The ideal L8 Pro version is not enough Pro, the real One More Thing is not the L7

Feng Sihan, CEO of Volkswagen China, told the media in 2020, "Extended-range electric vehicles have certain value from the perspective of bicycles, but from the perspective of the entire country and the earth, it is simply nonsense and the worst solution. ".

According to the data released by the China Automobile Data Terminal, the Lixiang ONE's insurance coverage in November 2021 exceeded the combined sales of Volkswagen's medium and large SUVs, and Yu Chengdong even said on Weibo, "Thank you Li Xiang for exploring the extended range model. efforts and contributions”.

Ideal ONE, the star model, will be officially replaced on September 30, 2022. The successor model is named L8, and there are two versions of L8 Pro and L8 Max, priced at 359,800 yuan and 399,800 yuan respectively. In addition, the conference also brought L7 Pro and L7 Max, priced at 339,800 yuan and 379,800 yuan respectively, and previewed the L6.

The Ideal L8 adopts a mid-to-large six-seat SUV layout, with dimensions of 5080x1995x1800mm and a wheelbase of 3005mm, while the Ideal L7 is positioned as a medium-to-large five-seat SUV, with dimensions of 5050x1995x1750mm and a wheelbase of 3005mm. Like the L7, the L8 uses a 1.5T four-cylinder range increaser, with a peak power of 330 kW, a peak torque of 620 N m, and an acceleration of 5.5s from 0-100 km/h. The standard air suspension adopts a combination of front double wishbone and rear five-link. , CLTC comprehensive battery life of 1315 kilometers, CLTC pure electric battery life of 210 kilometers.

At present, there is enough news about the conference, so I want to talk about different things below, including product interpretation, easter eggs, brand analysis, etc.

I advise you to stop thinking about choosing the iPhone version and see the ideal car

Before the press conference, Li Xiang, the ideal CEO of Apple who publicly paid tribute, explained the relationship between L6, L7, L8, and L9 on Weibo. It does express the difference in product positioning, but if you look at the ideal L series with the idea of ​​choosing the iPhone version, you may step on the pit.

First of all, referring to the difference between the current iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro using A15 and A16 processors, it is believed that the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro will also have performance differences. However, the ideal L7 and L8 analogies have the same version of each other in terms of power, air suspension, assisted driving, and smart cockpit experience. Therefore, I advise you not to tangle between the ideal L7 and L8 according to the idea of ​​buying an iPhone. What you need to tangle is the big five or the six.

Secondly, the naming of the Ideal L7 Pro/L7 Max and the Ideal L8 Pro/L8 Max refers to the iPhone. In the iPhone 14 family, the Pro and Max versions are almost the only difference in screen size, with the same performance and shooting experience. Therefore, from the perspective of purchasing an iPhone, in fact, the ideal Pro version is not a Pro. It is very different from the Max version in assisted driving and smart cockpit.

The Pro version is not Pro, but its lower limit is high enough

Ideal L8 and L7 have Pro and Max versions respectively. The main difference is that the former is equipped with SS Pro and AD Pro, while the latter is equipped with SS Max and AD Max. As mentioned earlier, if you compare the iPhone, the L8 Pro/L7 Pro is not enough Pro, but I think its lower limit is high enough.

Even if the ideal ONE of the previous generation model is put into the automotive market in September 2022, it can still be used except for the Qualcomm 820A chip in the car, and this time, the lower limit of the ideal L7 Pro/L8 Pro is already very high, and there are enough products to replace Ideal ONE has major upgrades in range extender, smart cockpit, and assisted driving, and air suspension has been standard since the Pro version.

Is the SS Pro's single Qualcomm 8155 chip enough? Compared with the SS Max version, the SS Pro lacks a rear screen, and a single Qualcomm 8155 chip has enough performance to support the front screen.

AD Pro is not equipped with lidar, HD cameras are reduced, replaced with Horizon Journey 5 processor, how about assisted driving after multiple "castration"? Compared with the AD Max version, the assisted driving hardware configuration of AD Pro has dropped by one level, but I personally think that the assisted driving ability of AD Pro should not be underestimated, and according to the long-term planning of the ideal assisted driving team, the pure visual solution will be the top priority. Heavy. Even the top model L9 Max has removed the angular millimeter-wave radar, and only retains one millimeter-wave radar in the forward direction, which is the most radical among Wei Xiaoli's flagship models, further paying tribute to Tesla's visual solution.

