The Huawei MatePad Pro, which has a thousand-year-old color, also picked up the title of “New Benchmark for Painting”

From myths and legends to historical records, from written records to dyes, blue represents life, and red represents sunlight. As a cultural symbol, color is endowed with a unique meaning by the Chinese nation.

However, the inheritance of history cannot avoid forgetting. We can imagine the appearance of the beasts in the "Shan Hai Jing" through words, but it is difficult to use imagination to color them: what color is Zou Wu, who is "full of five colors"?

Use the colors of historical inheritance to color history

What color is the Chinese color in your heart?

The rushing Yellow River, the ancient city walls, and the cascading terraced fields, when I saw the text, I saw yellowing waves, red sunlight, and emerald green seedlings in front of my eyes. Color is the appearance of Chinese culture. Different colors are the epitome of that era and that place. Recording colors is recording Chinese culture.

Today, Huawei released a video that tells a story of recording colors, in which it colored the mythical beasts in "Shan Hai Jing".

"Shan Hai Jing" was written in the Han Dynasty. It describes an ancient era full of imagination. Although the text has no color, the murals of the same period are full of Chinese colors that travel through history.

The Henan Museum's "Treasure of the Town Hall" "Four Gods and Clouds" was created in the early Western Han Dynasty. As the earliest and highest tomb mural masterpiece discovered in China, the time coincides with the time when the "Shan Hai Jing" was written. Extracting this "Chensha Red" from "Dunhuang Beyond Dunhuang" may restore the color of the mythical beast in the eyes of the ancients. and style.

Once you have an idea, you need a way to realize it. Extracting patina, using patina, and drawing patina, each step is a new challenge for painting, and Huawei has also given a new solution.

The main color of cinnabar red in "Four Gods' Cloud and Gas Map" needs to be manually extracted from specific minerals, which was very difficult at the time. Today, we use Huawei Mate 50 Pro to clearly and accurately record this precious color.

Next, connect the mobile phone and the tablet through the HarmonyOS super terminal. Huawei breaks through the "multi-screen same color" that is limited by the screen material and system, so that different devices can present consistent color performance. What you see is what you get.

Finally, through the cross-application color picking function of Huawei Tablet, you can use the ancient colors from "Four Gods and Clouds" to fill in the colors of that era for the beasts drawn with Huawei MatePad Pro from "Shan Hai Jing".

No complicated extraction process, no cumbersome picture transfer, just drag a little bit, stroke by stroke, you can ignite the life of ancient mythical beasts, so that the colorless ancient Chinese books can be vividly displayed in front of our eyes.

In addition to creating the dragon in "Shan Hai Jing" from "Four Gods and Clouds", Huawei also used the cross-app color picking function to create the dragon in "Shan Hai Jing" from the color of Ru Kiln's sky blue glaze engraved gooseneck bottle. The "Five Picking Birds" Luanniao, from the colors of Empress Wu Zetian's golden bamboo slips, created Zouwu, the mythical animal in "Shan Hai Jing".

There is Niaoyan, whose shape is like a Zhai with colorful patterns, and its name is Luanniao. When you see it, the world will be peaceful.

There is a precious beast, as big as a tiger, with five harvests and a tail longer than its body. It is called Zouwu, and it can travel thousands of miles in a day.

Huawei's cross-application color picking function allows these Chinese colors that exist on scrolls, porcelain, and rock walls to come to the painter's hands again. In the painter's meticulous creation, these Chinese colors that have been passed down for thousands of years will be presented in another form. This form survives and never fades.

Taking photos and recording, super terminal connectivity, and cross-application color selection, Huawei makes the painting experience of the tablet no longer limited to the tablet computer, but across platforms and applications. Through the most intuitive way, the threshold of tablet painting is further lowered, and the Added possibility to paint on slabs.

If you want to try painting with a tablet, Huawei MatePad Pro will be your new choice.

This kind of painting experience is exclusive to Huawei

If you are a user of Huawei's second-generation M-Pencil, please pick up your pen now and look at its tip. You will find that the nib of the second-generation M-Pencil is transparent, and you can clearly see the inner structure of the nib, unlike other manufacturers that hide it. The most recognizable of them is the sphere at the top of the stylus.

At the beginning of the research and development, Huawei's technical department wanted to make the stylus pen stable and smooth when holding the pen in different postures. The spherical pen tip is the solution to this problem.

In addition to the spherical pen tip, Huawei also redesigned the electrode pressure-sensitive module after 6 rounds of planning and 3 rounds of physical proofing. It took half a year of hard work to exchange for delicate brushstrokes with almost no delay when users use it.

The excellent experience of M-Pencil is not limited to writing. In order to get the double-tap touch function, Huawei worked together on the design and algorithm to put on a smart "jacket" for M-Pencil, which can accurately identify whether the user is Want to change the holding posture, or want to switch functions. From the nib to the pressure-sensitive module, a production line with more than 100 steps has been arranged, witnessing the birth of a top-notch stylus in the industry.

The drawing experience of the Huawei tablet is smooth, the M-Pencil ensures the smoothness of the drawing operation, and the rich apps ensure the smoothness of the drawing experience.

