The golden phoenix hatched by the “Nanniwan Project”: How does Huawei wearable build cities and dig rivers?

At the beginning of Hongmeng, after the creation of the world, all things grow, vitality flourishes from this, and the ecology begins to take shape.

The electric wave between the mobile phone and the satellite is pulsating, the motor of Wenjie car is rotating, and the unit in the earphone is vibrating. All these moving things are the vitality of the ecology.

What can make the ecology move, maybe our heartbeat, pulse and breathing, are closely related to Huawei's wearable devices.

More and more Huawei mobile phones, watches and earphones are appearing together. This is certainly the charm of Hongmeng ecology, and of course it is also the self-struggle of hardware under the system ecology and software innovation.

Hardware, software, and system ecology are intertwined, forming a continuous vertical and horizontal network. This network can cover the needs of consumers, monitor sports data, and protect health status; it is also the moat of Huawei's wearable device ecology, which is different from other The manufacturer's single-point and single-line breakthrough; it is also an indispensable part of the entire Hongmeng ecology, creating a new ecological experience together.

Tian Zuo Chessboard Star Zuo Zi

Whether it is the Hongmeng ecology from zero to one, from one to ten, or the Mate 50 series equipped with sky-piercing technology, it all proves that if you follow the pace, you will fall behind, and you will have a chance if you dare to think and do it. Since you want to play a big game of chess, you must have the spirit of "heaven makes the chessboard, the stars are the sons".

Of course, the same is true for Huawei's wearable devices. The sky is the product matrix, and the stars are user needs. If we understand the stars, we will naturally understand the sky better.

What Huawei is facing is hundreds of millions of users and potential consumers ten times larger. Among them, there are a lot of needs, such as caring for family health, managing personal sports status, and some people hope to have a digital life on their wrists. Little assistant, some people hope that this little device can be as changeable and powerful as Transformers.

As a result, products with different strengths came one after another: HUAWEI WATCH series focuses on smart life, HUAWEI WATCH GT series focuses on all-around and sports health, HUAWEI WATCH D focuses on professional cardiovascular health, HUAWEI WATCH GT Cyber ​​and other products focus on fashion trends, and HUAWEI WATCH Buds focuses on 2-in-1 technology experience…

There are many products and many innovations. As a heavy wearable device released by Huawei at the end of 2022, HUAWEI WATCH Buds is a smart watch and a true wireless noise-cancelling headset. The evolution of the two-in-one product series) is also Huawei's new thinking on wearable products.

The shape innovation of HUAWEI WATCH Buds is not for showing off skills. It is smaller and more refined, but also more convenient. It does not distinguish between left and right ear design and direct linkage with the watch, so that the two-in-one can be used as one, and its function is greater than two.

This is naturally an unprecedented new form of product, but it is not the only time that Huawei has made form innovations in wearable devices.

HUAWEI WATCH GT Cyber, which was released earlier than HUAWEI WATCH Buds, made the joke of "technology based on shell replacement" a product feature. Thanks to the detachable design of the movement and case, users can change the case style at any time, and wear a watch with multiple effects.

The earlier lipstick headset HUAWEI FreeBuds Lipstick is also similar. The wireless headset with more obvious tool attributes has made a good fashion accessory attribute.

There is also the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro Collector's Edition that maximizes the attributes of accessories. The soul of its products comes from its materials and craftsmanship.

The obsidian black high-brightness nano-microcrystalline ceramics with a jade-like warm texture, although beautiful and hard, also have excellent skin-friendly properties. It takes several days of high-temperature calcination and high-precision polishing, and the unattractive nano-scale ceramic powder can Transform into a star on your wrist.

These are Huawei's form innovation and process innovation capabilities that have been ignored, but are actually hidden under the technical innovation capabilities.

Most of these equipment forms and material processes have no previous examples for reference, and all of them are pioneering work from zero to one. In essence, form innovation capabilities are innovations in consumer electronics design concepts and trends. Grasp, and independent pioneering spirit.

In the past two years, Huawei has launched the "Nanniwan Project". As the name suggests, this project aims to promote the spirit of revolutionary optimism and actively produce self-help under difficult conditions. As a result, we have seen that Huawei has made breakthroughs in smart screens, computers, tablets, wearables and other fields, and its automotive business is also making great strides. In the more B-side businesses such as coal, steel and ports, Huawei's presence is getting bigger and bigger. come more often.

The production self-rescue plan of the "Nanniwan Project" aims to grow strong crops in the fields, to have a bumper harvest, and to make ten warehouses rich when one warehouse is in trouble. When we see the results, we naturally also need to see the effort.

The list released by the China Enterprise Confederation shows that in 2021, Huawei will continue to rank first with 99,000 patents in the list of domestic enterprise invention patents, more than twice the number of second place. At the same time, last year, Huawei also ranked first among domestic companies with an R&D investment of 142.666 billion yuan, far behind the second place.

