The heroine of “You Are My Glory” is white and shiny, instead of frantically grinding, it is better to find a “digital double”

On August 16, "You Are My Glory" had its finale on-demand. After 16 years of long-distance running, the "Glory Couple" finally entered the wedding hall. The setting of "female star + male scientist" not only has the decompression effect based on romance and fantasy, but also makes more audiences willing to learn about my country's aerospace industry.

However, the fly in the ointment is that the filters in the play are a bit overdone. Di Ali Reba, who was already bright and moving, was turned into a cool white skin, and the skin tone became brighter in the night scene.

▲ Interception of the original drama, only for stitching.

Just lighting it up. In 21 episodes, the hero Yutu takes away the high-sweet footage of the heroine Qiao Jingjing. Under the soft light filter, everyone is surrounded by a halo. Although the moon is full of flowers this night, I don't want to see the artificially made "moon misty bird misty autumn insects mumble".

▲ Interception of the original drama, only for stitching.

In fact, in the high school campus scenes and off-site highlights, Di Lieba's makeup and complexion are obviously more natural, and the beautiful appearance does not require too much pretense.

▲ Interception of the original drama, only for stitching.

The purpose of lighting and post-production is to present the actors with the most beautiful appearance, but this rough processing hinders the actors from showing in front of the camera. They are captured and controlled by technology and become symbols that are too beautiful.

No money for domestic drama filters

An old friend of domestic dramas, the high-blur filters that are white to shiny and polished to no skin can be roughly divided into two schools.

Either "Legend of the New White Snake" and "East Palace", which polished the actors without a trace of wrinkles, or "I Only Like You", a dreamy soft light filter that wants to enhance the atmosphere but makes the audience's eyes hurt.

Even an old abbot in his 70s or 80s has unfortunately lost his wrinkles, his whole body is smooth like a goose egg (respect the actor himself very much, and he doesn't mean to complain about the goose egg).

TV dramas need a certain amount of illusion, but excessive filters have not traded for better results after sacrificing reality.

To a certain extent, actors are also victims of the filter and entertainment industry. The whitening, wrinkle-removing, and youthful photogenics bind them, making them difficult to break free from the frame, and then causing the "I" as the subject. Of depression.

Di Lieba's Analhan is not beautiful, but it impressed me the most. In subsequent works, her personal settings are more or less repeated. It would be great if she could break through the comfort zone and try more styles.

Domestic virtual idols can't escape the aesthetics of the filter, the skin is smooth without any wrinkles and freckles, and has a slight plastic texture.

▲ Ling, the virtual idol.

But the old dramas that people talk about so far don't pay much attention to filters, and the real texture on their faces can be seen under natural lighting.

Many domestic idol dramas (not all, not specified) have a set of fixed formulas, and actors are also a stylized object, including but not limited to cutouts, soft light filters, post-dubbing, and even plot routines and character settings The repetition rate is very high.

With a score of 3.1 on Douban, "Luo Fang Does Not Appreciate" has the alias of “cutting pictures without appreciation”. The leading actor Yang Ying was also ridiculed by netizens for “open mouth and stare and provide portrait rights”. In the play, she is just a beautiful but thin symbol, even though this beauty is also slightly horrified against the background of failed cutouts and large aperture blur.

In the current entertainment industry system, is there more imagination in the actor line? Can we see more natural and diverse presentations?

When actors become AI, beauty is more accessible?

If you follow the wind of the microdermabrasion filter, what will it be like to go to the extreme?

This may be the "AI-based actor". Compared with the filter, it is also a mask or painted skin, and the AI ​​actor can carry out the perfectionism to the end.

AI will derive two types of actors, one of which is an actor who authorizes others' appearance copyrights, such as the ridiculed "Gufang Doesn't Appreciate" above.

Tencent's S-level project "Qing Zan Xing" was broadcast forever because of the protagonist's imprisonment. But if the money is not reconciled, is it possible to broadcast it again by changing the face?

