The flagship has more than one side! Comprehensive, live up to a good trip

When traffic jams become more frequent and parking becomes more and more difficult, light and comfortable two-wheeled electric vehicles are beginning to be chosen by more people.

According to statistics from the China Automobile Association, as of 2022, the social ownership of two-wheeled electric vehicles in China is 350 million. As one of the most commonly used vehicles for public travel, electric two-wheeled vehicles have also been put forward higher and higher requirements by the market: they must not only run far, but also look good, and sit comfortably.

"I want both" and I want both, so why should I?

Low-key Yardi, high-key muscle show

At the end of March 2023, Yadea released three super-flagship new products, Yadi GN Discovery X7, Yadi GN Luxury Q9 and Yadi GN Modern, which achieved a leap in battery life, appearance, experience, etc., redefining the High-quality long-range electric vehicles.

▲Yardi GN Explorer X7

Among them, Yadea GN Explorer X7 is equipped with the world-leading TTFAR 5.0 GT range extender system. The system consists of four parts: TTFAR graphene 3rd generation Plus battery, TTFAR smart temperature sensor charger, TTFAR PRO motor, and TTFAR lightning controller.

As the top priority of the "Four Electrics", the Yadea TTFAR PRO motor power has been upgraded to 1200W, the maximum torque has reached 105N.m, and the torque has been increased by 10%.

Strong power also needs to be matched with the "brain" with strong control power – TTFAR lightning controller, with new throttle control and algorithm tuning, fast speed increase without jumping up, new "TTFAR extended range mode" and "SPORT power mode", Provide users with the best solution that balances power and mileage.

In addition, Yadea's first TTFAR graphene 3rd generation Plus battery uses graphene raw materials and a new high-activity super-large grid design. Under the same volume, the battery capacity is 30% higher than that of ordinary lead-acid batteries, matching TTFAR smart temperature-sensitive chargers , can independently detect the internal and external environment, while ensuring that the battery is fully charged in winter and not fully charged in summer, it also protects the charger itself from overheating damage and achieves a longer battery life. In terms of battery warranty, Yadea has also created a precedent in the industry for 24 months from the date of purchase.

▲ Yadea Crown Neng enjoys luxury Q9

Such a powerful performance has also been fully released on the "retro car" Yadi Guanneng Luxury Q9. The same TTFAR graphene 3rd generation Plus battery and TTFAR smart temperature-sensing charger ensure longer life, larger capacity and longer battery life.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the breakthrough in performance, Yadea GN's flagship new product also highlights the leadership of quality life, fashion and cool. Among them, Yadea GN Luxury Q9 and Yadea GN Modern have integrated the industry's original retro aesthetics, leading the industry's trendy design with neo-retroism. Machine, bring all-round comfortable riding experience.

▲Yardi GN Modern

So many breakthrough technologies and innovations in aesthetic craftsmanship are inseparable from Yardi's unremitting pursuit of independent research and development and industry-leading research and development investment over the years. According to the 2022 annual report, Yadea's research and development expenses in 2022 will increase by 31.1% year-on-year, and it has 2 national-level CNAS laboratories, 6 technology research and development centers, 1 national-level industrial design center and 1,890 patents. research and development strength.

True technology, good product

Yadea, whose hard power has reached a new level, has a higher ideal – to use technology that is one step faster than others to make good products more universal.

▲The media tried to ride Yadea Crown Neng Luxury Q9

On April 25, the author was invited into the Wuxi headquarters of Yadea Group and tried riding these three "super flagship" models in person.

The first test ride is the Yadea Grand Neng Luxury Q9. In the author’s opinion, it is the product that Yadi interprets the word “flagship” to the extreme. The industry’s first UX premium technology brings a sense of The comfortable experience in the cloud, the original "Cloud Sponge Foam Seat Cushion" retains a certain degree of support, and there will be no frequent shaking or large-scale frustration when passing the speed bump, and it is very comfortable for long-term riding.

▲Cloud sponge foam seat cushion

Yadi Guanneng Modern is also equipped with UX premium technology. The inconspicuous "small seat cushion" gives the same comfortable sitting feeling, and the details of literature and art also add a lot to this "modern fashion". The Yadea GN X7 is relatively pure, focusing on functional sports, fully embodying the ultimate power of the TTFAR PRO motor, suitable for speed players.

▲Zhang Biao, Dean of Yadea Technology Group Product Technology Research Institute

At the end of the event, Director Zhang Biao of Yadea Technology Group Product Technology Research Institute introduced to the author: "In the past, many families may have one car per family, but now many families may have two or three cars… In the future, we will develop The space should be very large."

Seeing the future with the flagship, the continuous evolution of the Yadea GN series is not only a refresh of the flagship standard of Yadea, but also a full-dimensional reshaping of the industry's technological innovation, performance breakthrough, and aesthetic leadership. It is believed that with the support of the brand-new "Power of GN", Yadea will accelerate innovation in categories and products, give back to the society with more happy products and services, and let hundreds of millions of people enjoy beautiful travel.

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