The European Green Pass is launched: from early July the new function will be available on Immuni

The green certification (also called Green Pass) is the new digital certificate issued by the Ministry of Health and which will be valid throughout Europe starting from 1 July thanks also to the integration with Immuni. To facilitate travel and access to events with many people, the Italian Government, in agreement with the European Union, has promoted the adoption of this certification which awaits one of the following states:

  • swab that failed in the last 48 hours;
  • completed vaccination course ;
  • after healing from COVID-19.

The activation in Italy took place on 17 June last thanks to the platform prepared by the Ministry of Health which contains all the health data of citizens and is able to issue the certification. In Europe it will be valid from 1 July and will allow you to move more freely.

The SMS that is circulating these days with the communication of the code to request the green certification (Green Pass).

How does it work

These days many people are receiving SMS with the one shown in the image above, indicating a code to request the European Green Pass. In fact, the codes available to allow citizens to certify their immunity or negativity to Covid are the following:

  • CUN: molecular buffer
  • RNFE: rapid antigenic buffer
  • NUCG: certificate of healing
  • AUTHCODE: authorization code that you receive via e-mail from "Ministry of Health" ([email protected]) or SMS from Min Salute

Each of these codes gives access to the green certification with which it is possible to move around Europe, access events and, in the case of orange or red areas, move freely between these too. Of course, the certificate was designed precisely to encourage a natural return to normal , avoiding stringent rules for those who have recovered or have been vaccinated against the virus.

In addition, the Ministry has also provided for different methods of request:

  • through the Immuni app under EU Digital Covid Certificate,
  • with the IO app,
  • through the portal with Health Card or SPID / Electronic Identity Card,
  • soon also on the Electronic Health Record,
  • finally, with the help of general practitioners and pharmacists.
The Immuni app will contain a new “EU Digital Covid Certificate” entry to access your Green Pass (Source: Immuni).

The integration of Immuni for the Green Pass

Starting from version 2.5.0, a new item called "EU Digital Covid Certificate" will be available where you can upload your EU Digital Covid Certificate, that is the European Green Pass. With a very simple procedure you can retrieve the digital certificate (thanks to one of the codes already received above) and validate it so as to make it authentic. In fact, after entering one of the codes certifying the conditions for receiving the certificate, it is possible to validate the request thanks to the last 8 digits and the expiry date of your health card.

Once the operation has been validated, it will be possible to access the digital certificate and also print it for a more practical use or for those who need a paper support in the absence of anything else. The Green Pass will be a two-dimensional barcode (QR Code) that will contain the digital signature of the Ministry of Health in order to prevent it from being falsified. Moreover, being provided only through apps and national platforms, it will be possible to be sure of the real authenticity of this declaration.

The next steps will be the issue of the first certificates on June 28 for all those who have been vaccinated, recovered or have a negative swab no later than June 17. Gradually we will then proceed to extend the availability of the system up to full disbursement for all Italian citizens. Finally, from 1 July the internationality of the certificate will also be enabled, making it valid in all EU countries .

Therefore, we just have to complete our vaccination cycle in order to then be able to access the benefits of the European Green Pass.

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