The first Taobao Sand Sculpture Day is here, and my source of happiness is spraying

The "sand sculptures" are cool for a while, and the "sand sculptures" are always cool. When someone publishes the "sand sculptures" stories on a regular basis every month, it is cool.

Taobao, a platform that is good at making festivals, customizes the 23rd of each month as the "Taobao Sand Sculpture Festival". It also stated that it will send a period of "Taobao Sand Sculpture Stories" every month, and the level of confusion is as high as the "Annual" Top Ten Sand Sculpture News."

However, in Taobao, "sand sculpture jokes" between various buyers and sellers are indeed common.

When taking a nap in class and catching fish at work, those weird jokes began to "viralize" in the group, some made people laugh soberly, some made people so embarrassed.

At the end of May, the new issue of "Taobao Sand Sculpture Story" is here again .

"Taobao Sand Sculpture Day" is here again

This issue of "Taobao Sand Sculpture Stories" was broadcast by the three generations of deer people and Taobao, the host of the up of station B. Many people pay attention to the three generations of deer people because he was a professional householder who collected "sand sculptures" news before.

The two parties worked together, and for a while, they couldn't tell who was the "sand sculpture."

They will focus on four pieces of sand sculpture news in the new issue of the video.

One is the "wool felt duck" that has been searched hot before. The furthest distance between the seller's show and the buyer's show is undoubtedly evident on this duck.

Its seller show is like this: pale yellow soles, fluffy white hair, gleaming warm and gentle in the sun.

The infinitely beautiful picture has attracted all kinds of craft lovers and other people.

However, the buyer show is like this:

The dirty braided girl duck, the Dick cowboy rock duck, and all kinds of strange ducks that cannot be named are all used by buyers with free-play stitches to poke ugly ducks that break through the aesthetics of nature.

Another "sand sculpture story" comes from the "fighting" between buyers and sellers in the evaluation area.

The seller’s reply to the buyer’s message broke the politeness of traditional sellers, and went back directly with true feelings.

When the buyer commented on the taste of the food as "not very delicious", the seller replied: "Nonsense."

The buyer commented that "This is the second time I bought it, and I don't have the energy to chew." The seller replied: "It's really time to put you in a group with the others who can't chew, and let you guys stand up to each other."

When customers feel a little tired after eating too much:

This true temperament seller has developed a unique way, and even attracted buyers to deliberately give negative reviews, only to be scolded by the seller. I believe that this seller regrets it at this time, and I don’t know how fast he can speak for a while. At this time, he should cry or should. laugh.

The third "Sand Sculpture News" comes from a shop on Taobao that claims "professional hand-painted customization".

This "professional hand-painted" may be changed to "professional sand-sculpture hand-painted" to be more honest. The shop owner may also know that the risk of customer dissatisfaction is relatively high, and directly declare on the page:

The store’s hand-painted works are also printed on mobile phone cases for sale. Buyers pass photos of their own cats, dogs, colleagues and friends to the seller, trying to make themselves and others reap the joy of "sand sculptures".

The comment area is also a voice of praise:

The last "Sand Sculpture Story" came from a master who tried to understand the world of dogs. He bought a "Dictionary of Dog Language" on Taobao. After studying dog language hard, the owner said: "I still can't noisy my own puppy. ".

In addition to the "Sand Sculpture Stories" broadcast by the four key announcements, Taobao is still scrolling through the latest "Sand Sculpture News":

  1. Netizens took Fengyoujing and beer bottles on Taobao live appraisal. Experts said: The probability of real jade is very low.
  2. The man often asks the shopkeeper if there are any 300-100 activities. The shopkeeper asks where the news is. Man: I made it up.
  3. Mr. Zhong bought a giant spider to avenge the cockroach that scared him, but he cried again after receiving the goods.
  4. The Taobao floor mat shop was complained because the buyer thought it was a cutting board and the cut vegetables were too soft.
  5. Xiao Li spent 20 yuan to buy the service of "heavy money for a child". After payment, the customer service sent two words: mother.
  6. Lin Gengxin has the same Greek goddess shawl, the sales volume is 1, netizens: he suspects that he bought it himself.
  7. The court issued a notice to catch Lao Lai live on Taobao, who moved away overnight, and the live broadcast changed to visit his home.
  8. A Taobao seller “undercover” colleges and universities across the country collects dormitory power for only 35 yuan of hair dryers.
  9. Taobao shouted under Xiaomi's official Weibo on the day of Tanabata: loneliness and loneliness. Xiaomi replied: Are you OK?
  10. A woman in Beijing reported her boss' workplace pua: When 35 colleagues called her Taobao ID-"Bingqing Guoguoer".
  11. The graduate student found someone to guide the revision of the paper on Taobao, and finally found out that it was his supervisor.
  12. Xiao Wang bought a 7-day dog ​​training course on Taobao. He left a message saying: The dog got up overnight after learning and made three dishes and one soup.
  13. The man asks questions all year round on products with a unit price of 50 yuan: "Does it affect me to drive a Maserati?", it turns out that he really has a Maserati.
  14. Many people sent photos of their boyfriends when Taobao organized the Ugly Thing Contest.
  15. The woman works as a sleeper at Taobao because she suffers from insomnia all the year round and is free at night.
  16. After Yang Mengen lost his denim jacket, he searched "Yang Mengen Same Style" and bought the same style on Taobao.
  17. "10 Ways to Make Moms Angry" ranked first in Taobao's parent-child bestsellers, and the second place was "How to Beat Children".
  18. The buyer urged the shopkeeper to ship the goods for 5 consecutive days. The shopkeeper: You did not pay. Buyer: I know.
  19. A primary school student in Hangzhou uses his mother's Taobao to send messages to customer service every day, just to withdraw from the winter vacation online class.
  20. The buyer complained that "things are different from what I thought", but the seller replied: Is your life the same as you thought? Return things when you are not used to it, at least this is something you can choose.