This time, AD Pro is equipped with a 128TOPS Horizon Journey 5 chip for the first time in the world, equipped with an 8-megapixel forward-facing camera + 5 2-megapixel surround-view cameras + 4 2-megapixel surround-view cameras + 1 forward-facing millimeter-wave radar. people look forward to.

In addition, Li Xiang, CEO of Ideal Motors, revealed at the press conference that "AD Pro's perception and decision-making planning algorithm is upgraded from the ideal One's dual J3 intelligent driving system, which means that J3 will continue to iterate."

Dong Che will focus on everyone, and the assisted driving function of the ideal ONE will continue to be upgraded in the future.

The real One More Thing, not the ideal L7

At Macworld on January 8, 1998, in the face of a powerful Microsoft, Apple's performance declined and was questioned by the outside world, and at the end of his speech, Jobs said the phrase "One more thing" for the first time, in Keynote. "We still made money".

Before the press conference, the ideal official and external channels have repeatedly leaked the information of the ideal L8 and L7, and netizens have basically guessed their appearance, interior and even configuration accurately. Therefore, L7, as One More Thing prepared by Li Xiang, did not bring too many surprises.

However, some details of the conference, in addition to L6, there are also some contents that reveal the future product selling points of Ideal Auto, just like the first pure electric MPV code-named W01. Li Xiang said

The third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide power chip we adopted, under the same current capability of the high-voltage platform, was 70% smaller than the IGBT chip area, and the overall efficiency was increased by 6%.

At the press conference, Li Xiang even took out the chip from his pocket and brought it to the audience confidently. He also added:

It is precisely because of this R&D capability that we can more boldly deploy 800V high-voltage pure electric technology, and improve the charging speed and efficiency of pure electric power from the 2G era to the 4G era.”

Dong Che will focus on "800V high-voltage platform" and "third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide power chip" for everyone. You can boldly guess that charging speed will be one of the core selling points of ideal pure electric models in the future.

What an ideal car owes is not product power, but brand precipitation

It is true that the ideal L8/L7 released this time is still very strong, and almost everyone will agree with it from the perspective of product strength, but there are still some doubts from the outside world. As on the day of the press conference, it can be seen that many people are not optimistic about the ideal L8 in the official topic of station B.

On September 1, 2022, when Li Auto announced that it would deliver a new model Li Li L8 in November, Li Li ONE reduced the price by 20,000 yuan and stopped production within the year. The Li Li ONE owner who just picked up the car felt a "back stab", and some people even tried to pull it. banner. In addition, the air suspension of the Ideal L9 was broken during the test drive before, and Hu Zhengnan, the technical director of Xiaomi Auto, questioned the problem of the development process, as well as the suspected steering wheel deviation.

At this L8 conference, Li Xiang will still compare the BMW X7, and he will express himself confidently.

"Pro is the top match, Max is in the sky", "There is no such car in the world".

Coincidentally, Dong Chejun has been in contact with BMW X7 for a period of time. Friends from family have a BMW X7. During the two years of use, there have been many small problems, such as audio failure, various abnormal noises, etc., and the 4S shop Not far from my house, tried to help get the repaired car back.

I think this time, the ideal L8 can already kill the BMW X7 by a few streets in terms of smart cockpit, assisted driving and energy consumption, but the BMW X7 can still give you a different feeling. But this feeling does not come from product strength, but from the BMW logo, which has been told for almost 100 years in Bavaria, Germany, and the love and maintenance of the brand by many enthusiastic owners of the M series. Of course, I will also Think of the E46 in Need for Speed ​​9 , it exists like a spiritual totem. However, when I drive the ideal L8, maybe what I think of is the story of being a dad.

If I have the budget of a BMW X7, if I have to buy an SUV, I may choose the ideal L series, because I personally don't value the premium brought by the car brand, but focus on the smart cockpit and assisted driving experience. But for most people, the ideal is still a car company that lacks brand precipitation and needs to communicate more with consumers.

Maybe there is no car like the L8 in this world, but there are many excellent car companies worthy of ideal learning.

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