Form innovation and process innovation are visible to the naked eye. From these two dimensions, we can already see the difficulty and cost of hardware research and development of Huawei's wearable products. The cost of digging a river to build a city is enough to say that it is like reaching the stars.

For Huawei's wearable business, 2022 will undoubtedly be a year of continuous technological innovation. The release and hot sales of many star products also mean that Huawei's wearable business has successfully completed this production self-rescue plan. The task, becoming the golden phoenix hatched by the plan, is the result of no matter how hard it is to make a product, no matter how difficult it is to develop.

Earth as Pipa Road as Strings

Over the past few years, more and more people have begun to understand the importance of health data, from basic static heart rate, to dynamic and continuous heart rate, and blood oxygen saturation, etc.

Where does this health-related data come from, and where should it go? The golden phoenix hatched from the "Nanniwan Project" is not only full of hardware, but how can the software also fly high?

The second moat besides hardware: software platform innovation

This is the work on the other side of the coin corresponding to the hardware research and development that dares to think and do: software platform innovation.

The reason why software is the other side of hardware is that when it comes to sports and health data, it needs to be down-to-earth and down-to-earth; and it is also necessary to understand the principle of "going alone is fast, and everyone is going far". We must attach great importance to ecological partners and leverage Professional institutions that are deeply involved in this.

Essentially speaking, the core of a smart watch that focuses on health and sports functions is the sensor and the corresponding software algorithm. The more types of sensors, the higher the accuracy, and the more advanced the software algorithm, the more reliable the watch function will be.

Therefore, in order to reach the stars in the hardware, the software algorithm must be developed simultaneously, step by step, so we can see that in the past few years, Huawei's HUAWEI TruSeen ™ Achievements in health sign monitoring.

These achievements do not only exist in the laboratory, but have actually entered the hands of users around the world, including the European Union, which is known for its strict auditing. In September this year, Huawei's ECG App (Huawei's ECG analysis reminder software) obtained the EU CE MDR medical device certification, which means that HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro can enter the EU countries in a complete manner, providing consumers here with ECG measurement functions .

Here, the hardware is 1, and the software is followed by 0.

Huawei's continuous exploration in the field of health has continuously magnified the value of hardware. In addition to routine exercise monitoring and cardiovascular health monitoring, Huawei announced the launch of three major health research projects early on: innovative blood sugar research, respiratory health research, plateau health research .

Among them, blood sugar research has three technical paths: invasive, minimally invasive, and non-invasive. The final solution may realize minimally invasive or even non-invasive paths for innovative breakthroughs, making the risk screening and management of hyperglycemia more convenient and comfortable.

The product that can better reflect the pace of Huawei's software and hardware is HUAWEI WATCH D.

This watch solves the problem that "common blood pressure measurement methods cannot be monitored stably for a long time". Through hardware-level innovation, Huawei has inserted a micro-air pump the size of a dime into the watch, achieving a single-shot blood pressure measurement with medical-level accuracy. blood pressure measurement.

Behind this narrow balloon oscillometric blood pressure measurement algorithm is Huawei's 7-year technology accumulation and 80+ related patents, as well as more than 400,000 pieces of blood pressure data. The convenience felt by all consumers must be the countless "troubles" behind the research and development.

Of course, when we talk about the system software advantages of Huawei products, Hongmeng is often given priority. But for smart watch products, especially those that focus on sports and health functions, the ability and reliability in health monitoring are the most important.

This is not icing on the cake, but the real helping hand.

The third moat: ecological cooperation entering the deep water area

Also in Europe, at the European Society of Cardiology Annual Meeting (ESC 2022), the world's largest and most influential cardiovascular academic conference held in August this year, 301 Hospital released four heart health research projects in cooperation with Huawei. The latest research results prove the importance of digital mobile technology and smart wearable devices in early monitoring and management of arrhythmia symptoms such as atrial fibrillation, and also provide scientific evidence support for home management of chronic diseases in the cardiovascular field.

In the past, one of the problems faced by hospitals in conducting research was that the sample size was too small and the research data was insufficient. Wearable devices such as Huawei smart watches can help hospitals carry out various health researches with their massive quantities, low barriers to entry, and proven measurement accuracy.

In turn, the hospital's rigorous research can help Huawei's wearable devices obtain further certification from consumer electronics products for reference only to become medical-level data providers.

Huawei and 301 Hospital research shows that wearable devices and artificial intelligence technology can effectively reduce the risk of atrial fibrillation

The new research results of Huawei and 301 Hospital are also the landmark achievements of Huawei's ecological cooperation in the field of health entering the deep water area.