In addition to the video, in the graphic version of "Taobao Sand Sculpture Story" , there is also such a thrilling Sadako backpack:

Such Sasquatch slippers:

And a bubble machine that fits well with the Crayon Little Newcomer:

The one floating in this bubble is probably a veritable rainbow fart.

This program is the third time Taobao has launched the "Taobao Sand Sculpture Story".

Taobao has been focusing on "sand sculpture content," not a day or two. The surface is "sand sculpture" and the back is "marketing." They have been on the edge for a long time on the way to "make marketing into a joke."

Taobao is getting more and more "sand sculptures"

The story will start on March 9th.

On that day, Taobao launched an activity on Weibo called "Taobao Millions of Sculptures", which required a bonus of 1 million to collect sand sculpture stories on Taobao.

Together with the event, the response was enthusiastic. Under the comment areas and topics of Douban, Weibo, and Pippi shrimp app, various confusing stories began to appear in Taobao sand sculpture products, funny buyer shows, wonderful customer service dialogues, and "Ask Everyone" in the product introduction area.

Taobao also stated that since the event started, "carving contributors have been in an endless stream, and the sand sculpture project team has been overloaded." Therefore, they soon continued to work on March 15 and began to recruit "Taobao Chief Carving Officer."

The most popular person in the comment section is Sha Yi, because netizens think he is "high enough to overflowing sand sculptures." Some netizens recommend Lin Gengxin, Bai Jingting, Yang Di, Shen Teng and other stars with "sand sculpture temperament" and potential.

But in the end, Zhou Shen won by the amount of comments @周深. Taobao asked him to "enter" on March 19 @周深, with a monthly salary of 23333/month. Zhou Shen himself did not seem to reply-as long as Taobao is not embarrassing, embarrassing It's someone else.

From "sand sculpture stories" to "sand sculpture figures", Taobao's step-by-step process of deepening into the "sand sculpture culture" can be described as an orderly process.

Although there are no celebrities involved, the interaction between Taobao and netizens is also very popular. Netizens can't help commenting:

You are the Diao Yu Chuang Diao.

On March 23rd, Taobao issued a summary article and video linking the past and the future-the first issue of "Taobao Sand Sculpture Story" .

This is the beginning of the "Taobao Sand Sculpture Story". They awarded the selected works a Golden Eagle Award of RMB 23,333 per person, a Silver Sculpture Award of RMB 2333 per person, and a Bronze Sculpture Award of RMB 233 per person. They also invited the "Veteran Magazine". "Story Meeting" served as the literary director.

The "Sand Sculpture" and humor of the content of the first issue are still good, laying the foundation for subsequent programs.

Taobao also stated that "Taobao Sand Sculpture Story Meeting" will become a fixed column of the monthly watch. They will also launch a special cultural study on the formation of sand sculpture behavior. On the 23rd of each month, Taobao is also set up as "Taobao Sand Sculpture Day". , A new holiday begins here.

Soon, the direction of this story became more and more "sand-sculpted."

On April 1, Taobao and Ali Pictures jointly launched the "Sand Sculpture Universe Movie Project", stating that the excellent "Sand Sculpture Story" can be adapted into a movie on the big screen, and the author can make a debut as a screenwriter and co-writer.

For the majority of netizens, making a movie seems a bit daunting, but Taobao also understands the psychology of netizens. In this Weibo, it also stated that it would draw a friend and send 1 ton of Sassoon shampoo and carved soap.

The minds of netizens are not simple, they have asked in the comment area:

Can it be discounted?

