The “flagship killer” OnePlus is back

When OnePlus Ace Pro announced the price, the barrage shouted "All stand up, the price is fragrant".

What everyone is surprised is not just a low price, but that OnePlus products have such a price. Before the press conference, I was deeply impressed by the performance, design and experience of the OnePlus Ace Pro, and I also estimated a price in my heart.

However, when the price was announced, it was still far below my psychological expectations. Like most people, I called out the "true fragrance price", and after the launch, the sales of OnePlus Ace Pro exceeded 100 million in one second. reality. After all, OnePlus, which has been deeply engaged in the high-end market before, has a high absolute price of its products, especially the high-profile product line.

The OnePlus Ace Pro at the price of 3,000 or 4,000 has really broken this impression, especially in the current environment of general price increases, such a positioning has the meaning of the return of OnePlus' early "flagship killer".

From "no internal taste" to shouting "spooky food", it is not the low price that makes people turn their opinions on it. Under the mature domestic mobile phone industry chain, it is not difficult to make the product "low price".

▲ OnePlus Ace Pro and OnePlus 10 Pro

What is difficult is how to launch a boutique that surpasses the same category within a limited price range, and also can interpret the characteristics of the brand.

OnePlus Ace Pro, "kill the game"

When the team is only two points ahead, and the opponent's offense is one after the other, and you hit a three-pointer under pressure, turn around and leave the credit, this is "killing the game."

Of course, the current mobile phone market is a long track, and there is no such thing as the last minute, but at each stage, it also staged various "races" all the time.

At the moment, the emergence of OnePlus Ace Pro has literally "killed the game".

In terms of hardware, OnePlus Ace Pro is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, TSMC's 4nm process, which allows it to have a higher peak performance output, and with a large area of ​​5177mm² VC heat dissipation, it is more durable.

These piles are only the bottom line for OnePlus Ace Pro. The real "killer level" lies in two aspects. On the one hand, it is the popularity of 16GB RAM and the optimization of the game experience, and on the other hand, it is the material and design of the fuselage.

As early as when we experienced OnePlus Ace, the performance of "Genshin Impact" left a deep impression on us. Even if it is equipped with the Dimensity 8100 Max mobile platform, with the OnePlus HyperBoost frame stabilization technology, the average 55fps was tested in one hour. up and down.

On the OnePlus Ace Pro, with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 and HyperBoost, the frame rate almost ran to full frame (59fps), which is a height that other products can't reach.

In addition, in the national-level mobile game "Honor of Kings", OnePlus Ace Pro is also one of the very few devices that supports high frame rate (120fps) and high image quality at the same time. And in the game, whether it is the 5v5 Fenglong Group or the 5v5 Guardian Crystal, its frame rate has almost no fluctuations.

The violent performance, coupled with the configuration of 16GB RAM, can switch back to the game process "losslessly" even if it is interrupted by work requirements, without being "sanctioned" by the system's aggressive background cleanup mechanism.

At the same time, in order to enhance the multi-dimensional sensory experience of the game, OnePlus Ace Pro also added some "kill" feedback to the game menu, bringing sensory pleasure with the help of linear motors and screen light effects.

It can be said that after the experience, the OnePlus Ace Pro has become a stable upward scoring tool.

In the past, mobile phones that focus on performance games generally have a more flamboyant appearance and cool mobile phones will have a better mobile gaming experience. There is quite a personal expression.

But a smartphone is not only a use case of "mobile games", it also needs to play other roles, and we need it to have a low-key and restrained skin.

The design of OnePlus Ace Pro is "exquisite" style. The texture of the "Qingwu" in our hands is close to the warm feel of ceramics, and visually, the application of integrated curves, and the "green glaze glass process" make OnePlus Ace Pro look like a natural jade. .

The restrained appearance and violent performance are almost the precise interpretation of "suit thugs". And this is the fundamental reason why OnePlus Ace Pro can "kill the game" in a sea of ​​machines.

Why "suit thugs"

OnePlus' early products gave the impression of extreme performance and unique design. It developed to OnePlus 6. OnePlus used the word "suit thug" to make a summary, and the word appeared with the mobile phone. the "atmosphere".

The temperament of the product itself is composed of different details, from the persistence of the first generation of OnePlus, to the development of OnePlus' control of all aspects of the fuselage design, such as materials, curves, and edge polishing of the fuselage, etc., and finally Converging on the product, it is the "low-key gorgeous" that appears in every gesture.

