The female passenger of the freight train jumped and died. How did a move become a “fatal journey”?

Today, Huo Lala has been on hot searches several times because of the "Girl Jumping Incident".

On February 6, a 23-year-old girl from Changsha, Cha Shasha, was killed in a window jumping while she was moving on a cargo platform.

▲Photos posted on Weibo by brother Cha Shasha

The girl’s younger brother posted a post on Weibo last night to expose the incident, saying that her sister lost contact with the cargo truck for 6 minutes, and the driver deviated from the planned navigation route three times during the period. Then the driver dialed 120 and said that the passenger jumped out of the window. Passed away unfortunately.

▲Brother Cha Shasha's Weibo

Due to insufficient evidence, the driver involved has now been released. The case is still under investigation, the truth is not yet known, and online public opinion is still fermenting.

The disputes about the incident are mainly concentrated in three aspects:

Why did the driver deviate from the original track three times?
Why do girls jump the window? Or fell on the back of his head and died?
Why are there no audio and video equipment and supervision measures on the truck to ensure the safety of passengers?

At the same time, the accumulation of problems for Lalala and the chaotic Internet moving industry behind have also surfaced.

The deadly road of "no one knows"

Today, clues related to the incident began to appear one by one.

According to the video provided by relevant personnel, on the night of the incident, a girl in a pink shirt went in and out of the Tianyi Meiting building area alone for about 10 times, and finally left the building with her pet dog Samoyed.

▲ Moving location. Picture from: Southern Metropolis Daily

After Cha Shasha sat in the Huo Lala, who was surnamed Master Zhou , went to the community 10 kilometers away. The driver started the first yaw at 21:23, and Cha Sha Sha was still in the work group and colleagues sending messages normally; 21 At 1:27, the vehicle yaws into Wanglong Road for the second time, and there are almost no street lights; at 21:28, the vehicle yaws for the third time and enters a dark Jiayuan Road; around 21:30, the driver The fourth yaw arrived at Quyuan Road, which is where the driver said the girl jumped out of the window.

▲ Picture from: Southern Metropolis Daily

The girl was sent to an emergency center for rescue. The admission record of Hunan Aerospace Hospital showed that she was diagnosed with severe brain injury, traumatic intracranial hematoma, subarachnoid hemorrhage, traumatic brain edema, brain stem compression, skull fracture…

Cha Shasha's uncle said that after four days and four nights of rescue and two consecutive operations, Cha Shasha still failed to survive and died three days before the reunion night on New Year's Eve.

In the transcript of the police questioning the driver, the driver stated that Cha Shasha had been arguing because she blamed herself for yaw many times and chose to jump the window.

In addition, the driver did not actually help to carry the goods this time, so he only made a total of 51 yuan in tolls. The driver involved also said that "because there is no excuse to ask for additional money, he felt emotional after getting on the bus."

Some local residents said that the original route is prone to traffic jams in the morning and evening peaks, and the yaw route is indeed much faster .

▲Location of the crime, picture from: Southern Metropolis Daily

Only from the driver’s side, the truth of the matter cannot be revealed.

But Cha Shasha's family and friends said that she could not jump the window for no reason. Cha Shasha’s direct leader said that she is usually positive and motivated, and has been the company’s performance champion since September last year; her friend said that she likes dogs very much, and they are still discussing naming dogs with her on the day of the incident; while the younger brother mentioned his sister I get along with my family and boyfriend very well, and I am ready to pay down payment for buying a house this year, and let my brother come to live with her in a community after graduation.

For Huolala, the platform has not strictly audited drivers and vehicles before, and drivers have privately increased prices for consumers. The nature of this incident is obviously much more serious. Whether it is from a moral or managerial perspective, Huo Lala cannot escape being held accountable.

Last night, Huolala responded that a special handling team has been established as soon as possible and will continue to cooperate fully with the police, assume the responsibilities that should be undertaken, and will never evade.

However, on February 11th, Huolala and Cha Shasha's family had no agreement on the aftermath.

In an interview with the media , Cha Shasha’s family stated that Huolala’s response was evasive, and that the reason for the unsuccessful negotiation lies in her attitude of refusal to take any responsibility.

Fifteen days have passed since the incident, the fog has not cleared away, and the police are still investigating.

Cargo Lala standing on the cusp of the storm

Three years ago, the situation in which Didi Shunfeng was condemned by the people due to a safety incident is still in sight.

At that time, the entire online car-hailing system began to be rectified rapidly, which also prompted the traffic supervision department to vigorously rectify this.

Now Didi not only has a system of strictly reviewing drivers, but also has itinerary follow-up reminders, audio and video recordings at any time in the App, forming a complete safety guarantee system.

Huo Lala is often referred to as the "cargo version of Didi," but it has not followed Didi's lessons learned at all. This is not the first time for similar vicious incidents . Huo Lala has been repeatedly complained.

In 2018, a Huolala driver in Hangzhou was exposed to sexual harassment of female users. After completing the transaction, the driver continued to send explicit text messages to users, wanting to "make an appointment" with him, and subsequently made various language abuses and threats. Intimidate.

The truck driver knows the user's address and information, which is really chilling.

At that time, after the user complained, the driver was banned by the platform for only two days and was permanently banned after being exposed by the media.

Despite frequent problems, the development of Huolala in recent years can be described as spring breeze.

Established in 2013, Huolala now covers 352 cities in mainland China, with 480,000 monthly active drivers and 7.2 million monthly active users. The rapid development cannot be separated from the support of capital.