On April 23, the second issue of "Taobao Sand Sculpture Story Meeting" came , and the content of sand sculptures was still wonderful.

For example, a man in Weifang knelt down when seeing a fairy descending to the world, and he approached and found that it was a kite.

For example, an effortless cat teaser can let cat owners learn to tease themselves and become a "perpetual motion machine for domestic cats."

Whoever reads it doesn't directly call "cats are real cats, and people are real dogs."

It can also be seen from this that while Taobao uses the "sand sculpture show" to cooperate with major brands, it also promotes its own products. Through the dissemination and hot discussion of sand sculpture content, and active interaction with netizens, Taobao has set off a wider range of activities. The flow rate of 1+1 is greater than 2 in the end.

After tasting more and more bonuses, Taobao has decided to never return on the road of sand sculpture, and the monthly "sand sculpture content" that is regularly released can make this bonus continue.

In addition to bringing traffic, it can also reduce the psychological distance between the brand and the user, make Taobao's emotional connection with people stronger and stronger, and make Taobao's content ecology outside of shopping more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Why is the "sand sculpture culture" becoming more and more popular?

What is "sand sculpture culture"?

When it comes to "sand sculpture culture," everyone is no stranger. But do you know what the "sand sculpture culture" is? I believe everyone is familiar with the "sand sculpture culture". The "sand sculpture culture" is the culture we often encounter every day, but what exactly is the "sand sculpture culture"? In fact, not many people knew about the "sand sculpture culture" before, but recently, due to the rise in popularity, the "sand sculpture culture" has attracted everyone's attention. You may be surprised, why is the "sand sculpture culture" like this? Why did the "sand sculpture culture" become popular? But this is the fact, and I am also very surprised. The above is what I have brought to you about what the "sand sculpture culture" is. I hope this answer can be helpful to you. If you have any ideas, you can leave a message in the comment area below.

The above paragraph is actually the "sand sculpture culture" itself.

"Sand sculpture culture" often dispels seriousness and authority, and brings happiness after deconstruction. Its laughter is unexpected, the logic is ignorant, and it doesn't play cards according to the routine. The purpose is very simple, that is, to make people hahahahahahahahahaha.

In all kinds of sand sculpture content, everyone is an experiencer.

"Sand sculpture culture" is often accompanied by some latest stalks, which are like "social passes", allowing netizens to stay ahead of the trend.

At the same time, everyone is a creator.

They imitated these "sand sculptures" behaviors, spontaneously interpreted and modified these "sand sculptures" stalks twice, and then @friends or forwarding groups, triggering a wider range of entertainment and dissemination.

The young people today are undoubtedly a generation growing up amidst anxiety and pressure.

Such anxiety and pressure not only come from factors such as the actual high housing prices, 996 working system, staying up late and being bald, and forced marriages, but also from the Internet's fuelling various emotions. Therefore, self-deprecating and spoofing have become the norm in contemporary Internet life.

"Sand sculpture culture" is a healing shot that easily arouses public resonance, relieves anxiety and pressure, and releases the free nature.

In 2018, it was called the "first year of sand sculpture" by many people . That year, "sand sculpture culture" began to sweep the Internet. Kuaishou, Zhihu, WeChat and other platforms began to appear "sand sculpture content", and "sand sculpture culture" was responsible for traffic.

For example, the account of "Shandong University Qingdao Campus" on Weibo sends out "whoops" every day. Earlier there is the account of "Gucheng Bell Tower". They ring the bell on time every hour and send the message "Dang~Dang~Dang". ~", there are still 10-20 comments on each Weibo.

For example, "sand sculpture emoticons" for middle-aged and elderly people on WeChat began to emerge in endlessly.

For example, all kinds of cold knowledge on Zhihu opened the online ice cellar of the Internet.

In the past, magical advertisements and richly earthy movies and TV series have been "digging graves" by netizens and made new memes and videos of ghosts and animals . They look very "sand sculptures", but they are actually in line with the current context. New Internet culture.

Therefore, the "sand sculpture culture" has also become a weapon for the rejuvenation of various companies and brands . Through self- deception , they have used the "sand sculpture culture" to play various brain holes and carry out various magical marketing, not only to attract consumers, but also It is also to stay close to consumers.

Taobao’s "Taobao Body Advertisement" campaign released in December last year, the annual Ugly Thing Contest organized in conjunction with the Douban Ugly Thing Conservation Association, this year’s Wonderful Literature Award at Xianyu, and the latest "Taobao Sand Sculpture Stories" are all Such marketing ideas.

The Internet has given the "sand sculpture culture" the best opportunity to spread, so it has set off a carnival among brands, users, and netizens.

It is impossible not to "sculpture". In this age of entertainment, it will only erupt in various forms, or wait for it to erupt.

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