushed to the bathroom and "occupied" the bathtub before Monica returned to the room to get the magazine.

▲ Screenshot of the thirteenth episode of the eighth season of "Friends", picture from: Sohu

Some people say that laziness is the productivity that promotes technological progress. In a modern society with advanced technology, it may be difficult to find a person who has already put a bath water when he returns home, but it is not difficult to find a smart bathtub that can complete this task. .

Kohler recently launched a new smart home product equipped with "PerfectFill Smart Bathing Technology" on Monday. PerfectFill is actually a "drainage kit system". Users can preset the temperature and depth according to their needs, up to ten presets. data.

▲Picture from: Kohler

After setting, the user can use voice commands or through the Kohler Konnect application to control the water filling, heating and draining methods, so that the bathtub will automatically fill with water according to the previously set specifications.

A Kohler spokesperson said: "The current version of PerfectFill has completely reworked the early concept version shown at CES many years ago. From the design to the application interface to the delivery of water to the bathtub, the entire process has been rebuilt. To produce products that are easy to use and easy to obtain."

▲Picture from: Kohler

Everyone's comfortable temperature is different when taking a bath, so many people always turn the switch for debugging in order to find the temperature that suits them when taking a bath. As far as the product’s functionality is concerned, Kohler’s PerfectFill system has made the bath quite "smart". You can start the bathtub before you get home. When you get home, you can immediately enjoy the "endorphin secretion" in the bathtub with the right water temperature. Relaxing time with peptides".

▲ Screenshot of the thirteenth episode of the eighth season of "Friends", picture from: Sohu

It is worth mentioning that this system consists of PerfectFill drainage kit and PerfectFill overflow and digital valve/controller, plus Kohler bathtub and water outlet, the price of the product equipped with PerfectFill will reach at least 2,700 US dollars. It seems that although taking a bath can be smart, the "price" behind the comfort is also quite "beautiful."

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