The ideal pure electric new car is named MEGA, positioned at more than 500,000 yuan, and “ChatGPT” is also moved into the car

We don't care about Blue Mountain and whatever.

Ideal Chairman Li Xiang does have the confidence to say this.

In the 24th week of 2023 (6.05-6.11) that just passed, the weekly sales of Li Auto hit a new high, reaching 8,400 units, exceeding the combined sales of the second, third, and fourth places in the list. As of June 11 On March 1, the sales volume of Ideal Auto reached 11,900 this month.

Not only that, Li Auto also continues to maintain the top five sales of luxury brands in the Chinese market, and is the highest-ranked Chinese brand on the list.

Adhering to the "three-vehicle strategy", the ideal car exceeds the total sales volume of all SUV products of any brand of "BBA" in the Chinese market. With a monthly sales volume of nearly 30,000, others are envious.

Just now, Ideal Auto held Ideal Auto's first Home Technology Day at the "Ideal AI Dream Factory". This "AI Dream Factory" started construction in 2016 and manufactured the first Ideal ONE in November 2019 at the ideal Changzhou factory.

Today, Li Auto welcomes their 400,000th Li Auto in this factory. In order to announce this, they found the person in charge of the ideal car manufacturing, his name is Li Bin.

And this, in Li Xiang's view, is just the beginning.

Ideal "iPhone"

Not "X", not "i", the first pure electric model of Li Auto is called "Li Ideal MEGA".

This is a heavyweight model that embodies the latest scientific and technological achievements of the ideal "dual-energy strategy". We saw it in the PPT of the press conference.

That's right, as the rumors say, Li Auto's first pure electric model will be an MPV, which is still a "family card".

We are confident that it will become the No. 1 sales volume of all passenger cars above 500,000, regardless of the form of energy or the form of the body, breaking the traditional perception that high-end pure electric vehicles cannot become explosive products.

Liu Jie, Vice President of Ideal Auto Business, shouted such a sentence on the stage.

At the beginning of the establishment of Ideal Auto, it played the "family card" and chose the extended range route to solve the user's mileage anxiety.

This is not a decision made by Li Xiang's head. It is based on user experience and meets user needs through comprehensive data. In fact, Li Xiang has attached great importance to consumer data since he founded Autohome.

On the one hand, new product positioning is based on data conclusions. At that time, Ideal determined the route for family cars based on the research conclusion that "family users accounted for as high as 89% of the buyers of cars above 200,000 yuan".

On the other hand, Li Auto continues to collect user feedback and enrich product design concepts. Official data show that in 2021, the average weekly time for ideal ONE car owners to "stay in the car but not drive" has reached 4.4 hours.

When the time comes to 2023, this figure will only increase.

Cheng Nan, the owner of the ideal car, told Dong Chehui that, excluding travel time, he would probably spend 5-6 hours in the car every week, including charging, lunch break, waiting for his girlfriend, and he might also be in the car when he gets home at night. Stay in a daze for 10-20 minutes.

The L series is our Mac, and the pure battery is our iPhone.

Li Xiang placed high hopes on the ideal "iPhone". He believes that the sales of the ideal pure electric series will surely reach another level.

But will things really go in the direction he wants? You must know that the current sales performance of Ideal Auto is not unrelated to its power form. "Worry-free travel" is a core of Ideal Auto's existing products, and Li Xiang himself understands this.

At high speed, we need to reinvent the wheel and start over.

Li Xiang said that Li Auto needs a new energy supplement method that subverts the existing high-speed charging network, relieves itself from the pain of switching from extended range to pure electric, and allows pure electric users to obtain the same worry-free travel experience as extended range users.

Only in this way can Li Auto usher in its "iPhone moment".

The range-extending and pure electric products of Li Auto are very similar to Mac and iPhone-the former makes Apple strong, and the latter makes Apple great.

Bring charging speed into the "5G era"

In the past 5 years, pure electric vehicles have only solved the problem of energy supplement for daily commuting in the city. However, long-distance charging for intercity commuting still has serious anxiety.

Ideally, there are still two very big problems in the industry that have not been resolved: first, the charging speed is slow; second, long-distance charging is difficult.

To subvert the existing high-speed charging network, the ideal way is "5C super charging".