In the video, Huawei invites top masters in the industry to draw exquisite Shanhaijing beasts on Huawei MatePad Pro, and the painting is the well-known painting app "Painting World Pro".

"Painting World Pro" is a painting app designed for tablets. From layers to filters, from masks to various tools, it can not only export pictures, but also export PSD format files suitable for Photoshop. It has been recognized by many professionals. Appreciation of the artist. And the painting software that is easy to use on Huawei tablet is not only "Painting World Pro".

If you want to draw ink paintings, Zen Brush 3, which focuses on ink paintings, can not only adjust the amount of ink, but also use a variety of traditional colors to enrich the picture. You can also experience the joy of scribbling pen and ink on the tablet.

If you like to draw comics, the Aibisihua app with professional comic functions will not disappoint you. It not only has more than forty color tone functions, but also supports multiple text input methods such as vertical and horizontal.

Rich third-party apps make the software experience of Huawei tablet equally smooth, but the top-notch M-Pencil and rich software ecology are not all of Huawei’s painting experience. Remember the cross-app color picking function mentioned earlier? ? The cross-platform interconnection of HarmonyOS is the exclusive experience that only Huawei Ecosystem can provide.

Whether it is the design software Photoshop, the presentation software PowerPoint or the video editing software Premiere, almost all software that can set the color has a "eyedropper tool" that can extract the color in the app, which allows us to work without having to adjust the color value waste time.

▲ The eyedropper tool in the design software Pixelmator Photo

However, the eyedropper tools of these productivity software—in fact, not just eyedropper tools—have a problem, that is, they cannot leave the app itself. This problem not only exists on the desktop, but even on tablets, the app tools can only Use within the app.

If you want to pick a color, you have to import the picture into the drawing software, zoom in and out continuously, and hide the layers.

HarmonyOS, on the other hand, breaks through the limitations of the software and realizes the operation of picking up colors on another app, or even another device displayed on the tablet through the Internet. Such a smooth collaborative operation is not even available in the desktop painting app. did it.

With the smooth operation brought by M-Pencil and the smooth experience brought by rich productivity apps, coupled with the smooth collaboration brought by HarmonyOS, Huawei tablets use the rich imagination like "Shan Hai Jing" to bring tablet drawing to a whole new level .

At the end of the video, Huawei made the colors picked up by the cross-app color picking function into cultural relic color cards. If you are using a Huawei tablet, you can also see these color cards in "Painting World Pro". Use them Make creations, and work with Huawei to help the inheritance of Chinese colors.

Of course, you can also use the cross-app color picking function to extract the colors of the walls of the Forbidden City, bronzes, and blue and white porcelain taken with your mobile phone. Record it, use it, inherit it, and let these Chinese colors with history never fade through paintings.

When someone praises the color scheme of the work, you can proudly tell him that this is a romance that has been passed down by the Chinese nation for thousands of years.

How to reproduce thousands of years of artistic color in digital form is a difficult problem left by art to technology. Recording, drawing, collaboration, and coloring, Huawei makes the mobile phone an artist's eyes to record colors, and makes the tablet a drawing board to reshape imagination, and the cross-app color picking function is a bridge connecting art and imagination. Colored.

Take the old-fashioned Huawei of the millennium, and also pick up the new label

Looking back at the breakthrough in creative productivity of Huawei MatePad Pro in 2022, it is mainly manifested in the communication with consumers in the fields of painting and music, and conveys the idea that Huawei Hongmeng Tablet makes creation more free.

In August of this year, Huawei released a video called "Musician on Wheels", telling a story about creating music freely. In this "home" that belongs to musicians, every inspiration can be recorded with M-Pencil, and every note can be edited with MatePad Pro. Huawei's three creative productive forces "black technology" surprised me even more.

Through the mobile phone, the network can be shared with the tablet computer in a more stable and low-power manner, and there is no fear of disconnection anywhere; the introduction of the PC application engine allows the tablet app to achieve the native experience of desktop-level applications.

If your materials are all on the studio computer, the remote PC function can also control the high-performance computer in the studio outside, and use the studio computer to create.

These three functions have raised the productivity of Huawei MatePad Pro to the desktop level, not only music creation, text work, video editing, and even development work. With Huawei MatePad Pro as the carrier, we have unlimited imagination.

In the comment section of this video, someone mentioned that it would be great if Huawei MatePad Pro had professional drawing software. Thinking about it carefully, after HarmonyOS opened up the PC ecosystem, drawing seems to be its only shortcoming.

Four months have passed, and Huawei, which is "born to draw", has not let us down. Whether it is a professional app such as "Drawing World Pro" or the experience of M-Pencil, they all have the top level in the industry. Coupled with exclusive functions such as cross-app color picking, if you want to buy a tablet for drawing, now you have a good enough new choice.

In the complementarity of technology and art, Huawei uses technology to restore art, presenting the broad and profound color culture to us in a new form of expression. When users use M-Pencil to pick up Chinese colors on MatePad Pro, Huawei also relies on this smooth With a modern painting experience, it has picked up the new label of "New Benchmark for Tablet Painting".

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