The first sale broke 100 million in 10 seconds: Realme’s flagship subversion battle is stable!

Realme recently released the latest Snapdragon 888 flagship phone, Realme GT. In this March, when new phones were frequently released, it still cut the record of breaking 100 million yuan in 10 seconds for its first sales, triggering "acceleration" phenomenon-level snap-ups and winning in one fell swoop /Tmall/Suning/Huantai Mall mobile phone brand sales/sales double champion.

The fiercely competitive mobile phone market is like a never-ending "draft competition." Major brands continue to introduce their own new products, hoping to get votes from users for real money. Realme is the youngest contestant among them. My GT’s first sales result added a bargaining chip for realme to break through the mid-to-high-end market.

The GT series is another brand new product line launched by realme following the X, V, and Q series. The flagship performance is the flagship. The 12GB+256GB version has been resolutely achieved within 3,500 yuan, breaking the lifeline of the industry. The goal is clear. The high-end market, just like the name of its series, is a super fast god of war and subverts the market.

The term GT is derived from the Latin Gran Turismo and the English name is Grand Tourer. It was first born in the 17th century and refers to the travels of European aristocrats during their adulthood, which lasted several months or even years.

This extravagant event is called the Grand Tour, "Grand Tour." The vehicles they use, such as large carriages, boats, etc., are called Grand Touring.

By the 20th century, horse-drawn carriages as a means of transportation had declined, but the Gran Turismo's name was continued. At that time, Italian car manufacturers developed some luxury sports cars suitable for long-distance high-speed driving, and named them directly with GT.

Realme named the brand-new flagship series GT, perhaps hoping that this brand-new product series can also speed up the pace of attack and usher in a grand tour just like real GT racing cars.

Design opens the way, performance breaks the game, Real Self GT challenges the industry with disruptors

As the pioneering work of the new series, what has the Real Me GT overturned?

First of all, we saw many leapfrog product designs, such as the groundbreaking plain stitching design.

It is quite difficult to stitch two completely different materials tightly, which is why we have never seen such a design before the real GT. Realme solves the multiple problems of splicing different materials. When the user holds the Realme GT in his hand, he can feel the soft touch of plain leather and the delicate texture of AG glass at the same time.

It took 9 months to research and develop such a unique craft. This kind of research is not in vain. In the end, the two materials are combined to complement each other, and the effect of 1+1>2 on the real GT is improved: improved The feel and look continue to enrich the texture.

The surface of the dawn color matching covers a large area of ​​bright yellow, which represents the dawn of dawn, which pays tribute to the young people who are moving forward and strives to see the dawn.

The other two color schemes also show the superior ID design strength. The back cover of the Galaxy battleship/deep sea airship is made of 3D glass material, plus the acceleration track pattern, which once again echoes the series name.

This unique and personalized real GT is like those supercars with different appearances. It hates the same thing, and believes that the more powerful you are, the more you must show yourself.
The appearance of the real GT is eye-catching, and its strength should not be underestimated:

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor;
120Hz Super AMOLED gaming screen;
Up to 12GB LPDDR5 four-channel running memory;
Dual-mode 5G+WiFi 6 enhanced version;
65W smart flash charging.

Many of the above parameters can only be seen in flagship phones of 4-5000 yuan in the past, but now they all appear on the real me GT that is sold starting at 2799 yuan. Realme is still fulfilling the original "Let young people enjoy the leapfrog flagship" "Promise of.

Perhaps realme feels that the stock is not enough, so it has developed an exclusive GT mode. After opening it, the exclusive animation will jump out. With the roar of the engine, the sense of ritual will come right away.

In this mode, the system performance can be fully released, making the playing experience of large-scale games more enjoyable. There are no corners that can't be drifted, and there are no straights that can't be taken. At that time, the real GT really became a car. The GT race car uses high horsepower to resolve all worries and runs smoothly.

The real me GT's running score in AnTuTu can reach 750,000 points, which is much higher than many products that are known as game phones. Although the running score cannot represent all the performance of a mobile phone, a mobile phone with a high running score means a higher ceiling, and the experience is ultimately better.

The Real Self GT not only performs like a GT race car, but also looks like a supercar with a carbon fiber shell, making it extremely lightweight. I don't know how realme can help my GT lose weight, but its 186 grams of overall weight makes it light and comfortable to hold in the hand.

Realme GT, as the first flagship of realme in 2021, has achieved leapfrogging in an all-round way. With the price of mid-range machines and audiophile configuration, it subverts the flagship machine market.

Before fully entering the flagship warfare, realme chose to gain a firm foothold in the 3,000-yuan model and plant a mental anchor for consumers. This year's first flagship Realme GT played such a role.

The market quickly received the signal and responded: On the day of the first sale of the Real Self GT, the sales volume exceeded 100 million yuan in 10 seconds.

Younger brands understand young people better

"Dare To Leap" is the attitude printed on the phone by realme.

This is not only the slogan of the product, but also the brand concept that realme has adhered to since its inception.

