The first domestic space restaurant is here, you can eat the same dishes as the astronauts

"When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut." Although most of my childhood dreams have not been realized, it is still possible to come up with a set of "Astronaut Same Style".

On November 3, China Aerospace Cultural and Creative Taobao store began to pre-sell the first domestic space restaurant set meal. This space restaurant is officially authorized by the Aerospace Cultural and Creative Industries. It is mainly for parents and children. It is located in the Yanjiao Development Zone in Langfang, Hebei. It will have a trial operation during Double 11 and will officially open on December 5.

A major feature of the restaurant is the opportunity to taste aerospace breeding vegetables and fruits and space "same style" cuisine.

Compressed biscuits and chocolate have been "dishes" more than ten years ago, and now there are more than 120 foods for astronauts-coconut bread, quinoa osmanthus porridge, sauced radish, marinated quail eggs, mixed fried rice, red braised pork chops , Hot pepper potatoes… They may all appear in the space restaurant in the future.

The Shenzhou 13 spacecraft, which was launched on October 16, will stay in orbit for 6 months. It also represents the first Chinese New Year in space. Dumplings stuffed with daylily. During the Spring Festival, you can eat dumplings with the same stuffing in the Space Restaurant.

The space restaurant is currently undergoing the final decoration and finishing work. The renderings show that the space restaurant covers an area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters, which is divided into a dining area, an immersive role experience area and a play area. The restaurant uses moonlight stone blue and space silver as the main colors, and is equipped with spaces such as "China Space Station", "Space Capsule", and "Space Hospital".

Products such as Space Letter, Space Rose, Space Seed Blind Box, and astronaut's armband will also be "new" in the space restaurant in the future.

The person in charge of "China Aerospace Cultural and Creative" said:

Space restaurant is a new form of popular science that combines online and offline. It is hoped that consumers will experience space culture immersively here and feel the achievements of China's aerospace industry.

Speaking of immersive experiences, Disney also opened a space restaurant "Space 220" in Florida.

▲ Picture from: Disney

When you visited Space 220, the space elevator carried you along a vertical orbit at a speed of 10,000 mph. You watched yourself gradually move away from the surface of the earth, ascending 220 miles to the Centaur space station. Pass through the green space farm and arrive at the open dining area. There are space rover and spacecraft floating by the window. If you are lucky, you can see the astronauts fighting with lightsabers.

▲ Picture from: collectspace

Wake up, this is not true, you have not really entered space!

In order to achieve a realistic dining effect in space, Space 220 has been carefully arranged.

The elevator uses gravity simulation and display screens to make passengers feel different from ordinary elevators. The dining area is surrounded by huge projection screens, and parallax and multi-plane projection technology create a realistic 3D space effect; the view of the earth will change with real time When the sun sets, customers can see the African continent entering the night, and city lights illuminate the main population areas.

▲ 3D image effect.

Space 220 is not entirely a fantasy. The name of Space 220 comes from "220 miles." This number is a reference to real space flight. The lowest altitude of a stable orbit around the earth is 220 miles; the idea of ​​space elevator can be traced back to the idea of ​​Soviet rocket scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in 1895. .

There are a total of 376 seats in the restaurant, including the upper and lower floors. The menu has many dishes with great-sounding names, such as Centaur Caesar Salad and Galaxy Lobster Ball. Some of them are inspired by real space food. Space Greens is a salad made of lettuce, dried cranberries, roasted pears, walnuts and apple juice, very close to what astronauts did on the International Space Station.

▲ Space farm.

In general, the current space restaurant pays more attention to the concept and immersive experience, which plays a role in popular science and entertainment.

But "the real food is in space" may not be far away. With the increasingly rolling "space competition", the universe is also contaminated with fireworks.

Amazon founder Bezos and his private aerospace company "Blue Origin" wanted to build a commercial space station in space . In addition to the basic uses of the space station, it can also be used in daily life, covering office spaces, space gardens, vehicle ports, public facilities and other living spaces.

Future space exploration will be closer to popularization and closer to life, but when it is still a game for a small group of people, I hope that the space restaurant on the ground can buy more "space specialties" and more immersive ones. Experience, let us see what the future might look like.

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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