On June 10, Wu Kai, the chief scientist of Ningde Times, revealed that this year, the fast charging effect of a model of a customer of Ningde Times will reach "charging in less than 10 minutes, with a battery life of more than 400 kilometers."

The "certain client" in his mouth is exactly the ideal.

The first pure electric model of Li Auto will become the world's first model equipped with 5C batteries. What does 5C mean? C refers to the battery discharge current, such as 18650 batteries with a capacity of 2500mAh, 1C discharge refers to the discharge of 1 times the battery capacity, that is, 2.5A, and 3C refers to the discharge current of 3 times the battery capacity, which is 7.5A current, 5C is 12.5A.

Compared with the traditional liquid cooling solution on the bottom surface, the heat exchange area of ​​the ideal 5C battery is increased by 5 times, and the thermal resistance is reduced by 75%. .

Ideal said that its pure electric model can be charged for 9 minutes and 30 seconds, with a battery life of 400km, and 22 minutes of charging, with a battery life of 600km, bringing the charging speed from the "2G era" to the "5G era".

To achieve such a goal, the number of charging stations is equally important.

Since the start of trial operation on April 20, Li Auto has operated 25 Li Li 4C super charging stations across the country.

57 days, 25 seats, almost two days, but Ideal still wants to continue to speed up.

According to Ideal's plan, by the end of 2023, Ideal will build 300+ high-speed supercharging stations, covering the four major economic belts of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta, the Greater Bay Area and Chengdu-Chongqing; by 2025, the goal is to build 3,000 charging stations and stations The above will cover 90% of the national expressway mileage and major cities in the first, second and third tiers of the country.

Ideal Auto even stated that the interval between each charging pile will not exceed 100km.

In Li Xiang's words:

Charging piles are not a problem, we have money.

I don’t know how the CEOs of other car companies will feel when they hear this sentence.

In addition, lightness is also a major feature of ideal super fast charging. "The gun is very light and the line is very thin, and it can be picked up with one hand." This is the most frequent user feedback since the release of ideal car 2C and 4C charging piles .

Specifically, the weight of the 4C super charging pile that Li Auto has launched is only 2.35kg, which is 50% of the traditional charging pile. Even the "industry benchmark" Tesla is about 2.5kg.

At the same time, Ideal Auto also introduces intelligent technologies such as automatic charging robots, and the vehicle will automatically drive to the charging parking space and park itself. The charging robot can automatically plug in the gun to charge through visual recognition, and there is no need to get out of the car during the whole process.

The control of details and user experience is undoubtedly the core of ideal cars.

HD map? unnecessary

From the "Legal Auto 2025 Strategy", we know that Ideal believes that L4-level autonomous driving will become the standard configuration of every smart electric vehicle in 2030. "Users will not buy a smart electric car that does not have autonomous driving capabilities car".

Thanks to the massive amount of data collected by the "Shadow Mode", each ideal car can collect data and conduct algorithm tests for the ideal, so that the gap between the intelligent driving data accumulation of the ideal and its competitors is quickly shortened.

A shocking statistic:

As of the end of June 2022, the total mileage of users using ideal intelligent driving has exceeded 290 million kilometers, the total mileage of NOA has reached 24.62 million kilometers, and the total mileage of effective learning scenarios is 190 million kilometers, ranking second in the world, second only to Tesla pull.

Even more shocking is that this is already a year ago data.

On February 17 this year, Li Auto ushered in a major OTA – the AD Pro high-speed NOA function was officially launched. Vehicles can independently overtake, adjust speed, enter and exit ramps and other operations.

At the same time, Li Xiang mentioned at the launch of Ideal L7 that Ideal will open the "early bird user internal test" of urban NOA on the AD Max model in the fourth quarter of this year.

Today, we see its true colors ahead of schedule.

Li Auto said that with the help of AI large models, we will achieve driving performance close to that of human drivers. At the same time, this is also an urban NOA product that does not rely on high-precision maps.

The characteristics of the ideal city NOA technical framework are:

  1. Use NPN features and TIN network to enhance the BEV large model, so as not to rely on high-precision maps;
  2. Use imitation learning to make regulatory algorithms make more human-like decisions;
  3. The fully automatic and fully closed-loop training platform supports the continuous evolution of large models.