Li Bingzhong, the founder of realme, had some doubts from the outside world at the beginning of the establishment of realme: smart phones have entered the Red Sea era. Is there still a chance to become a new brand at this time?

On the second anniversary, realme handed in an answer sheet: The number of global users reached 50 million, which was the fastest record in the industry.

In the past two months in 2021, this number quickly exceeded 70 million. Realme has spread across 61 markets on five continents around the world. It took only two and a half years for realme to do all this.

▲ realme occupies the top 4 position in the Southeast Asian market, source Canadys

▲ realme occupies the top 7 position in the European market, source CourterPoint

Realme's Slogan "dare to leapfrog", not only for myself, but also for contemporary young people: dare to leapfrog, there is no limit.
Realme was born with the original intention of creating a technological trend for young people. Naturally, it needs to understand the likes and dislikes of young people.

So realme went deep into the young community: held the conference in a place where young people love to go; sponsored music festival activities; worked with director Pixar to create the trendy IP Zhenqi Meow; cooperated with Naoto Fukasawa to launch a joint product. There are countless examples of this, and even the average age of their company's employees is only 29 years old. It can be seen that Realme is a young company both inside and outside, so it can understand young people so well.

Realme said that he understands young people, and if he doesn't practice fake handles, he has to speak with products in the end.

For example, on the real GT model, the 3.5mm audio interface design is still retained. This is because many young people have a hobby of playing games. Even though many wireless headsets have already achieved a delay of less than 100ms, In games with strong e-sports nature, this delay will still affect the gaming experience.

By retaining the 3.5mm audio interface, the consumer's right to choose is retained. This alone is likely to influence the consumer's decision-making. Give the right of choice to the user to win the hearts of the people.

Realme must have its own methodology to gain 70 million loyal users in such a short period of time. However, these numbers have become history, and realme is moving towards the goal of billions of players. How to do this? Realme's answer is: the Chinese market.

Is realme ready to put the main battlefield in China?

In 2018, the domestic mobile phone market entered the trend of personal hand-to-hand combat, and Realme then set its sights on overseas.

Xu Qi, vice president of realme, said at a conference:

He (Li Bingzhong) told me at the time that in fact, every time he goes to a country to communicate with users in these markets, there is a group that he will particularly touch, that is, young people from different countries around the world.

He found that this group of young people know mobile phones very well. They know the configuration of mobile phones very well. They may be constantly searching for product information on Google. Everyone knows these products well, but when we look at his own mobile phone, you will find that The quality of most young people’s mobile phones is not particularly good, and the performance of their phones is not very high. Even in some countries, many young people don’t even have a logo on their mobile phones.

Therefore, in order to fill the market, realme, with a team of only 10 people at that time, resolutely committed to overseas, embarking on the journey with the mission of creating a brand for young people.

Having fought wars and pits in overseas markets, realme soon won the Top 5 results in 14 countries and regions including India, Southeast Asia, Ukraine, and Spain, and its products cover 61 markets around the world. According to the CourterPoint global smartphone market report, realme's market share ranks among the top 7 in the world.

Now that realme wants to go further in the global market, it will inevitably need to pay more attention to the Chinese market. Therefore, in the beginning of 2021, realme will take the realme GT, a new leapfrog flagship, for the first domestic launch, and will fully impact China this year. In the market, the release of the TrueWo GT made the first shot, and a hole was made in the 3,000 yuan flagship market.

According to the "dual platform + dual flagship" strategy disclosed by Xu Qi some time ago, it is obvious that there will be flagship products of MediaTek Dimensity series to meet the different needs of more young users for mid-to-high-end models.

In fact, realme’s emphasis on the Chinese market has been evident since 2020. In the fourth quarter of last year, realme achieved a year-on-year growth of more than 400%. During Double Eleven, it won the top 5 sales of and Suning brands; and By January-February this year, shipments increased by more than 600%, and market share increased by nearly 2 points.

Under such a growth trend, realme will naturally take advantage of the victory. Maybe in the future we can see realme's press conference every month, and new models will follow.

In addition to new mobile phones, realme is also closely following the layout of the AIoT market.

Open the realme official website, the top column says AIoT categories. In fact, realme has more than 60 AIoT products so far. In addition to smart TVs, other products can be bought in the domestic market one after another.

Later, realme will open its own AIoT ecosystem and accelerate ecological coverage together with high-quality ecological chain vendors. This is another strategy of realme to create an ecological platform realme "Techlife".

Dig deep into the consumption pain points behind the three application scenarios of "individual", "family" and "travel", and lay out a more complete Internet of Everything ecosystem. It is foreseeable that the domestic AIoT market in the future will be stirred up by the "catfish" of realme.

Realme's "leapfrog" is not limited to a certain product, but the brand gene flowing in its blood. Product leapfrog, series leapfrog, brand leapfrog.

At this time, realme is walking on the road of mid-to-high end, with sharper eyes and firmer pace. The new flagship Realme GT is its first step. Looking at the entire flagship mobile phone market, this may be just a small step in the evolution of the market, but it is a big step for realme.

I hope that this "new born calf" can create more surprises for us in the Year of the Ox.

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