Sky Eye Check shows that, so far, Huolala has completed 8 rounds of financing , with a cumulative financing amount of approximately US$2.475 billion, or approximately RMB 16 billion.

However, the glamorous cargo Lala has a lot of omissions in platform services and consumer experience.

The first is that the driver's review is not rigorous . It is reported that as long as the C-level driver's license has passed the internship period, those who are between 20 and 60 years old and have no criminal record, they can upload their personal information to apply, and they will be able to pass the platform review within a week.

In addition, the follow-up Huolala's control and training for drivers is very rough. After registration, drivers can only take about a few hours offline training, not to mention passenger safety education.

In addition, Huolala does not have strict regulations on the extra fees charged for handling. When people use the app to book a vehicle, they will display "The handling time is too long, there are too many goods, or there are items that are difficult to load and unload. The driver may charge a handling fee. If there is a transportation fee, please pay extra.” The price standard seems to be completely set by the driver himself.

In terms of consumer safety, freight platforms have almost no strict guarantees. In fact, my country’s traffic safety law originally also banned freight vehicles from carrying passengers, and only loading and unloading personnel can accompany them, but it is still a common phenomenon for consumers to be accompanied by vehicles.

This is one of the reasons why cargo platforms are not as strictly managed as online car-hailing platforms .

Regarding the legal responsibilities that Huo Lala will face in the Changsha girl jumping incident, Qi Yanbing, a lawyer from Guangdong Huashang Law Firm, said in an interview with a reporter from China Times :

Although Huolala provides freight services, if you agree to move your family members to the same vehicle during the moving service, it will be regarded as an additional legal relationship for passenger transportation, and corresponding security obligations will arise.

If there is evidence that there is a safety hazard in the cargo truck, or the service personnel deliberately or neglected safety protection, and neglected to rescue the passengers after the incident, they shall be liable for damages, and may even be liable for serious accident crimes. Criminal liability. Of course, if the investigation shows that the passenger's casualties were caused by himself subjectively, such as suicidal behavior, the corresponding responsibility of Huolala can be exempted within the scope of fault.

In addition, for the driver involved, because in the Huolala agreement, the relationship with the driver is not an employment relationship, but only a platform for the driver to provide information intermediary services, so the driver may bear joint and several liability with Huolala. If the driver is suspected of a criminal offence, first Will be held criminally responsible for the girl’s death.

This time, Huolala finally walked into the black hole she hadn't filled for a long time.

At the same time, it also sounded the alarm for the chaotic intra-city freight market behind it.

The chaotic "moving industry"

Since last year, the Internet intra-city freight market has begun to surging .

In June 2020, "Didi Cargo" began to be launched in many cities across the country. In September of that year, the daily order volume continued to exceed 100,000. In November 2020, Manbang Group's "Yunmanman" officially entered In this rank, the platform drivers have reached 10 million.

For Huolala, they are like a huge mountain surging.

What's more, on this hot track, there were previously Blue Rhino, Kuaigou and other city freight platforms competing to seize the market. Prior to this, Huolala and Kuaigou accounted for almost two of the entire industry's transaction volume.

The rise of intra-city freight is mainly due to the popularization of the mobile Internet, which makes it easier to meet the moving needs. The O2O model has also brought a technological revolution to the moving market. According to the data of Zhiyan Consulting, the market size is increasing year by year. , Has risen from 710 billion yuan in 2013 to 1273.2 billion yuan in 2019, with a compound annual growth rate of 10.22%.

With the entry of giants and the enthusiasm of capital, the intra-city freight market has naturally begun to compete.

The current leader hasn't really appeared yet, so Huolala is also working non-stop to vigorously seize the market.

A person familiar with the matter once told the "China Business News" that after Didi entered the bureau, Huolala began to make crazy subsidies to occupy the market at low cost, but its qualification review and safety investment were not in place.

In fact, the entire Internet intra-city freight market is still in a state of slack.

No matter in terms of business model, market size, or user service, intra-city freight has not been fully regulated, and there is still a lot of room for development.

The reasons behind this are not only the chaotic supply of the moving industry, the irregular moving process chain, the lack of standardized construction of the freight platform, the lack of strict and transparent price regulation, and the lack of management in place to protect the legitimate rights and interests of drivers and consumers.

Therefore, in terms of serving users, many problems revealed by Huolala have repeatedly appeared on other moving platforms.

It mainly includes the driver's late return of the bill, violent transportation, sitting on the ground, incompatibility, poor attitude, and sexual harassment…

In recent years, various freight platforms have vigorously launched the "low price war" , but the platform uses superficial low prices to attract new users, behind it is the private price increase by drivers, which has further derived a series of poor consumer experience.

As the intra-city freight market expands, chaos will grow.

Whether it is a strict review of driver qualifications or the optimization of platform services, it needs to be put in place as soon as possible, so that the major freight platforms can stand upright and go further after the tuyere.

With the rapid escalation of the freight market, regulatory authorities also need to increase control over freight platforms and strengthen safety management measures in order to make this market more healthy.

After all, this network of consumer safety requires the government, the police, the freight platform, and every member of the society to weave together.

This time the Changsha girl jumping incident was another bloody price.

Uncle Sasha Cha Xiqiang said in the conversation with the staff of Huolala :

If my niece’s death fails to awaken the social responsibility and conscience of this nationwide ride-hailing platform, then my niece’s life will be lost.

I only hope that the future progress of the industry will no longer pave the way at the expense of life.

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