The flower fairy purple from iris is the summer special of OPPO

Color can quickly arouse people's emotional resonance.

American professional color paint company Benjamin Moore (Benjamin Moore) proposed when releasing the 2022 Color of the Year:

Just as the green stem of a plant connects all colors, we also need a color, a color that connects all external colors, including our emotions, one by one, transforming the individual into a living whole.

The same is true of OPPO's consistent color design philosophy. While enriching products with different colors, it also constantly endows products with corresponding emotions and vitality.

On the Reno series, which represents the avant-garde trend, OPPO designers are also very good at using color to complement cutting-edge technology to bring beautiful natural scenery to the fuselage.

Recently, OPPO brought a customized purple tone belonging to the Reno8 series as scheduled. On the back of the fuselage between square inches, there is a large sea of ​​purple irises hidden.

This purple impression comes from the iris

As you can see, after seeing the tone and texture on the back of the fuselage, it's not hard to guess that the OPPO designers were inspired by purple irises when they designed the purple Reno8 Pro.

According to the interpretation of the language of flowers, the beautiful purple iris means love and elegance:

Iris may seem delicate, but it can always grow freely in the sun, blooming freely, showing the growth and strength of natural colors.

After determining this elegant purple tone with a mysterious mood, and the natural landscape that you want to present, the next work of breaking the game will be handed over to the process engineer.

In order to place the three-dimensional iris sea on the flat back cover of the mobile phone, the OPPO CMF team adopted the LDI lithography process this time.

Specifically, the designed petal pattern is controlled to micron-level precision, and the flowing texture is staggered on the double-layer hot forging material.

OPPO told us that this should be the first time in the industry to implement this process on special-shaped materials.

After the superposition of multiple layers of textures, Reno8 Pro iris purple will show a visual experience of light and shadow flow and color changes when changing different angles, creating a three-dimensional flow like a sea of ​​iris flowers being blown by the summer breeze .

This looming iris petal-like ripple also means that the designer successfully brought the "purple iris in full bloom" to the back of the Reno8 Pro.

The sparkling texture is as if the morning dew has not yet dissipated. The brightening coating further enhances the brightness of the backplane, and the flowing petals of light and shadow are more dreamy.

Based on this effect, OPPO named this process result "Flower Shadow Lamination Process".

Perhaps, "Flower Immortal Purple" is another name more suitable for it.

Why is it absolutely neutral purple?

Purple is an absolute neutral color. It is a combination of warm reds and cool blues.

Artists and fashion also love purple, adding romance and gender equality to it.

This color charm makes purple not only loved by female users, but also sought after by many male users.

Just like PANTONE's 2022 annual representative color, "Very Peri" periwinkle blue , which is biased towards mysterious blue-purple, was also selected.

This is a brand-new color system, with blue characteristics, but also retains the tone of purple red, blending and synthesizing the color inclined to lavender, giving people a feeling of vitality and healing.

It represents anticipation for the future, emphasizing that even with unprecedented changes in life, we should not be stagnant because of its impact, but should embrace all possibilities. This new color system also has the meaning of inspiring everyone to look forward to the future with a new perspective.

It is precisely because purple has long represented high taste, and modernity is a color that conveys originality and vision. It is introverted but full of personality, majestic and dignified but dares to break the rules. Therefore, the OPPO CMF team has long been in love with purple, which is why It is not difficult to understand.

The deep relationship between OPPO and purple can be traced back to the magic purple of the first "smile mobile phone" A103 released in May 2008.

After turning to the era of smartphones, the color of purple is still insisted by OPPO. It has successively launched purple versions of models on R15, RenoZ, Reno4, and Reno6, but each product has different pursuits in terms of color and craftsmanship. .

From the feature phone era of A103 to the Reno series of smartphones, OPPO's purple color orientation is a process of change from niche to mass.

When purple has more changing features, the target user groups it can cover will gradually spread.

With the continuous change of the fuselage process, OPPO began to experiment with gradient color processing on the R15. Later, supplemented by the crystal diamond process pioneered by the Reno series, it was able to reshape the neutral and noble style of purple – while satisfying the user's personality, It also needs to be calm and restrained; it can not only show the elegant and intellectual side of women, but also meet the diverse side of men to break the dullness.

OPPO designers not only want to grasp the pulse of the trend, but also through the expression of details and color matching, to achieve a clever "balance" between color needs.

Counting carefully, the iris purple of Reno8 Pro is already the seventh purple mobile phone of OPPO, and it is still writing the chapter of purple design belonging to OPPO with imaginative and innovative thinking.

Perceptual color expression, based on rational process iteration

The change of perception in visual communication stems from the improvement of perceptual aesthetics, and also from the upgrading of rational craftsmanship.

Just like the purple snail dye from the ancient Mediterranean, to the accidental birth of aniline violet organic dye in modern times, the difficult upgrading and mass production of purple dye technology have always served the human visual senses.

▲ The discovery of the first synthetic dye aniline purple, image source

The natural design is common in OPPO's Reno series. The cutting-edge exploration of appearance technology is precisely to meet the needs of designers based on this expression.

For example, the R15 Star Purple, jointly designed by OPPO and color master Karim Rashid, uses a layered streamer stippling process to restore the "Trifoliate Nebula" of the Sagittarius constellation; Reno Z Star Purple uses a condensing light gradient process to depict the aurora Stars; Reno4 taro purple, using crystal diamond technology, reproduces the sparkling effect similar to eye makeup; Reno6 star purple, using crystal diamond technology 3.0, creating a dreamy scene of dawn and dusk in the clear summer sea .

When it comes to the latest Reno8 Pro iris purple, OPPO brings the latest flower shadow stacking process, which gives the petal texture a sense of depth and change ability, and shows us a vivid purple iris flower sea in three dimensions.

The dual characteristics of purple calm and vitality are well displayed, which is the embodiment of the profound color application and understanding ability of the OPPO CMF team, and it is also a benign combination of new colors and new processes, trying to arouse people's emotional resonance for iris purple.

On the whole, OPPO's interpretation of purple is still changing with the times. It is good at changing the way of color expression, maintains creativity and love, and brings an upgraded experience in perceptual look and feel. What has not changed is the precise control of the pulse of the trend, and always walking at the forefront of technological design exploration, always showing a good design taste.

Reno8 Pro Iris Purple is indeed the latest achievement of OPPO CMF, and it is a romantic special note prepared for this summer.

With the family-style design advantages of the integrated streamlined body and camera module implemented by the Reno8 series, the Reno series can continue to pursue the ultra-thin and fashionable trend, continue OPPO's unique design concept and aesthetic style, and satisfy us The need for perceptual aesthetics and emotional expression.

This vibrant iris purple belongs to this summer and also to you.

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