The finally updated iPad mini 6 may be the “biggest iPhone”

The sixth generation of iPad mini (hereinafter referred to as "iPad mini 6", the same applies to the fourth and fifth generations of iPad mini) should be the most moving product at this year's Apple conference.

Unlike Apple Watch Series 7 and iPhone 13 series "annual change" products, the iPad mini product line has not been updated for two and a half years.

If when the mini 5 was released, you insisted on being a waiting party with the iPad mini 4 in hand, then the mini 4 should have been in service for nearly 6 years and will soon be listed as an "obsolete product" by Apple.

So in the face of this year's iPad mini 6, will the party still be victorious?

The body is mini, upgrade can not be mini

On September 14, Cook finally unveiled the mystery of the iPad mini 6. As people expected, the mini became the next iPad series to smooth the frame after the Air.

Putting it together with the previous generation iPad mini, the appearance of the two generations corresponds to the two stages of Apple's design: from sleek to sharp edges.

Full screen design, right angle frame, power button integrated with Touch ID, volume button moved to the top, USB-C interface, horizontal dual speakers…

The appearance design of the iPad mini 6 has undergone a 360-degree major transformation. One is to keep pace with the new family design of the iPad, and the other is to better adapt to the second-generation Apple Pencil that is magnetically attached to the frame.

Although the iPad mini 5 also supports Apple Pencil, it must be stored separately every time it is taken out. This makes the iPad mini, which emphasizes portability, a lot clumsy. The flattened mini 6 finally solves this problem.

In an invisible place, the upgrade of mini 6 is also full of sincerity: it is replaced with the latest A15 bionic chip (although it has undergone appendicitis surgical castration), a new screen with higher pixel density, higher quality front and rear cameras, and important 5G upgrade.

What I did not expect is that the fully upgraded mini 6 is even lighter than the mini 5 (7-11g).

▲ Picture from: 9to5Mac

Even if the iPad mini 6 and iPad Air 4 are compared together, the "predecessor" Air 4 is difficult to achieve a full victory.

iPad mini 6 has a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle front camera that supports the character centering function of the Pro version, and the effect of video calls is better than the 7-megapixel front of Air 4.

Although the 8.3-inch screen of the mini 6 is a bit smaller than the 10.9-inch screen of the Air 4, in terms of pixel density, the mini 6's screen has reached 326ppi, which is slightly higher than the 264 ppi Air 4 screen, and the display accuracy is more delicate.

Another important hardware difference is the A15 chip in the iPad mini 6.

According to Geekbenchmark's running score data, since the A15 frequency is locked at 2.93 GHz (13 Pro full-blood frequency 3.23 Ghz), it does not have much difference in performance from the Air 4 A14.

However, if you consider in the long term, the software support cycle of A15 is likely to be one year or more longer than that of A14.

iPad mini 6 is another 5G-enabled iPad product of the 2021 iPad Pro, and 5G is more important to the portable mini than its predecessors. With the full coverage of the 5G network, the iPad mini has the advantages of portable audio-visual entertainment. Will become more prominent.

iPad mini is the new "iPod Touch"

With its powerful performance and compact body, many consumers who have not considered tablet products are also interested in iPad mini.

After the press conference, a friend who never paid attention to digital came to me and asked me if I could buy an iPad mini 6 to cope with the codeword work, because it was too heavy to go out with a laptop every day, and the small mini body just saved him from the pain. Shoulder.

Before he was ready to place an order, I stopped him in time and pulled him back to reality from the tempting promotion that "iPad is good for everything."

The size of the iPad mini obviously can’t accommodate a keyboard that allows people to “strengthen”, unless you are willing to carry a Bluetooth keyboard that is a circle larger than the body, or let this 8.3-inch “small” screen dry. Its job-light notes, heavy entertainment.

There is no doubt that the iPad mini 6 is Apple’s most cost-effective entertainment machine-although the "cost-effectiveness" seldom has anything to do with Apple, it is indeed the lowest threshold for you to experience Apple’s new chip. This is also the product that was set from the mini 5 The keynote, before this, the name "Entertainment Artifact" belonged to the iPod Touch.

