The high heels game that has spread all over the world is getting more and more outrageous.

The elder sister is the queen, confident and shining, come if you love, don’t be arrogant if you don’t love…

When the familiar melody sounded, a woman who stepped on her feet and hated the sky also came to mind. She has a devilish figure, and her tight-fitting jumpsuit is full of grace, and her open pace seems to be walking on an international show. Every step is stepped. At the tip of the wave, the high-heeled shoes under her feet have also become higher and higher, rising into the sky…

This is the casual game from the beginning of the year to the present-I am the most beautiful with high heels.

In my impression, I first saw it as a small advertisement that appeared in the software from time to time. Until there were more and more women with the same high-heeled shoes on Douyin, Weibo and Moments began to be compromised. Foreign TikTok and Twitter were not allowed. Spared…

In the first quarter of 2021, "High Heel Me The Most Beautiful" won the Apple Store download list many times . Now, various magical revisions of "High Heel Me The Most Beautiful" have begun to emerge one after another, and the characters have begun to change wildly.

At the beginning, it was not only the game itself, but also a feminine trend and queer culture surging behind it.

Let's first go back to the beginning and see how this woman who steps on high heels gets hot.

Step on high heels, sister is the queen

"High heels are the most beautiful" is actually a parkour game, just swipe the screen left and right to get started.

The magic of it is that the character keeps moving forward by constantly increasing the height of the high heels. Every time a part of the obstacle is crossed, some high heels will be lost.

In the process of moving forward, there will be many obstacles, such as splitting across parallel bars, crossing single-plank bridges, stepping over large boxes, etc. Every step she seems to walk on thin ice, but stepping on the high heels several times higher than herself, she looks vast. Everything is unstoppable.

Although not paying attention, the character will fall into the abyss from the aisle, together with the shoes that hate the sky.

On the road, you can also collect diamonds, buy skins, wear different high heels, and use different characters, such as leopard catwoman, hip-hop girl, sports girl, DC clown girl, and even a boy with a beard…

But no matter what kind of dress or gender, as long as you wear high enough heels, you will be able to walk through the many steps at the end, stand on the cheering stage of the stars, and walk towards the path of the queen's cultivation.

This game is said to have nearly three hundred levels. Although there are more obstacles and difficult to obtain high heels after playing, the environment has not changed much.

The reason for its popularity is similar to the previous magical addictive game "Synthetic Big Watermelon", the same simple operation, the same magical "road to development".

However, "High heels I am the most beautiful" has its own characteristics, that is, the brave, confident, and indomitable female power behind the game that is loved by people.

This also makes it compatible with the fans of the recently popular Internet Divine Comedy "Sister is the Queen".

In fact, "High Heel Me is the Most Beautiful" originally did not have a soundtrack, but many netizens found that after matching "Sister Is the Queen", they have an indescribable sense of matching——

Wear your favorite clothes and put on the most exquisite makeup. A woman must have a melodious temperament and live a beautiful life. You don't need to rely on someone's light in your life, and you don't need to be a princess to be a domineering queen!

The divine comedy and the brainwashing are integrated with the weirdness and magic of the game, just like Coke with ice, Oreo with milk, and Jay Chou with Fang Wenshan. After everyone experiences this wonderful combination, they will never again. Can't get rid of that wonderful pleasure.

When the climax of the song reached the end with the characters in the game, the ribbons and sequins fluttered with thunderous applause, and the queen looked back and smiled, and the six palaces of pink and daisy instantly became colorless.

At this point, the player has also entered a wave of blood surging into the heavenly spirit cover.

Female players gained a sense of accomplishment to show themselves boldly and win recognition. Male players tried to play characters with a funny mentality from the very beginning, and gradually recalled the shame of wearing mother's high heels when they were young. When they won at the end, they also felt deep in their hearts. The release of the mystery of the place.

Of course, the shortcomings of this game are also obvious. For example, it has as many ads as ten fingers can’t be counted. After playing a round, small ads will pop up. After playing, the player can’t remember how many roles he has changed and how many high heels he wears. But you can recite the lines of the ad.

"High heels I am the most beautiful" occasionally also has bugs that stutter, and it is also made into a picture by netizens from time to time:

▲ Suspected bugs appeared in the reality version of "High Heel Me is the Most Beautiful". Picture from: Weibo @没空忧伤

But this does not affect its popularity on short video platforms.

Its popularity is also largely due to social media. This game has the characteristics of completing a round in a very short time, as well as its magical gameplay and style. It is very popular among young people, and it is very suitable for dissemination on short video platforms.

The game publisher Rollic CEO Burak Vardal also revealed that "High heels, I am the most beautiful" has a great influence in the Z generation user group, and has gained a large number of users from the short video platform.

Its fiery heat has also caused various magical revisions to follow, and these versions have once again brought the "magic nature" to a whole new level.

The gradually outrageous magic revision "High heels I am the most beautiful"

In the beginning, the magic revision was just imitating the "high heels, I am the most beautiful" gameplay, and the characters "eating" high heels were grown and replaced with other places that highlight feminine elements.

For example, "I am the most beautiful with long hair."

The character drags tens of meters of long hair, constantly cutting hair on the jagged road, and changing different colors, even rainbow hair, and adding swing links, let the sky full of hair drift in the sky.

For example, the "Nail Women" that collects nails.

