The Game Boy cassette in your drawer can finally come in handy

Today, when the Switch is on fire, I wonder if anyone still remembers its big brother: Game Boy.

The Game Boy is the first-generation handheld computer released by Nintendo in 1989. The white body, square screen, black arrow keys and red A and B keys are its most obvious features.

This is undoubtedly a very successful handheld computer. As of March 23, 2003, production was discontinued. The cumulative sales of the entire Game Boy series were 118.69 million units.

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After the Game Boy was discontinued for a long time, if you want to relive the childhood GameBoy game, I am afraid that there is only the emulator option, but nowadays, you may have a second choice.

Romanian startup Epilogue has just released an interesting gadget called "GB Operator", which allows your Mac or PC to successfully read your Game Boy cassette.

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Friends, you can take out all the cassettes at the bottom of the press box.

This is Epilogue's first product, with a transparent shell, a small body, and a width similar to the Game Boy cassette in your hand. On the back is a USB-C interface, you can connect it to your computer through this interface.

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This product is also very simple to use, just connect it to your computer, install the application, and then insert the Game Boy cassette. Not only supports Game Boy cassettes, Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advance cassettes are also compatible.

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Not only that, but the experience of GB Operator on the software is also very good. Start the game very quickly, and there is no problem of delay, screen tearing or freezing. Players can control the game character through the keyboard or an external controller.

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▲Picture from: Ryan Houlihan

In addition, GB Operator also supports archive entry. Since it runs through your computer, you can write different saves into your game.

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Some players may be worried about the copyright of the game, but in fact, you don't need to worry about this. After all, the game that GB Operator runs comes from the physical cassette in your hand.

The system even has a built-in cassette detection function, which can let you know whether the cassette you have kept for many years is a genuine cassette.

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The current price of GB Operator is US$49.99 (approximately 319 yuan) and will be shipped in August.

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