▲ And it's not cheap

In the current Apple product line, the iPod Touch belongs to a category that is about to be forgotten by consumers, and its presence is so low that many people don't even know that it is still on sale.

But ten years ago, the popularity of the iPod Touch was almost second only to that of the iPhone 4 at the time. This was not because of how much people loved listening to music ten years ago, but the iPod Touch could be much cheaper than the iPhone 4 iOS entertainment experience.

▲ Picture from: PConline

At that time, many people bought an "Apple Skin" accessory with a built-in communication module after they bought the iPod Touch. After putting it on, it looked like an iPhone 4.

However, both the iPod Touch and the "Apple Peel" have become the tears of the times. Due to its small screen and poor performance, no one now uses it to "pretend" as an iPhone.

Is there anything that can replace the iPhone?

There is a shot in Apple's introduction video about iPad mini 6: A little boy saw a helicopter model in the exhibition, so he took out the iPad mini and took a picture of it.

He may continue to post-process this photo, and then share it on his social media, get likes from friends, or save it in an album as a souvenir…

Unknowingly, the work of the iPhone has actually been replaced. The iPad mini is capable of most functions except for telephone communication. He holding the iPad mini 6 is like me holding the iPod Touch ten years ago.

▲ Can be used with Nokia

Even extreme imagination, you can use a feature machine with an iPad mini. This sounds a bit stupid, but for a group of students with limited budgets, it's quite tempting.

iPad mini 6 sets up a stronger opponent for the folding screen

iPad mini is the smallest iPad, but from another perspective, iPad mini may be the "biggest iPhone"

Last year, the iPhone 12 was divided into 3 different size versions. Apple believes that this can meet the needs of all users for the screen size as much as possible. However, after the product was released, many users still complained.

Users who bought the 12 mini for the sake of hand feel and lightness complained that the battery of the mobile phone was too small and the battery life was not enough; the users who bought the 12 Max for the big screen and large battery complained that the phone was too heavy, and holding it with one hand was a nightmare.

The usage scenarios of mobile phones are diversified. It is obviously not realistic to meet all user needs with a single size. If you don’t want to compromise the experience because of the shortcomings of size, the best way is to split the requirements and make different devices separate. Perform its duties.

▲ Everything is mini.

Judging from Apple’s pricing, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is priced at 8,999 yuan (128GB). If you are only looking for the "big screen iPhone", it is better to consider the iPad mini 6 (3799 yuan) with the iPhone 13 mini ( 5199 yuan).

Use the small-screen iPhone to chat, communicate, and take pictures, and use the "big" screen iPad mini 6 to play games, videos, and even draw a picture when you are inspired.

Last year, Ai Faner did an experience test of iPhone 12 mini with iPad Air 4. After some experience, I found that iPad Air 4 is powerful, but its large size limits the use of this combination.

No one wants to take out Air 4 on a crowded subway to use Douyin, but this is not a problem for iPad mini 6.

iPad mini 6 can well complement the shortcomings of the iPhone mini series in audio-visual entertainment, which can be said to be "mini+mini>Max".

Of course, all these assumptions are a rebellion against the "highly integrated" technology trend.

It is the criterion for the iterative upgrade of technology products to use more streamlined products to meet the needs of users. Folding screen phones such as the Galaxy Fold were born to replace small-sized tablets.

The emergence of iPad mini 6 seems to give consumers a new choice, whether to choose a more integrated large-screen, folding screen mobile phone, or to choose a dedicated and excellent tablet for the large-screen demand itself.

Jobs himself did not like the design of small-inch flat-panel. He believed that it was a cracked product. It was born out of user needs and could not lead the user's needs. Sooner or later, it will be replaced by an iPhone or a larger iPad.

With the passage of time, the screen has become an inseparable part of people's lives. Jobs' judgments at the time can no longer be rigidly applied to the present. The iPad ecology and hardware are mature enough to allow iPad mini to cut into more people's lives.

Cook mentioned at the press conference that the iPad mini that can be carried in a pocket can meet the needs of pilots, doctors and other professions for a portable and smart screen. The meaning of the iPad mini is no longer limited to "small".

The iPad mini 6 may be "large in lowercase" as the advertised.

Higher, higher.

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