The latest news about iPhone SE 4: it will use a domestic screen and may be released next year

South Korean media ZDNet Korea reported that Samsung and Apple "have broken down", so Samsung will not produce displays for iPhone SE 4, while Chinese manufacturer BOE became an iPhone SE 4 screen supplier in mid-month.

▲ An expected rendering of iPhone SE 4 (Source: AppleTrack)

Three companies compete, BOE "has the last laugh"

It is reported that Samsung, BOE, and another Chinese manufacturer Tianma Microelectronics initially competed for the screen manufacturing contract for the iPhone SE 4.

Compared with previous models that use LCD screens, iPhone SE 4 is rumored to be equipped with the 6.1-inch OLED screen of iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 models.

As the main screen supplier for iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, and also having inventory of iPhone 14 OLED screens, Samsung originally had a great advantage in the competition. However, they and Apple reportedly couldn't agree on price.

Apple's quote for the iPhone SE 4 screen is US$25, while Samsung's previous quote was US$30. However, it is reported that the price quoted by two Chinese companies is about US$35 to US$40.

People familiar with the matter said that due to low profit margins, Samsung did not invest much in the deal from the beginning, so when Apple "bargained", Samsung directly ended the negotiations. This may also mean that Samsung will focus more on the production of high-end iPhone screens in the future to earn more profits.

After Samsung withdrew from the competition, although Tianma was very willing to enter Apple's supply chain, it was said to have failed to meet Apple's quality requirements, and BOE became the final winner.

Some sources indicate that BOE will become the exclusive supplier of iPhone SE 4 screens, but other sources point out that although BOE will get most of the orders, it will not be all. Apple usually does not choose just one supplier for reasons of risk reduction and price negotiation.

BOE has previously provided screens for iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14, iPhone 15 and other iPhone models, but it is not a major supplier.

According to reports, BOE had a serious light leakage problem in the early stages of iPhone 15 screen production, with a yield rate of only 30%. As a result, it could only join the supply of later batches and is expected to ship 2 million units in 2023.

▲ The iPhone 15 screen initially produced by BOE had a light leakage problem at the "Smart Island" location.

Since the iPhone SE 4 is not Apple’s flagship product, and BOE has also supplied iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 with similar screens, 9to5Mac analyzes that Apple will be happy to cooperate with BOE to produce most of the screens for the iPhone SE 4, even if BOE is in the market The process of large-scale production may not be stable enough.

It is worth mentioning that Apple CEO Tim Cook said during his recent visit to China that China is the most important to Apple's supply chain. He also said that he was "very happy to return to China" and would continue to invest in the Chinese market. .

iPhone SE 4 may be released next year

iPhone SE 4 is perhaps one of Apple’s most rumored models. Since the end of 2022, this model has repeatedly jumped between "cancelled" and "not cancelled", and the design language has also evolved from the original iPhone XR to the iPhone 13 Mini, and then to the current iPhone 14. During this period, it was once rumored that There are rumors of "going to the island".

With the release of suspected renderings, we can finally be convinced that this model does exist, and it has indeed gotten rid of the home button of the first three generations. The front is generally similar to the iPhone 13/14, equipped with a 6.1-inch display.

▲ iPhone SE 4 rendering (Source: 91mobiles)

However, according to renderings, iPhone SE 4 will be equipped with a rear single camera. There are also rumors that this affordable model will be equipped with an Action Button and USB-C port, as well as the iPhone 14 battery.

If the renderings are to be believed, then iPhone SE 4 will break the iPhone SE series' tradition of "replicating" previous models in terms of overall styling and adopt a new design and mold.

It is also reported that iPhone SE 4 will be equipped with Apple's self-developed 5G baseband in 2023. However, it is reported that Apple has postponed its plan to develop self-developed baseband, which also led to a "cancellation" rumor of iPhone SE 4.

The current baseband chip authorization between Apple and Qualcomm has been extended to 2027, which shows that iPhone SE 4 should still be equipped with Qualcomm baseband.

The latest predictions indicate that the device will be launched in 2025. The previous generation iPhone SE was launched in 2022.

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