The eggshell apartment turmoil is intensifying. What is it used to harvest young people’s mortgage?

After reading the news about Eggshell Apartments, I took a sigh of relief. I was really lucky.

Just four months ago, I went to work in Guangzhou. Because I am not familiar with the city, I plan to find a long-term apartment for half a year and then slowly find a house I like.

After seeing more than ten parents renting an apartment, I picked the eggshell apartment. The reason is very simple. The big brands should be guaranteed. The houses are located in communities with good environment, and the decoration is good, and the location also meets my requirements.

▲ At present, the eggshell apartment app can still be downloaded and used normally, and there are also 0 deposit and rent-free activities

But when the staff at Eggshell Apartment strongly recommended me to pay the 6-month rent in full, I refused out of instinct, even though the staff told me countless times that "a lump-sum payment can be more favorable" benefit.

The staff thought that the reason for my refusal was lack of money. Later, after I left the store, the staff made several more phone calls and said that they could get a loan, "It can be cheaper and give me a 50% discount on the first month's rent . "

As an ordinary person, I think I don't have the social energy to make the heavens take the initiative to lose pie, so I deny the choice of eggshell apartment in my heart, and switch to an unknown apartment that can be paid once a month.

Unexpectedly, just over 3 months, a lot of news about "Eggshell Apartments Thunder" appeared on the Internet.

This year’s young people have been repeatedly "harvested", it’s really miserable

Little Z, a post-95 programmer who just complained about 996 on V2ex during the day, did not expect that after arriving home at 9 o'clock in the evening, he would face the dilemma of being homeless.

"When I got home, I saw two roommates standing at the door quarreling with an aunt. I thought it was the neighbor next door (I found it), because a roommate always makes some noise at night." Xiao Z said.

After approaching and listening for a while, Xiao Z understood that this aunt claimed to be the landlord and said that she had not received the rent for 3 months, and asked Xiao Z to move out today .

▲ The tenant and the landlord came to Chengdu Eggshell Apartment to ask for an explanation. The police are maintaining order. Picture from: Cover News

Faced with doubts from Xiao Z and his roommate, the aunt who claimed to be the landlord showed a photo of the real estate certificate and ID card. When Xiao Z and his roommate saw the photo, they were in a mess: "We don’t know what’s going on. We immediately called the people in the eggshell apartment because the rent was paid to them directly for a year. Several did not answer, neither WeChat nor voice answer."

Xiao Z said that the aunt's attitude was very tough. "Either make up the rent for 3 months or move out today." After he and his roommate refused, the aunt threatened to call the police and send them out .

When I heard the word alarm, the three post-95s who had no social experience were a little shocked, "We discussed with the aunt and waited a few days before moving. Even if the move cannot be finished today, the aunt agreed."

After the three people sent away the auntie, Xiao Z's mobile phone notification sounded. It turned out that someone in an Internet industry exchange group shared an article with the title "Eggshell Apartment: Repaying debts is justified!"

▲ Left: Eggshell Apartment friendly reminds tenants to "protect rights according to law". Right: On the Internet, a female tenant stood on the rooftop while defending her rights.

"When I saw the title, my mind was a little dizzy. When it was over, was it a thunderstorm? Then I thought of not looking for an eggshell apartment (rights defense), but if I want to pay the rent again, how to pay the owed flowers and credit cards. " It turns out that Xiao Z, who has tasted the sweetness of consumerism, is an out-and-out installment maniac. Mate 40 Pro, YEEZY shoes, PSP, etc. are all purchased in installments, and even the annual rent paid to the eggshell apartment is in installments. . (Dispelling doubt: PSP can still be purchased in installments using Huabei on Taobao or Xianyu app, up to 12 installments)

"Now I think I’m just a leek. If I believed in the unreliable We-Media in the past few years, don’t buy a house, but have fun. It’s more cost-effective to use the money to rent a house. So I use the money for consumption, installment, buy mobile phones, buy Shoes, shoppers, and emptied the shopping cart. The result is now like this. The house price in my hometown has increased by more than three times. Now I can’t afford to buy them, and I have been cut off when I rent a house.” Xiao Z finished with his hand. His forehead blocked his slightly tired eyes.

There is no way to defend rights, and some tenants threaten to turn the house into a "bad house"

There are many people who have the same problem as Xiao Z. Xiao Xi is one of them. She told Ai Fan'er, "It is said that more than 500 WeChat (rights protection) groups have been pulled, all of which have been collected by Eggshell Apartments for half a year. Tenants who rent for one year are defending their rights."