The answer is impossible. Actors are not willing to change their faces to bad artists. Moreover, although it is possible to change faces, the acting skills come from the person being changed. Deepfake, the most widely used AI face-changing model, is based on this principle. Taking Yang Mi and Zhu Yin's face change as an example, machine A fixes the facial features of the two, and machine B learns Zhu Yin's expression, that is, the position and movement path of the facial features muscles when they move.

In short, if the person being replaced has poor acting skills, then the replacement is for nothing.

Moreover, the face-swapping technology of TV dramas is costly and does not work well. Sister Qingqing, who has very few scenes in "Three Thousand Crows", has the same effect, let alone the protagonist who has a heavy role.

However, in the future, this kind of technology may be a new wealth code for traffic stars with good looks but young acting skills, and they can make a lot of money by relying on a face at home.

What provides them with acting support is another kind of actor derived from AI-an acting school who is responsible for performing behind the scenes but without showing up.

The part of Gollum in "Lord of the Rings" was completed by Andy Serkins, the "first man in motion capture". His rich expressions and crazy movements accurately presented the image of Gollum who was greedy, despicable, and tortured by the pain of the Lord of the Rings. This role has become a classic in the history of CG.

Later, Andy Serkis performed brilliantly in "King Kong", "Rise of the Apes" and "Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens". Motion capture technology is not only technical work, but also performance art. As a motion capture actor, he has not yet been recognized by the Oscars, but many fans affirm that he is "an actor owed by the Oscars."

When actors are divided into two types and connected using technology, it may lead to another possibility: beauty is no longer rare, and it will no longer be sold at sky-high prices.

The beautiful skin can flow freely, and then find someone with outstanding acting skills to cover it. This is a return to the supremacy of acting, but the premise is that the professional value of the actors behind the scenes can be directly affirmed.

There is an immortal face in the cyber world

Let us let go of our imagination, advanced technology can bring a new atmosphere in the show business, time is no longer the enemy of actors.

In Ang Lee's action science fiction movie "Twin Killers", government agent Henry is about to retire, only to find that he is being chased by a clone 23 years younger than him. In order to achieve this effect, Ang Lee uses motion capture special effects to exquisitely restore the face, allowing Will Smith to "rejuvenate". A young man with a "perfect 23-year-old skin" also contributed his own data to the clone.

What's more, CGI technology can bring actors back to life. The female star of the golden age of Hollywood appeared in Dior's real self advertisement through the later stage.

▲ Marilyn Monroe in the advertisement.

However, the image resetting of the deceased actors should be limited. Anton Ernst, director of "Looking for Jack", believes:

If an actor made it clear that he did not want to return to the big screen in this way, then you should not do it; if the content of the digital image remake will damage the actor's image, then you should not do it either.

But the dead actors have no time to express their wishes. If actors were alive, would they be willing to sign such a contract? The soft science fiction film "Future Science Conference" tries to explore this matter.

▲ Stills of Futurology Conference.

Actress Robin White starred in the film with her real name, this behavior itself may be a cross blend of illusion and reality. She faced a difficult decision: whether to sign the last contract of her acting career. This contract means that her real acting career will end, but her digital images will live forever in the company's display wall and movies in the digital age.

People will usher in a future that does not require actors to perform in person. Digitalization and CGI technology are true magicians.

Is such a purely digital blissful world what we want? Do you want the youth of the cyber world, or enjoy the same beautiful but unavoidable true face in a TV series?

When participating in the Golden Rooster Awards, 40+ actress Yong Mei said:

Don't fix my wrinkles, they are what I finally grow out. Age is not my enemy, my story is written on my face.

These remarks are not entirely about age anxiety, nor do I want to deny all efforts to maintain perfection. I just want to say that in the entertainment industry swept by girlishness and cold white skin, and even the larger Internet, Yongmei's speech is like a breeze, resisting the illusion of technology, and returning the original texture of the skin.

When technology is mass-producing some products and formulating some standards, it may make us lose a real world.

When we talk about technology, we are not against it, we often hope it is better. Just like human beings are always reluctant to admit that "mobile phones" are part of themselves, but at the same time they are increasingly inseparable from "mobile phones." Everyone likes beautiful skins, but its over-cutting is not popular.

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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