Since March this year, Lixiang has started to run the NPN network on urban NOA and early bird test vehicles, extracting and storing NPN features.

Through the research and development platform covered by urban NPN, we can check the current coverage of NPN. Green means that it has passed the test and verification and is available; red means that it has NPN features but needs to be verified; gray means that there is no NPN feature.

Ideal said that after the early bird users join, the color of the platform points will change faster and faster, which means that more and more cities will be opened.

At the same time, Li Auto took a different approach and launched the "Commuter NOA".

Users can let the system learn their own commute routes and "train" NOA in person. Ideal Auto said that if you drive the same road every day, relatively simple routes can basically be activated within 1 week, and more complicated routes can be completed in 2-3 weeks.

Li Auto revealed at the press conference that the city NOA closed beta in Beijing and Shanghai will start this month. Early bird users can take the lead in using the city NOA function. In the second half of the year, the commuter NOA function will be opened, as well as more urban NOA areas.

At the end of this month, Dong Chehui will also go to Beijing to try the ideal city NOA for everyone, so stay tuned.

real family members

Tonight, Ideal Classmate has achieved unprecedented great progress, from an avatar to an AI virtual life.

First of all, the ideal car has improved the multi-modal perception ability of the ideal classmate, so that it can see and hear clearly.

Today's ideal classmates have multi-modal sensing equipment, including digital silicon microphones covering the multi-sound area of ​​the whole car, 3D ToF cameras, IR sensors, and based on spatial multi-modal sensing-3M technology, which can fully perceive the multi-modality of the cabin space. Modal information.

Specifically, the ideal student's ability to use the "ear, eye, and brain" has been greatly improved. With the help of vision, he can recognize the instructions of "open this" and "open that".

Secondly, in order to make the ideal classmate more versatile, Ideal introduced the self-developed "Mind GPT" cognitive model for it. The crew can use Cantonese, Shanghainese, Sichuan dialect and other dialects to ask ideal students various questions.

Yes, all kinds of questions you can think of, it can even draw pictures, you can understand it as "ChatGPT+Midjourney".

Li Auto said that the brand-new AI interactive interface, AI encyclopedia question and answer, task master AI version, AI painting, multi-modal visible can be said 2.0, etc., will be fully released in the "near future". Moreover, Ideal did not forget the ideal ONE owner this time.

Growth is the driving force of an ideal car

Earlier this week, Li Xiang, CEO of Ideal Auto, published a long article stating that the driving force of Ideal Auto is "growth", and the organizational mission of Ideal Auto is to "control your own destiny and challenge the limits of growth":

Growth is our driving force. Every business, every talent, and every team must grow, and we cannot stop.

Li Xiang said that growth consists of two parts: learning and training, and the latter refers to actual business combat.

He said that in the third quarter of 2022, the listing and trading of Wenjie M7 had a great impact on Ideal ONE. Since then, Ideal has started to learn from Huawei, upgraded its matrix organization, stopped production of Ideal ONE in advance, and released Ideal L8. At the same time, the learned knowledge can be grown and turned into abilities through practical training.

In addition, Ideal also learned the location and sales experience of 4S stores from BBA, which improved its sales conversion rate.

This is the most real inner thoughts and practical growth along the way from the more than 4,000 deliveries that collapsed in August 2022 to the target of more than 30,000 deliveries in June this year.

An interesting point is that the situation of new energy car companies today is no different from that of smartphone manufacturers more than ten years ago.

Looking back at the history of smartphones, it can be roughly divided into three stages: slow penetration, rapid penetration, and slow penetration growth. In horizontal comparison, the new energy vehicle industry is currently in a stage of accelerated penetration and intensified competition. When the growth rate of penetration rate slows down, the product development path will also undergo serious homogeneity.

Apple relies on self-developed operating systems and chips to realize the integrated development of software and hardware in its core competitiveness, establish a unique ecosystem, and increase user stickiness in a homogeneous market.

It is not difficult to find that the same is true for the ideal strategy, self-developed range extender, cognitive large model, urban NOA, charging robot… What is more important is the control of user experience.

With these, ideals are bound to usher in their "iPhone moment".

*Cheng Nan is a pseudonym in the article, and the pictures in the article are all from Lixiang Auto.

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