The future meeting room in the eyes of Microsoft: a new bridge between the digital and the physical world

Microsoft (Microsoft) released a video last Friday. This video shows Microsoft's vision for the meeting room of the future, which further embodies the concept of "hybrid work".

What is "mixed work"?

A year ago, due to the impact of the epidemic, Microsoft began to encourage employees to work from home. A year later, Microsoft found that 73% of the employees surveyed wanted to continue working remotely, so remote meetings will still be a major focus of their daily work.

The key to remote meetings is whether employees can work well together inside and outside the meeting room. Microsoft is studying different meeting configurations and technologies to build a more efficient and inclusive meeting room. Microsoft calls it It is the "hybrid meeting space" and named it-Microsoft Teams meeting room.

We assembled a team of researchers, engineers, and real estate and construction experts to provide prototypes for "hybrid meeting spaces" in our workplaces in Redmond, Washington.

▲Picture from: Microsoft

It can be seen in the video displayed by Microsoft that in addition to the conventional large screen, Microsoft has also added a variety of equipment to this "hybrid meeting space".

In traditional multi-person video conferences, if you want to communicate with a certain remote participant, you often need to use language to communicate, while Microsoft's "hybrid meeting space" can realize the communication between participants through a high-level camera. eye contact.

Not only that, Microsoft also added speakers that can send spatial audio in this meeting room, and even embedded a microphone matrix into the ceiling, allowing remote participants to hear exactly where the speaking employee is in the meeting room.

▲The camera in the Microsoft Teams meeting room, the picture comes from: Microsoft

According to Microsoft, the camera in the Microsoft Teams meeting room can also follow the current speaker to optimize the view and display personal information in the meeting minutes. In addition, functions such as real-time auxiliary subtitles, real-time transcription, and raising hands also provide non-verbal communication methods for participating employees, allowing employees to express their opinions without interrupting the speaker.

Through the combination of software and hardware, the Microsoft Teams meeting room can provide high-quality audio/video for attendees, helping everyone to be seen and heard, making the experience of this "hybrid meeting space" closer or even beyond traditional meeting room.

▲Picture from: Microsoft

Obviously, judging from the current situation, companies will retain the remote working mode for a long period of time. Therefore, the future working mode needs to be given great flexibility. What Microsoft wants to do is to connect the physical world and the digital world to create a new working model.

Kurt DelBene, Executive Vice President of Microsoft Strategy and Planning said:

Although we don't know when we will get back to normal, we are adapting to a new way of working and thus have a deeper understanding of flexibility.

The title picture comes from: Microsoft

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