The driver of Xiaopeng G9 has a high status

Some time ago, after Li Xiang, CEO of Ideal Motors, was screen-recorded and edited during the L9 live broadcast, someone took it out of context, triggering discussions on the status of "driver". If you watch the entire clip, you will find that Li wants to emphasize that "we think the driver is very important", and there is no need to over-interpret it.

On August 10, the Xiaopeng G9 opened for pre-order and announced the long-awaited interior. I believe that many people will compare the ideal L9 with the Xiaopeng G9, so what is the status of the "driver" in the Xiaopeng G9?

Let’s talk about the conclusion first, as a flagship model full of new power configuration, it is very cool to be the driver of the ideal L9 and Xiaopeng G9, but the Xiaopeng G9 has more selling points for the driver, and at the same time pays more attention to the passenger experience than before, and the ideal L9's product concept of "creating a mobile home, creating a happy home" serves drivers and passengers in a more balanced manner .

Some time ago, Dong Che will have a static experience of Xiaopeng G9, combined with the information released by the official, let's talk about our feelings.

It is the first time in China to be equipped with dual-chamber air suspension, which makes the driver more comfortable

At present, Xiaopeng G9 has not yet opened for test drive, but as a driver at home, I am very interested in the driving experience of G9.

On June 29, 2022, Xiaopeng Motors CEO @ He Xiaopeng previously stated on Weibo:

There is also a difference between vacant and vacant! The G9 is equipped with an intelligent dual-chamber air suspension, and the dual-chamber air springs from top suppliers are basically the only configuration available in the current million-dollar luxury cars; Through the predictive ability of perceptible hardware and high-precision maps, the road conditions can be predicted in advance, and the suspension can be adjusted actively. It is no exaggeration to say that we have achieved a vacant re-evolution on the G9, subverting the industry's perception.

On August 10, 2022, according to the official news, the motor power of the new car reaches 405kW (front: 175kW, rear: 230kW), the peak torque is 717N m, and the acceleration from 100 km It is the first domestic model equipped with dual-chamber air suspension .

The question is, what is the new selling point of active adjustment suspension and dual-chamber air suspension?

First, regarding active suspension adjustment, the most famous ones are “Mercedes-Benz Magic Body” and “BMW Magic Carpet”. Their principles are similar. Both use the camera on the windshield to detect road conditions and actively adjust the suspension. Mercedes-Benz is currently standard on the 3.12 million Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC, optional on the S-Class, and optional on the 7 Series and X7 on the BMW.

Second, about the dual-chamber air suspension from the top supplier, the official has not yet begun to explain, but according to previous media reports, the supplier may be from Germany Wieback. In contrast, Porsche's official website shows that the Cayenne uses a "three-chamber air suspension".

After doing the above analysis, I understand why He Xiaopeng said that "the re-evolution of the dangling has been realized on the G9, which has subverted the industry's cognition". Compared with the air suspension of Mercedes-Benz and BMW, Xiaopeng G9 adds high-precision maps as a judgment ability to predict road conditions. Although the hardware is not as good as Porsche's three-chamber air suspension, the innovation of combining soft and hard can be regarded as a breakthrough in the industry .

It is a bold guess that the actual driving performance of the air suspension of Xiaopeng G9 may not be as good as that of Porsche, but it is likely to be better than domestic cars of the same level. These selling points can be said to be built for drivers, and the status of drivers is properly high.

The interior is not perfect, but it pleases the hostess

The Xiaopeng G9 adopts an embracing cockpit design and uses a large area of ​​soft package material, which can be seen and touched.

Working in Guangzhou, I saw that the quilting texture of the seats inspired by the "small waist" of the Canton Tower is quite intimate, and the actual riding experience is also comfortable. The seats are soft and wrap well. Surprisingly, the co-pilot is equipped with a calf support, which is more pleasing to the hostess. The front seats support ventilation and heating, but only the seat cushions provide ventilation, not the backrests.

The rear row supports heated massage and backrest adjustment functions, the leg rests are thick, and the rear row space is better than the front row, it is very easy to cross your legs.

Smart cockpit upgrade, 5D experience worth a try

The car is equipped with dual 14.96-inch conjoined screens and uses Qualcomm 8155 chips. Sadly, this time we didn't see the HUD configuration.

From the point of view of the on-site experience, the 3D UI human-computer interaction system is equivalent to the previous Xiaopeng models, but there are still some areas that need to be improved, such as the refinement of the UI.

The sound effect experience is a major selling point of the Xiaopeng G9. It is equipped with 28 acoustic units from Dynaudio with a total power of 2250W. Through the coordination of hardware and software, seats, air conditioners, ambient lights and fragrances can be linked with the plot of the movie.

Dong Chehui experienced the G9's 5D movie viewing function on the spot. With the switching of the movie scene, the air volume of the air conditioner and the inclination of the seat will be linked and changed, and even the seat will vibrate (using the massage function). Compared with the three-dimensional theater in the playground, except that the seat action is not so large, there may be less spray links.

Regarding this function, there should be not many early film sources, but for a car, it can bring freshness to passengers.

508TOPS + dual lidar assisted driving, with a battery life of up to 702km

At the hardware level, the Xiaopeng G9 uses dual Orin-X assisted driving chips, with a computing power of 508 TOPS, second to the 1016 TOPS of the NIO NT2.0 platform, but consistent with the ideal L9. The car is equipped with 31 sensing elements, including 2 lidars, 5 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and 12 cameras.

This time the official configuration list has not been released, but I believe that lidar is not standard. The official did not disclose the completion of the assisted driving at the time of delivery, but the 30TOPS computing power chip + low-pixel ADAS camera of Xiaopeng P5 still has a surprising performance under such a low configuration, which makes people look forward to higher configuration. G9 performance.

Charging is the industry-leading selling point of the Xpeng G9. It is the fastest-charging mass-produced electric vehicle in the world, and it is also the first domestic mass-produced vehicle equipped with an 800V high-voltage platform . With Xiaopeng's self-built 480kw supercharger, the fastest charging is 5 minutes and the battery life is 200km.

On the other hand, the official version of the battery life has not yet been announced, and according to the current data, the highest CLTC battery life can be achieved 702km.

Xiaopeng G9, still a stubborn science student at heart, but has become more literary

In the past, Xiaopeng Motors gave me the impression that it is more like an engineer-oriented product (a bit like Sony), first make the car well and then slowly educate the market. For example, we can see the roof camera on the early Xiaopeng G3, which is actually praised. rate is not high.

However, the Xpeng G9 this time has obviously done in-depth market research in the product planning stage, such as the 5D music cockpit, which does give users a sense of freshness. However, it still pursues the ultimate in automotive technology in its core. It can be charged for 5 minutes and have a range of 200 kilometers, making it the fastest-charging mass-produced electric vehicle in the world.

Finally, look forward to the actual performance of the test drive, see the strength of this intelligent dual-chamber air suspension, and the experience brought by the German team's two-year adjustment .

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