The JMGO phone is still alive, and has brought new JMGO R2 and TNT products

The nut mobile phone, which has not released a product for a whole year, held a long-lost press conference in Wukesong, Beijing today. The industry has changed a lot in one year. This year, due to various reasons, the entire industry is also very difficult. There are indeed not many niche brands such as Nuts that are still sticking to, so look and cherish.

Go directly to the first product. This year this product is not a continuation of last year's Nut Pro3, but is defined as "Revolution Ⅱ". If you translate it as a surprise, this new machine was released in 2018 under the light rain in Beijing Bird's Nest The follow-up iteration model of the Nut R1. Everyone also knows what was released after that press conference, so they laid the groundwork for this press conference.

Let's talk about Nut R2 first. This time, the Nut R2 continues the design language of the previous Nut series vertical middle frame, but it is not very firm. The specific manifestation is the use of a hyperboloid screen on the front, instead of the straight screen design that used to match the square body.

This curved screen is a hole-digging screen, with the hole in the upper left corner. The size is 6.67 inches, the resolution is 2340×1080, it has a high refresh rate of 90Hz, the typical maximum brightness is 500 nits, and the excitation brightness is 800 nits. The surface is covered with the fifth-generation Corning Gorilla Glass.

The core configuration is the Snapdragon 865 processor, which supports dual-mode 5G and Wi-Fi 6, equipped with a maximum of 512GB UFS3.1 ROM and 16GB LPDDR5 RAM. The performance is undoubtedly pulled to the top level so far.

In terms of battery life, it is equipped with a 4510mAh battery, which is still good. At the same time, it has 55W fast charging technology, but it is a pity that it is not equipped with wireless charging. Other aspects include support for NFC and dual speakers and other mainstream flagship features should have.

A four-camera design is adopted on the back of the fuselage. The main camera is a 100-megapixel sensor, which should be the same as Xiaomi’s 100-megapixel sensor. 8 million pixels 3x optical telephoto secondary camera, 13 million pixels ultra-wide angle, field of view close to 120 °, and finally a 5 million pixel macro lens, the closest focusing distance can reach 2cm.

Functionally supports the super night scene, dual anti-shake technology, can shoot 8K time-lapse video, equipped with a new HDR algorithm and object tracking function. In terms of specifications and functions, it has made great progress compared to the previous one, but the actual performance depends on the actual experience.

Of course, the Nut team still considers itself a company driven by a software system. The design and functions of Smartisan OS are its biggest differentiation. So they also asked a question in the interface design: "What is the ultimate of quasi-objects?" After everyone has turned to flattening, this question can only be answered by their designers.

The answer of the Nuts team is the ability to "perceive light and shadow". Their pseudo-materialized shadow design can perceive the passage of time, icons can feel space changes, weather can behave differently according to the actual weather, and so on.

Light and shadow have become the main change in this motion design, and this perception of light and shadow is also reflected from software to hardware. This phone still has a pure white version, and the PPT indicates that it uses a four-sided equal-width design.

But the biggest design egg is the use of photosensitive material on the back, which will show special texture and the words "Smartisan" under direct sunlight. This white nut R2 is a limited edition, and the nut calls it "Revolution 2 Time Special Edition." . In addition to white, there are also black and pine green versions that are very similar to last year.

Improvements in software functions are still focused on the efficiency three-piece set of "Shannian Capsule", "One Step", and "Big Bang". Among them, "One Step" supports horizontal screen split screen multitasking. Now you can also split screen when playing games. "Big Bang" is some minor functional improvements. The biggest improvement is in "Shannian Capsule".

Flash Capsule has added a new function called "Time Capsule". As the name suggests, it records your operations in Flash Capsule through the time dimension. For example, the text you copied in the reading app, the pictures saved on the webpage, etc. will follow The chronological order is extracted from each isolated application pool and concentrated in a flash capsule. The flash capsule can also be shared among various applications at the system level, and will directly complete the exquisite layout in applications that support rich media.

In addition, this time a new disconnect tracking function has been added. If the phone is lost without a password, it cannot be turned off and flashed. If the SIM card is removed, the phone will automatically connect to the Huanxi Cloud account through the virtual SIM card and automatically Enter the low standby mode, even if the user cannot retrieve it, he can erase his sensitive data.

As mentioned earlier, the Nut R1 was finally stolen by TNT at the 2018 conference, and the new product named Nut R2 actually hinted at the arrival of TNT 2.0.

TNT 2.0 has redesigned many interfaces and reconstructed a large number of local applications. For example, a new interface is designed for the note function, and it becomes more like a professional and easy-to-use text editor. For example, the browser is upgraded to 64-bit and provides Desktop-level performance and compatibility, also supports the use of plug-ins.

Another more useful feature is the "flipper window" function, which allows e-commerce apps like Jingdong to open multiple active pages at the same time instead of browsing only one product at a time. WeChat dialogs also support multiple openings, and file drag and drop between different dialogs is also supported, which is indeed an efficiency artifact in a sense.

With software refurbishment, there will naturally be new hardware launches. This time the Nut team has launched a new product called "TNT GO", which is similar in definition to a 2-in-1 tablet. It looks like it has a similar relationship with Surface Pro. Points are similar. The keyboard can also be taken off as a tablet, and it also supports stylus.

The tablet part is equipped with a 12-inch, 2K resolution 60Hz screen, 3:2 aspect ratio, 380 nits of brightness, 10-point touch support, and a built-in 10160mAh large-capacity battery.

But the biggest difference between it and Surface Pro is that TNT GO does not have a computing and storage unit. Instead, the built-in TNT system is projected onto this screen through JMGO R2, so it is inseparable from a mobile phone when using it. The JMGO team also implemented a Bluetooth recognition function. When the wireless TNT of the mobile phone is turned on, the TNT GO will search for pairing via Bluetooth and automatically cast the screen to light up the TNT GO.

In terms of connection, TNT GO is divided into two versions, wired version and wireless version. The wireless version includes the functions of the wired version, so it is more expensive. The wired version is priced at 1,999 yuan, and the wireless version is priced at 2,999 yuan, but it includes a stylus.

Nut R2 is divided into four versions in configuration:

  • 8G+128GB priced at 4499 yuan
  • 8G+256GB priced at 4799 yuan
  • 12G+256GB priced at 5299 yuan
  • 16GB+512GB priced at 6499 yuan

At 10 o'clock tonight,, Tmall, and will go on sale. But the pure white "Time Special Edition" still needs to wait, and only 16GB+512GB top is available.

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