Xiaoxi said that as the eggshell apartment's affairs have fermented, more and more landlords have begun to collect their houses. "The statement is the same. They have not received the rent for several months. If the tenant does not move out, they will report to the police."

For young people who don't have much savings, the lifestyle is basically "repay the monthly salary with the installment of the previous month." Once they are driven out of the house, they can only sleep on the street or spend the night at McDonald's and KFC .

"Eggshell Apartment is a chicken thief. While fooling us, he said that we would take the initiative to apply for the cancellation of the lease, and the money would be refunded to us. In fact, there was no refund at all. The room is cheating at both ends, the time difference is playing, and the money is gone!" When Xiaoxi said this, she was very emotional.

▲ Some people in the rights protection group reported that they were also asked to voluntarily terminate the contract and wait for a refund, but they did not actually receive it. Image source: New Business Culture (Knowledge)

Xiaoxi said that she rented a master bedroom in a community near the Guangzhou Kecun subway station. She paid the rent annually in installments. "If you pay as you go, the monthly rent is 2850. The eggshell person tells me once. The sex payment is 2630, and it is 31,560 a year. If they can’t put out more than 30,000, they have a rental loan. If they do a rental loan, the monthly rent can be discounted to 2530, and the first month is returned for half a month without rent."

Ai Faner learned that the monthly rent for Xiaoxi and her two roommates is about 6,500 yuan, and for houses of the same type and with similar decoration quality, the current market rental price for the whole set is above 7,500 yuan .

Precisely because of the attractive price and the fact that there is really no savings on hand, in October last year, Xiaoxi chose to pay the annual rent loan after repeated consideration. Xiaoxi said that many people choose to pay the annual rent directly.

"Now everyone is looking for eggshells, but they can't find them. They called the police. The police said it was an economic dispute. They didn't care. They went to the Bureau of Industry and Commerce. The Bureau of Industry and Commerce said that they were not in their control. My house has turned into a murderous house. It should be forced to be impossible. We young people have so much money. We pay rent every month and we owe money. There is basically not much left to live."

▲ There are also people who say they want extreme rights protection, and it is recommended that the parties deal with it calmly

What is the rent loan that forces people to desperate?

Rent loans, which are essentially installment loans , may also be credited to the personal credit system. It's just that after packaging for various long-term rental apartments, it has become a "new choice for exquisite urban youth renting", claiming to allow young people to pay lower monthly rents and rent better houses in the city center.

▲ Long-term rental apartment model. Image source: Qian Yanshe Zhang Dong (knowledge)

The rental loan process is like this. Let’s take a monthly rent of 5,000 yuan as an example:

  1. For a long-term apartment, rent this suite from the individual landlord for 5,500 yuan (or a slightly lower 4,500 yuan)
  2. Long-term rental apartment, renovate the house, install an electronic code lock for each room, and divide it into 3 single rooms
  3. Put 3 room listings on the app, and put advertisements to attract young people to rent houses. The price of a single room is 2500 yuan
  4. If young people make a one-time payment, the rent discount can be as high as RMB 2,350. If young people cannot pay the annual rent, use a 50% discount for the first month to guide tenants to use the rental mortgage. Finally, each tenant must borrow from the loan company in his own name 34545 yuan = 25850 yuan (11 months rent) + 1175 yuan (first month and a half month rent) + 2820 (10% handling fee) + 4700 (two months deposit)
  5. The rental loan company will deduct fees ranging from 10% to 15%, such as interest and handling fees, and then pay the rent of 3 rooms totaling about 93,000 yuan to the long-term rental apartment at a time, and the long-term rental apartment will get the 93,000 yuan collected. To do other things, such as investing in financial and wealth management projects, expanding business in other industries, or even lending in disguise or flowing into the real estate market, etc.
  6. For long-term rental apartments, pay rent to the landlord monthly or quarterly with the rent on hand and the money earned

▲ Rent loan model. Picture from: Ren Yi (WeChat public account)

In fact, if the landlord rents out the house directly and the annual rent is only 60,000 yuan, the difference in price of more than 30,000 yuan, 10% of the installment interest or handling fee and rental income will be long-term rented apartments and loan companies separated.

There is a very high risk in doing so. For example, when the invested money is not profitable or even unable to get back the principal, the entire capital chain will be broken and the "game" cannot continue.

The apartment and the loan company eat melons to watch the show, leaving the landlord and tenant to hurt each other

The chain reaction of the thunderstorm came quickly. Long-term rental apartments were unable to pay the landlord's monthly rent. In order to reduce the loss, the landlord would immediately ask the tenant to withdraw the rent. In the end, the tenant had to move and embark on a long way to defend rights.

