The iPhone 16 series is not all upgrades, Plus battery life may plummet

There have been many rumors pointing out that Apple’s iPhone 16 series is about to receive various upgrades. One revelation pointed out that the iPhone 16 series will not all be improved. One configuration of the basic functions of the mobile phone may shrink, and that is the battery capacity.

Majin Bu, a well-known Apple blogger, pointed out that the new iPhone 16 will be equipped with a 3561 mAh battery, the 16 Plus will be equipped with a 4006 mAh battery, and the 16 Pro Max will be equipped with a 4676 mAh battery.

Recently, pictures of iPhone 16 Pro prototypes were exposed on the Internet, showing that the battery capacity of iPhone 16 Pro is 3355 mAh.

▲ iPhone 16 Pro prototype exposure picture, source: X@Kosutami

If these data are true, the iPhone 16 Plus battery capacity will be nearly 400 mAh less than the previous generation, while the other three models have increased capacity.

Plus may no longer be the “longest battery life” iPhone

In fact, the battery capacity of iPhones has been on an upward trend in recent years. Except for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which has shrunk by 29 mAh compared with the previous generation, starting from the iPhone 12, every iPhone has continued to improve in battery capacity.

The two existing iPhone Plus products have the most outstanding battery life among the iPhone series. The iPhone 14 Plus is also equipped with a 4325 mAh battery, which was the model with the largest battery capacity in the iPhone 14 series at the time. Apple also used the words "our longest battery life" to promote the iPhone 14 Plus.

The battery capacity of the iPhone 15 Plus has been increased to 4383 mAh. Although the increase is small and will not bring a major improvement in battery life, it is also in line with Apple's trend of upgrading iPhone batteries every year.

But with the iPhone 16 Plus, this trend may come to an end. The iPhone 16 Plus is rumored to be equipped with a battery with a capacity of 4006 mAh. Compared with the previous generation, it has dropped by 377 mAh, a decrease of 8.6%.

If Apple is determined to "downgrade" the battery capacity of the iPhone 16 Plus, it is likely to widen the gap with the iPhone 16 Pro Max so that this top-end and most expensive model has the best battery life. The iPhone 16 Pro Max is expected to be equipped with a 4676 mAh battery, which will be the largest iPhone battery to date. Compared with the previous generation battery capacity, the battery capacity has increased by about 5%.

However, there are still five months until the official release of the iPhone 16 series, and the authenticity of these battery data revelations needs to be verified. However, previous iPhone battery revelations have shown an upward trend in data, and iPhone 16 Plus battery revelations are a relatively rare and large shrinkage.

Is the iPhone getting stingy about its battery?

The iPhone has also been reported to have been suspected of shrinking in battery "quality" before.

According to Wccftech, the basic models of iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 use lower-cost batteries. These batteries only have an average of about 600 cycles. By comparison, most mobile phones have 800 cycles.

▲ iPhone 15 and battery, source: iFixit

X blogger @RGcloudS said that this is also the reason why the battery health of iPhone 14 and 15 basic models has declined rapidly. Batteries with a cycle life of 500-600 times are mainly used in relatively high-performance products, such as products with a power of more than 100w. Therefore, it is unacceptable for an iPhone battery to cycle only about 600 times.

It is worth mentioning that Apple officially expects the iPhone 14 battery to maintain 80% battery health after about 500 cycles, while the iPhone 15 is expected to maintain 80% battery health after 1,000 cycles.

Wccftech speculates that Apple’s choice of cheaper batteries may be due to cost cutting. It is reported that Apple now uses recycled cobalt as an electrode material for batteries, but using recycled cobalt batteries may cost the same as a normal 800-cycle battery, or even higher.

Apple has established a widely distributed and relatively reliable supply chain and retail network, which can replace batteries for users at a relatively low cost. Since third parties are not reliable enough, iPhone users are more inclined to choose Apple's official battery replacement service.

At a time when the global mobile phone market is sluggish, many mobile phone manufacturers are cutting the cost of mobile phone configurations. Perhaps for Apple, batteries are a good cost reduction point.

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