Atrial fibrillation and other cardiovascular diseases do not appear alone, but are closely related to other health signs. For example, the research of Huawei and 301 Hospital can identify the susceptibility of atrial fibrillation by monitoring the characteristics of blood pressure changes (such as 24-hour average blood pressure, etc.) The crowd; smart wearable devices help to screen for the risk of sleep apnea, and users with a higher risk of sleep apnea have a higher probability of developing high blood pressure and arrhythmia.

There are countless similar examples. At present, Huawei has cooperated with more than 80 research institutions around the world to carry out health research. The research topics cover heart health research, sleep apnea research, vascular health research, respiratory health research, and women's health research. etc. The wider the coverage of health research, the more people will benefit from the growth of ecological cooperation.

301 Hospital, Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Peking University First Hospital jointly launched a respiratory health study to identify the risk of lung infection, lung function assessment and COPD risk screening by wearing Huawei wearable devices. The first study in China to assess lung health through a wrist-worn device.

Since the Respiratory Health Research was launched in 2021, 350,000 users have joined the research, and more than 2,000 high-risk users have been screened out. Watch reminders help users detect and intervene in time for lung infections.

At present, more than 8 million users around the world have joined the HUAWEI Research research ecosystem. In this ecosystem, Huawei has established a full-chain platform from equipment and sensors, to research toolkits, to cloud and big data analysis, and users participate in it. Not only is it taking the initiative to carry out health management, but it is also contributing to health research.

It is difficult to make hardware, and it is even more difficult to make software and systems. The most difficult part is the ecology with many partners and numerous users, especially this ecology is also related to health.

If we say that hardware innovation requires self-confidence and imagination, then the innovation of software platforms and ecological cooperation requires humility and steadfastness. In the face of every data obtained, every heartbeat, every breath, and every pulse needs to be handled with a very prudent attitude, so as to tamp the ground and make the way clear.

Or we can make another analogy. If Huawei's wearable business is the golden phoenix hatched by the "Nanniwan Project", then software platform innovation and ecological cooperation in deep-water areas are the wings of the phoenix. The wider the wings, the more Huawei's wearable business can fly high.

Dotted all over the country, the road network is criss-cross, Huawei has drawn up the smart watch territory

From the perspective of competitors, Huawei may be the last opponent they want to meet.

Many manufacturers are good at surprise attacks, using innovation to fight for the probability of victory in a battle, but Huawei's combat method is often a frontal advance, a large depth, and a push-style combat.

After understanding this point, you will find an interesting phenomenon: It seems that Huawei’s consumer business is a collaborative battle model. Mobile phones, computers, headphones, watches, speakers, etc. 1+8+N massive devices are equipped with Hongmeng system, and the whole family bucket The form surrounds all aspects of the user's life; subdividing this 1+8+N, you will find that there is also Fenglin Volcano inside, presenting a systematic and deep array.

The same is true for Huawei's watches and wearables. After watching Huawei's innovations in hardware, software platforms, and ecological cooperation, a map of Huawei's smart watch products was quietly generated in my mind.

Compared with the one or two product line layouts of most other manufacturers in the field of smart watch products, Huawei's layout is undoubtedly the most in-depth.

Vertical refers to the layout of the product line; deep refers to innovation in three dimensions: hardware, software platform and ecological cooperation.

In the end, Huawei's products and innovations can be scattered all over the country, and the road network is vertical and horizontal, providing the most diverse and richest choices among all smart watch brands.

Zhang Wei, President of Smart Wearable and Sports Health Product Line of Huawei Terminal BG, once said a goal at the end of this year: In the future, Huawei wearable products will become health stewards for all people on their wrists. This shows that the positioning of Huawei's wearable devices must be popular on the one hand, professional on the other hand, and smart enough to do things.

Although Yu Chengdong said that Huawei mobile phones will finally come back to life in 2022, the blockade is still there, and it will take time for Huawei mobile phones to return to the peak. It has established its own business territory and strongly supported Huawei through difficult times.

The "Nanniwan Project" is not to cultivate delicate flowers in a greenhouse, but to protect the good and eliminate the bad. Only businesses that can stand the test of the market, have a good harvest, and can return can take the lead. The so-called phoenix bathed in fire, then nirvana, and finally became a phoenix.

In the past few years, the innovative functions of Huawei's wearable business and the achievements in the market have also been used to answer a question: when faced with unprecedented difficulties, how should a technology company solve the problem?

The answer is written in the sky, so we must have the spirit of "heaven makes a chessboard and stars make children" to do hardware innovation; the answer is also in the ground, so while looking up at the stars, we should be down-to-earth, meticulously adjust the software algorithm, and cherish it with our partners every piece of data.

The answer is also in the hands of thousands of consumers. Huawei's wearable products must be able to afford the huge number of Huawei mobile phones; Count every heartbeat and breath.

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