Although the landlord and tenant are both victims and should stand on the same front to defend their legal rights, for some reason, the contradiction between the two parties has intensified.

▲ The door of the house has become a "battlefield" for tenants and landlords. Image source: New Commercial Culture (Zhihu)

Ms. Xu is one of the landlords who got caught. She has a 120-square-foot three-bedroom apartment in Beijing, which she has always handed over to Eggshell Apartment. "Before, I paid me rent on the 15th of each month. Last December, the first When I was in arrears this time, I called and called (rental) the next day, but since August this year, I haven't received the rent again, and no one answered the call."

Ms. Xu believes that the landlord is also a victim. "I also understand the situation of the tenants. Now public opinion is biased towards them. They feel that they are pitiful. They have pushed the eggshell error on our landlord and made us seem unjust. It’s the same as the last time that the takeout button waits for 5 minutes. It kidnaps us morally , but we are also carrying mortgages. There are old and young people, and we are under great pressure. It’s not that we really have a bad conscience. "

In the end, Ms. Xu negotiated with the tenant, and one person would bear half of the loss. "They give me half of the rent every month, and I will find a way to solve the mortgage gap."

However, Ms. Xu told Ai Fan'er that very few people choose to negotiate a settlement. "Nowadays, many landlords and tenants are fighting. If you change the door lock and cut off my water and electricity, I will call the police or block the door to prevent entry. It is the apartment and the lending company that make money or not. Anyway, if tenants do not repay the loan, they have to ask for credit, and it is difficult to protect their rights. In the end, most tenants will suffer a dumb loss, and they can only admit their death."

▲ Rent loans still need to be repaid on time

Thunderstorms have long had hidden worries, but they were ignored under discount

As early as 2018, there were thunderstorms in dozens of apartment houses. Jiemian News reported that there were capital chain problems in the apartment, good rent and good living, excellent tenants, and Dingjia apartment. Later, many apartments directly paid off. Run away, leaving a shocked tenant and landlord arguing.

Someone once deduced the cash flow of a long-term rental apartment company in an ideal state, and operated according to the method of fast fundraising and rolling cash flow. The cash flow performance is very beautiful.

▲ A simple calculation of the ideal state of cash flow for long-term rental apartments. Picture from: Ren Yi (WeChat public account)

But the problem is that the risk is uncontrollable. For example, some long-term rental apartments use the rent to invest in P2P, and the result is a P2P thunder, and some apartments flow the rent into real estate in disguise. As a result, the real estate is unfinished, and even the principal cannot be recovered. , If one link cannot keep up, the entire long-term rental apartment game may not be able to be played in an instant .

After the thunderstorm, many long-term rental apartments went against the laws of the market. Instead, they unilaterally increased their rents during the epidemic. They would rather be criticized by tenants, and they would increase their prices even if they were exposed by the landlord if they unilaterally increased rents but blocked rents. In fact, a red flag has been sent-they are really out of money.

▲ During the epidemic, market rents fell, and long-term apartment rents rose against the market. People who cannot come to live due to quarantine measures must also accept

However, in the face of carefully packaged rent concessions and rent loans that "can reduce the pressure", the rent increase failed to make many young people who have not been involved in the world react to it. To repay the rent and loan" is on the verge of collapse.

If supervision continues to be lacking, routines will appear

After the rent loan incident, rights-defending tenants crowded the offices of Eggshell, only to find that the branch offices of Eggshell companies in some cities were already empty. Calling the police and seeking help from relevant departments are temporarily ineffective. Tenants can only carry out self-help, pull rights protection groups, voice on the Internet, post notices to refuse the landlord to accept the house, and install monitoring at the door of the house, but they cannot completely solve the problem.

Things similar to long-term apartment rental routines have actually appeared many times. Illegal fund-raising in rural areas more than a decade ago, fund-raising in the past few years to buy shares in "ecological anti", P2P in the first two years, shared bicycles last year, and rent this year Loan, etc., as long as it is profitable, this "empty glove white wolf" routine will change tricks to harvest people who don't know the truth. The wolf behind it can be said to eat people without spitting out bones, and even worse, the victims' homes are ruined. , Evolved into a group event.

Every time something happened, the passive supervision of the dead sheep made the masses anxious to get angry, and let the victims recognize themselves as a "standard ending" after a delay, leaving the phrase "bright eyes and self-prevention" that has remained unchanged forever. "What's the use? "

Young people are the backbone of the country's future. When unregulated capital pits them into dismay, why not steal the country's future and overdraft the future to make the biggest "confidence loan"?

Third-rate plan planner, second-rate mirror host, first-rate prodigal swingman

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