The former Apple design soul speaks for the first time after leaving: this is the secret of Apple being more like “Apple”

I miss Steve very much, and I will always miss the silent but tacit days with him.

I miss Steve desperately and I will always miss not talking with him.

▲ Jony Ive and Steve Jobs. Picture from: appleinsider

This is the last sentence of Sir Jonathan Ive's commemorative essay in the Wall Street Journal on the tenth anniversary of the death of Steve Jobs.

And a few days ago, in an interview with Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of fashion magazine VOGUE, Sir Ivey, who had an old face but still had a magnetic voice, also mentioned “being close to each other and thinking” and said that “the most Great ideas always appear silently at this moment."

As a result, Jobs and Ivey joined forces for Apple and created many classic products for us, such as iPod, iPhone, Mac, iPad Pro and so on.

These seemingly ordinary consumer electronic devices have become an indispensable component of our lives. "We dare not imagine what our life would be like without them."

As for Ivy, Anna, known as "Nuclear Wintour", used many clauses to describe, "He is the god of design," "has a considerable sense of mystery," and "he can create extraordinary things with people first. ".

Indeed, Ivey is the former design director of Apple. Together with Jobs, he defined the "Apple" style product. Even if the logo is not needed, it is enough to distinguish it from the design style.

▲ Picture from: zimbio

The public interview between Anna and Ivey dates back to four years ago. It was also in Wired magazine. At that time, Ivey had not left Apple, had not founded LoveFrom, and had no new crown epidemic, it was just an ordinary Of the year.

▲ Jony Ive has now become the founder of LoveFrom.

At the moment, this year is worthy of "commemoration" for Apple, the 20th anniversary of the iPod’s listing, the 10th anniversary of the death of Jobs, and Ivey’s LoveFrom also has a clearer business…

The iPod has opened a new chapter, it is Apple’s first wearable device

The iPod came on the market 20 years ago, changing the way people listen to music in one fell swoop. Its trinity of hardware, services, and software has allowed Apple to use a small "brick" to shake the voice of the traditional record industry.

For Ivey, the iPod actually marked the beginning of Apple's creation of devices for the general public. In fact, before the advent of the iPod, the Macintosh was making computers gradually appear in the lives of ordinary people, but the positioning of the iPod was more precise.

When the iPod was born, it was only for Mac users. However, due to the surge in sales, especially non-Mac users, Apple had to add support for Windows PCs.

▲ iPods of the past generations.

In January 2004, the iPod almost dominated the American music player market, with sales reaching 10 million. The iPod has led a new consumer culture of digital music and has completely subverted the way people listen to music.

A study in the United States showed that the strong performance of the iPod, and the halo effect brought about, indirectly promoted Windows users to switch to Macintosh. Perhaps this is Apple's initial "ecological" power.

Twenty years have passed in the blink of an eye, and Ivey's British voice is still the same, but his memory of the iPod is still deep and clear.

"Twenty years ago, most consumer electronics products tended to be very random in materials and designs. We wanted to design something that was unique and rigorous."

"Including the earphones and the body are counted as a whole system, adopting a unified design language." "We have developed a combination of multiple materials, made of stainless steel frame and double-layer plastic, and have also made many choices in color. "

▲ iPod. Picture from: Business Insider

This unique design made the iPod quickly become an "icon" after it came out and be remembered, without the need to add a huge logo and company name to the product. From a distance, the white headphones and white body are the iPod.

"So, the iPod that leads a culture is a personal device, and people have worn it. It is Apple's first wearable device."

For Ivey, who wants to use design to create a "logo", it seems that he has a certain obsession with going to Logo.

Just like Ivey has always been opposed to setting up a souvenir shop for Apple Park so that tourists can buy mugs with the Apple logo. Although Ivey smiled and answered "No" when facing Anna's question, he still felt Ivey's unique thinking and choice about his design.

No matter how the form changes, wearable devices in the future will definitely be more private

"Technology is becoming more humane and moving towards the general public." Apple has been working towards this goal since the 1970s. "Twenty years ago, the iPod was a very important symbol," and the current symbol is Apple Watch.

▲ Apple Watch and iPod nano. Picture from: cnet

Microelectronics technology continues to evolve, and the computing power of consumer electronic devices has become stronger and smaller in size, making it possible to easily "wear". More importantly, these electronic devices have become more "close" to us.

Different from the iPhone, the Apple Watch, which is active on the wrist, is always in contact with our skin and continuously acquires our physical condition through sensors. It is not so much more intimate, it is actually more "private".

▲ Valve developers wear OpenBCI equipment for testing.

As for the future of wearable devices, Ivey even bluntly said that some products in the "future" will "disappear under our skin", which means "silicon-carbon based".

"I can't think of any device that is more humane, more specific, and more intimate than its form", but Ivey also put forward a major premise, that is, we still exist as carbon-based materials, and the whole world still stays. In reality.

At this time, we still need eyes, hands and feet to move, but we want to "transcend" the boundaries of our own body, and future wearable devices have such a purpose.

Ivey’s words reminded me of the movie "upgrade", and now the brain-computer interface is gradually advancing forward, as if the appearance of such nano-chip-level wearable devices is tomorrow. The only question is, who will come first?

▲ Upgrade.

In addition, Anna also revealed that when Ivey was still at Apple, the challenge for Apple Watch was to make it smaller, but from the trend of Apple Watch Series 6, Series 7, it actually became more complicated (blood oxygen function). ) And stronger, possibly lighter and thinner will be the main upgrade points of Series 8?

