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  • Open the iPhone 13 to see how "green" is this year?
  • This magical poker can help you and your parents "showdown"
  • Nike's "Broken 2" running shoes, launched a "sustainable" version
  • Beer is also vegan? The secret is on the mushroom pole
  • Known Supply: Behind our clothes are individual labor

Open the iPhone 13 to see how "green" is this year?

There is no denying that every year a new iPhone comes out, the new color scheme will always be particularly attractive.

This year, "Far Peak Blue" has attracted many people's hearts, but what I saw is a hidden color scheme-"Recycled Gold".

The iPhone 13 series is the first iPhone to use 100% certified recycled gold. The recycled gold is mainly used in the motherboard and front and rear camera modules.

Yes, most of our phones have gold hidden in them. On average, each mobile phone uses 0.034g of gold. In addition, there are many other precious metals.

Therefore, some people call electronic equipment a "walking mine."

Including gold, Apple has previously selected 14 key materials (aluminum, cobalt, copper, glass, gold, lithium, paper, plastic, rare earth elements, steel , Tantalum, tin, tungsten, zinc), looking for recycling solutions.

The iPhone 13 series is the same as the iPhone 12, 98% of the rare earth elements are recycled, tungsten reaches 99%, and recycled plastic accounts for 35%; as for tin, the motherboard and battery management components of the iPhone 13 use 100%. % Recycling tin, the latter is the first time.

▲ Recycled tungsten used in iPhone's tactile engine

Let's zoom out the lens.

I believe many readers already know that the plastic film has been removed from the outer packaging of the iPhone 13 series this year. Apple said that this small change can reduce 600 tons of plastic consumption.

Let's look further away.

Compared with the previous generation, the overall carbon footprint of the iPhone 13 series has decreased. The carbon footprint statistics here cover several aspects of products from obtaining raw materials, recycling, manufacturing, transportation and use.

Although the current progress is still a long way from achieving full carbon neutrality from the supply chain to product use by 2030, as Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of environment, policy and social affairs, said:

We don't think we know all the answers, but we have real goals and a global business network, working together to move in the right direction with people and the earth.

This magical poker can help you and your parents "showdown"

Most people have certain difficulties when communicating with their parents. It may be because of a different growth background and a change in the culture of contact.

This situation is more serious in immigrant families.

Joseph Lam, the second-generation Chinese-American, also found it difficult for his parents to communicate, but he thought of a way.

Lam created a card game "Parents Are Human".

The game is very simple. There are red and blue cards, namely "question card" and "activity card".

The blue "question cards" set up questions around important life events, life wisdom, identity, and relationships. They are mainly for the younger generation to ask their elders questions that they rarely talk about.

"What experience do you most want to teach to the next generation?" This is the "big problem" at the level of "two peppers"; and "What is your favorite food when you grow up?" Easy "one pepper" level question.

According to Lam, when he talked with his parents about the second question, he didn't expect to talk for a few minutes at once.

▲ Lam and Mom and Dad

The red "activity card" is a bit like a "team building game with parents", including activities like "Spend ten minutes to write a letter to each other and exchange them."

In the beginning, this card was mainly bilingual in Chinese and English. Now, Lam has launched the "English+Vietnamese/Korean/Spanish" version of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and more language versions will be launched in the future.

Even better, Lam also released the digital version of the card on the official website for free download, because he hopes that everyone can experience the connection he and his parents feel. At the same time, download users can also choose to pay any price they feel reasonable.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is really suitable.

"Parents Are Human" download page:

Nike's "Broken 2" running shoes, launched a "sustainable" version

On October 12, 2019, Kenyan Marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge ran the 42-kilometer marathon in 1 hour, 59 minutes and 40 seconds, becoming the first person to "break 2" in human history.

At that time, he was wearing a pair of Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% prototype shoes. By 2020, the Netx% series has begun to launch a variety of running shoes with strong functionality.

The Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next Nature launched by Nike this time is a balanced experiment that takes into account both performance and sustainability.

In general, under the premise of maintaining performance, Nike has incorporated 50% of recycled materials (recycled materials) in this pair of shoes, many of which come from its own production chain.

Among them, the recycled materials used in the ZoomX midsole reach 70%, and the insoles are all made of leftover materials from the ZoomX production process;

The Zoom Air cushion used in the forefoot of the running shoe uses recycled TPU, and also recycles the leftover material produced in the production, and uses 3D printing to make a Flyprint and Flyknit hybrid upper fabric;

Shoelaces and labels are made of 100% recycled polyester fiber; the wear-resistant compound material for the outsole is Nike Grind Rubber, which Nike loves to build playgrounds.

This pair of running shoes will go on sale in mid-to-late November.

Beer is also vegan? The secret is on the mushroom pole

You read that right, it turns out that most beers are not vegan.

Most breweries use animal-derived ingredients such as fish maw, fish gelatin, gelatin, glycerin or pepsin to clarify the liquor, so they do not meet the strict vegetarian standards.

(Non-hot wine knowledge: In addition to beer, wine and cider will also be clarified with similar materials; Campari’s red color comes from the carmine.)

The startup Chinova has found an alternative, which is to extract a natural substance from the stems of white mushrooms, which can be used as an alternative filter substance. They named this ingredient "Chiber".

According to Chinova's early tests, in the post-fermentation stage, Chiper's processing efficiency for yeast is eight times faster than normal materials, and it can even make beer more durable.

Although not everyone is vegetarian, one more alternative is good.

Currently, Chinova is looking for partners to test products, and is expected to launch the corresponding products in the first quarter of 2022.

Known Supply: Behind our clothes are individual labor

They said that a T-shirt has to go through a hundred hands before it comes to your hand.

Our existing consumer experience often gives us the impression that a product "appears out of thin air", and we seldom associate it with the people behind it.

Known Supply wants to re-establish the connection between consumers and manufacturers.

Every Known Supply apparel product will have the autograph of the manufacturer.

With this name, you can also find the story of the maker on the official website, know where they work, their preferences and even the emoji that you think best represents you.

At the same time, you can also write down your thank you speech there.

All this time and effort is to encourage consumers to examine the real costs behind their consumer products and to think about how to more consciously choose friendly products.

Known Supply's supply chain complies with fair trade standards, which means that the factory will provide manufacturers with a safe working environment and fair compensation.

As for the products, almost all of them use GOTS certified organic cotton. Of course, durability and quality must also be guaranteed.

However, as the third-party evaluation website Eco-Stylist said , although Known Supply is already very good, the brand can do better. For example, statistics and announcements of its water usage or carbon emissions, setting up a corresponding optimization plan, or Further investment in circular economy.

The good news is that since September of this year, Known Supply launched a used clothes recycling program. Consumers can purchase a $20 recycling service to send away the used clothes they don’t want for Known Supply for recycling, and then exchange it for the equivalent of $20. Shopping vouchers.

Sustainable business is always multi-faceted, and each link needs to be gradually improved.

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