A girl with a bumpy figure stretched her long nails to the sides of the road, and her momentum was instantly full. The nails can also change different colors, and can also be used as a weapon to cut off obstacles along the way.

Soon, the long hair version of the queen wearing high heels was once again transformed into a "wash, cut and blow version."

The girl with two neon-colored ponytails has to go through the challenge of washing, cutting and blowing all the way, but there is no longer a pipe between the two buildings for the splits to pass through, and they can only rely on their fluffy hair to be blown up by the whirlwind, like bamboo The dragonfly flew to the other side.

▲Picture from: Weibo user @手游君

The magical changes along the way of the game, only you can't think of, no developer can't do it.

You can even become a retro elf wearing a skirt to dance ballet. In that spectacular building imitating Western Europe, spinning and jumping will never stop, allowing your skirt to grow into the world's largest wedding tablecloth.

▲Picture from: Weibo user @手游君

You can also become a female version of Bruce Lee, wearing a classic yellow jumpsuit, on a steel tube that never bends, showing your limbs that are more flexible than plasticine.

▲Picture from: Weibo user @手游君

You can also transform into the European and American star Kardashian, keep increasing your hips, and twist forward into the new world of alien species with amorous feelings.

When the protagonist of the game has been completely modified by magic from beginning to end, people began to explore the core spiritual meaning behind the game-sister is the queen.

As a result, the man version of "High heels I am the most beautiful" appeared.

In the game, the woman in a red dress, red high heels, and tight-fitting hip skirt is like a fighting doomsday warrior.

The high-heeled shoes have now become a man on the roadside, and the obstacles have become enchanting women all over the roadside. The protagonist has to shake off the "flowers, flowers and grass" on the roadside by the man picked up with his hands, and smash the obstacles ahead. The wall, towards the queen's final victory.

But the final victory is no longer to go to the stage to be cheered and applauded, but to throw the man with all his strength, and the farther he throws, the higher the score.

The more outrageous version of the magic is that the heroine no longer walks in the game, but relies on the muscular hunk to carry it. The more the muscular hunk, the higher the sitting.

When walking between the two buildings, the muscular man has to transform into a bridge to send the heroine over.

▲ Picture from: Weibo user @游戏安利公司

While the players complained about how outrageous the sand sculptures were, they couldn't help but fall into this short-lived indulgence.

Compared with the original version of "High heels, I am the most beautiful", these magical revisions have more exaggerated and bold characters, more rebellious and bad behaviors, and the content of the game has become more wanton and crazy.

This kind of mischievous game has also attracted the attention of many queer people .

▲ Picture from: Weibo user @肉咕咕呀

The multiple colors behind the spoof game

In the beginning, "High heels, I am the most beautiful" mainly focused on female audiences.

Sensor Tower’s "2021 Mobile Games Classification Report" shows that among the Top 100 games downloaded last year, the downloads of fashion-themed games surged 109% year-on-year, reaching nearly 1 billion times, far surpassing other themes.

Games with female themes such as manicure, makeup, dressing, and hair cutting have also received a lot of attention. "High heels, I am the most beautiful" is also born under this trend.

Its bold and bold game design quickly became popular among young female users. Especially at the moment, more and more women-oriented issues are being hotly discussed, including full-time housewives, facial anxiety, older singles, patriarchy, and objectified women. Wait, this game has also been spread in line with the trend under this wave.

At the same time, it has also been noticed by queer people, mainly because of its gameplay, which is easily reminiscent of cross-dressing culture .

The catwalk-style game process of "Follow Me The Most Beautiful" finally reached the moment when everyone was watching and cheering in the center of the stage. It was also like a "Ball" event in the American queer community in the 1980s.

▲ Picture from: "Posture"

A group that transcends the shackles of female or male identity, dresses up as various characters with heavy makeup, walks on an underground stage, dances, and plays the role of royal aristocrats, elite white-collar workers, and sexy girls. They bravely show their own style and posture and seek The identification of self-identity.

▲ Picture from: "Posture"

When they compete on "Ball", they will use a dance called voguing to further compete.

In the popular Funk music at the time, they used complex hand movements and poses to show their bodies and desires. Madonna's champion single Vogue was inspired by this, and this song also brought voguing into the mainstream culture.

Although the creator of the "High Heel Me The Most Beautiful" game stated that he is not targeting a certain type of group, but hopes that this game can be played by everyone and is more inclusive, it is still loved by many queer people.

But obviously a pair of high heels and limited skin cannot satisfy people's creativity, especially on this open Internet platform. So the magic revision "High heels I am the most beautiful" also maximized the feminine and queer elements.

Now these magic-modified versions have tended to be a form of pranks, and similar spoof elements are not uncommon in many curious mobile games.

▲ Picture from: game otoko tower

The previously popular "Synthetic Big Watermelon" also has a modified version of Ms. Guo, a modified version of Jolin Tsai, and so on. There is only an upper limit for imagination and no limit for creativity.

As another subculture, spoof culture has also been most widely disseminated in the Internet community. It has also been fermented by platforms such as station B, and has gradually been recognized by mainstream culture.

Spoofing works have pros and cons, but from another perspective, it also presents more and more subcultures to the public.

When we are addictively playing these weird games while complaining about it, we are also experiencing and accepting more diversified changes at the moment.

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