Jobs’ ubiquitous curiosity affects me throughout my life

After Steve Jobs regained the banner of Apple in 1997, Ivey got the opportunity to show his talents and made Apple more like "Apple" together with Jobs.

"We have worked together for nearly 15 years. We spent most of our time having lunch together and spending time in the design studio together. It was the happiest, most creative, and happiest time in my life. I like Steve to watch The way of the world."

The impressions and memories of Jobs are not based on "achievements" and "products created", but "working methods" and "values", or Jobs' "three views".

As time passed, when talking about Jobs again in public, Ivey emphasized that "(10 years after Jobs passed away), I have never seen anyone more curious than Steve."

And Jobs's way of working and thinking is also related to curiosity. "He has been questioning that he is not restricted by secular dogma."

This is also the reason why Jobs was able to quickly release a series of revolutionary products after returning to Apple to bring Apple back to the forefront. He created the Mac, which triggered the revolution of personal computers; created the iPod, which subverted the way the masses listen to music; created the iPhone, which redefines the smart phone.

After his success, Jobs was not distracted by money and power, he remained independent, always maintained "child-like curiosity," still found and questioned, and had a strong determination.

▲ Jobs. Picture from: UX Planet

These qualities of Jobs have been affecting Ivey's way of thinking during and after his lifetime. When he was at Apple, Ivey "cared very much about Jobs' attitude and thoughts."

The LoveFrom created by leaving Apple was also deeply inspired by Jobs. "He firmly believes that by doing useful, powerful, and beautiful things, we can express our love for mankind."

Several main businesses of LoveFrom

After working at Apple for nearly 30 years, Ivey stated that “it’s time to change the working relationship with Apple” from employment to Party A and Party B.

Ivey’s newly established LoveFrom still serves Apple, and there are rumors that Ivey is involved in the design of the new iMac. But specifically, there is no specific information on the level of participation of LoveFrom.

▲ The new MacBook Pro 16 with M1 Max chip.

In addition, the "retro" design brought on the new MacBook Pro 14 and 16 is also considered by the industry to be a symbol of Apple's shift from "Ivey" to pragmatism. There are different opinions.

However, a generation of products often needs to be deployed several years in advance. It is difficult to say that Ivey's current stay will affect the product orientation a few years ago. Some of the shortcomings of the old MacBook Pro and the "return" of the new MacBook Pro are more like a company-level strategy adjustment.

After several years of product iteration and the advent of M series processors, Apple finally gave a Pro-level solution.

In the interview, Ivey talked about LoveFrom. His words are full of "ideals." It is a tribute to Jobs, "When you create something, you need to be full of love." It is also a collection of diversification and extraordinary creativity.

As the LoveFrom official website wrote, "We are designers, architects, engineers, writers, mathematicians, musicians, and filmmakers. We create and invent with our passion and love."

Speaking of this, Ivey also listed in "detail" several types of "businesses" that LoveFrom is doing.

▲ A photo of Jony Ive with Countach at an event in 2019. Picture from: The New York Times

The first is to cooperate with executives and founders of giant companies, such as Airbnb, Apple, Amazon, Emerson (founded by Emerson Collective Jobs widow Lauren Jobs) and the recently announced Ferrari, covering a wide range of companies.

It's just that "the current value can't be reflected." They are more like a long-term relationship. Ivey said it will take five years to have an effect.

▲ Moncler down jacket.

The second category is "design" the bank. But the project I took is purely for love and happiness, and ideals are paramount.

Just like LoveFrom's "diversified" team, the design projects are also quite diverse, from the urban garden system, to the Moncler down jacket, to the environmental protection project of Prince Charles' Terra Carta.

▲ Jony Ive and Prince Charles.

When talking about the cooperation between LoveFrom and Moncler, Anna, who has a keen sense of fashion, is not sleepy at the moment, and said that she "likes Moncler very much" and looks forward to this project.

"Whether our work is direct or indirect, we all want to contribute to the crisis facing the world."

▲ Marc Newson (pictured left) and Jony Ive (pictured right), the founders of LoveFrom. Picture from: Macg

Although LoveFrom was established less than a year ago, Ivey already has a five-year plan in mind, and the company's business is proceeding in an orderly manner. And we will continue to see the magical things that LoveFrom creates based on love.

This video interview with VOGUE editor-in-chief Anna Wintour (Anna Wintour) should be Ivey's first public appearance since the founding of LoveFrom.

Different from Anna’s always curled head and sunglasses, apart from her voice, the vicissitudes of Ivey’s face are quite different from the image a few years ago. Hardship" (false).

But even in this state, when Ivey talked about Jobs and the newly created LoveFrom, his eyes were still shining, and in his words, he always emphasized that he was often affected by Jobs' actions, including in the design. , When establishing LoveFrom, and when raising children.

In Ivey’s eyes, Apple has already completed the wearability of the device on the iPod, and the concept of "wearable" is not determined by the product form, but by us. We are willing to maintain a kind of intimacy with the device. When it comes to the relationship, any device is considered wearable.

In the past, Apple’s Ivey has designed many classics to make Apple more like "Apple", but there are also some "controversies" that are too idealistic. And now, Ivey of LoveFrom is still pursuing idealization, but this time his energy is no longer limited to Apple, but to his "fun and love".

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