This is more about the appearance of the product, and the inner temperament is just the opposite, which needs to be high-profile and violent.

▲ One plus 6

The speed flagship of OnePlus 3T, the full-speed flagship of OnePlus 6, and the strong and more enjoyable OnePlus 7, emphasizing that "speed" has always been the focus of OnePlus products.

And speed, on the product is more like strong performance and smooth response. From the initial hardware configuration, through the technical breakthrough, some unique functions have been introduced to improve the user experience.

OnePlus has also continuously built products around this characteristic, and with limited products, it has won the reputation of the market at home and abroad, and has a very deep methodology on how to make products well.

On this basis, a sincere price is brought, and the impression is quite deep, so that the user perception of OnePlus' "flagship killer" is gradually formed.

Starting with the OnePlus 7 Pro, the OnePlus digital series has begun to aim at the high-end flagship.

▲ OnePlus 7 Pro

In the past few days, many new users have also gained a new understanding of the OnePlus brand.

In contrast, after the full-scale high-end, the price of OnePlus products has also risen, and when the user group is expanding, there is also a voice that "OnePlus has become more expensive, and it is no longer a flagship killer." Some users who were once attracted by the "flagship killer" positioning are also gradually losing.

This node lies in the emergence of OnePlus' Pro product line. The all-round product and relatively high price have not been able to attract users who used to have limited budgets but loved the "flagship killer". In the market in the 2K~4K price range, many consumers are still eager to have "flagship killer" products, with decent performance and design, and at the price of the flagship.

The OnePlus Ace series is built on this part of the demand.

This is especially true of the OnePlus Ace Pro. Its characteristics are extremely distinctive. It has the shadow of the early products of OnePlus. It spares no effort to squeeze the performance of the processor, and cooperates with its unique technical advantages to stably exert it. The appearance is unique in design details. And the material expresses the "temperament" of the product.

This also gave me a feeling of "everything is back" after experiencing the OnePlus Ace Pro.

That one plus is back

In the first half of this year, when OnePlus just launched the Ace series, we will see some voices saying that they cannot understand OnePlus' product strategy. Looking back now, it may be because the product line of OnePlus is still in the early stage of adjustment, and the product positioning is not so clear.

But after more than half a year of adjustment to OnePlus Ace Pro, we can see that OnePlus' ideas for product layout and brand play have taken shape. Li Jie, President of OnePlus China, also mentioned in the interview that OnePlus has gradually clarified its product and brand strategy during this time, and next year, everyone will see the changes of OnePlus more clearly.

Relatively speaking, whether it is the high-end flagship digital series or the Ace series, OnePlus' products this year are all "suit thugs".

However, due to the different pricing ranges, the products also have some similarities and differences in focus. In short, the Ace series is more familiar to early users, while the digital series is a strong competitor in the high-end market.

The Ace series mainly focuses on performance and design. The goal is to be the "flagship killer" in the mid-to-high-end market, bringing performance and user experience far beyond products in the same price range at a more sincere price.

▲ OnePlus Ace Pro and OnePlus 10 Pro

The OnePlus digital series, while focusing on performance, will also present the latest OnePlus technology, as well as Hasselblad's imaging system, a real all-round product.

Through the digital flagship series and Ace series, OnePlus covers a considerable part of the market range from 2K to 6K, forming a complete product matrix to attack a larger market share and bring better and better OnePlus to more users idiosyncratic product.

The unified core of "suit thugs" is actually highlighting the brand's impression to the deeper market, just like when you see red, you think of Ferrari, and when you see orange, you think of Lamborghini. It can also arouse people's recognition of the brand without the need for a logo. Know.

Last year was the beginning of OnePlus' adjustment, and this year is the gradual implementation of OnePlus' adjustment. In the past two years, there have been two kinds of voices in the market. One is the "really fragrant" brought by the Ace series, and the other is that OnePlus has lost its former light.

No matter what kind of sound, in the final analysis, it is due to the product itself. Just like after the launch of OnePlus Ace Pro, many old users sighed "why didn't it come out earlier".

OnePlus Ace Pro has successfully reversed the reputation of some users through the ultimate performance experience, detailed body design, and a price full of surprises.

The result of the reversal is actually due to the products with OnePlus's characteristics, and it is also that OnePlus has strengthened the brand core of "suit thugs".

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