The dream linkage between “Avatar 2” and Mercedes-Benz! This scaly concept car is on the road

Robots are not (only) human-shaped robots, and the core lies in "artificial intelligence".

At the press conference of Jidu ROBO-01 Lunar Exploration Limited Edition, Xia Yiping, CEO of Jidu Automobile, explained the "automobile robot" in this way. In his view, natural communication is one of the core capabilities of robots.

Jidu realizes the "communication" between people and cars is very simple. Putting two LED panels on the front of the car, to put it another way – the robotized front face design, plus a speaker outside the car, this becomes a car. A "car robot" with "strong AI interaction capabilities".

Think about it carefully, don't you think it's a little funny?

The communication between people and vehicles is no longer a new concept. The most interesting of them may be the Na'vi people with their own "network cables" in "Avatar".

Director James Cameron (James Cameron) once said that the braids of the Na'vi people are more like a living firewire interface, which can connect with the outside world for barrier-free communication. For example, their mount – Thunderwing Beast (Banshee).

Of course, it may not be realistic for humans to grow a "network cable" to control vehicles in the short term. According to common sense, we still need to use both hands and feet to drive. To achieve a new breakthrough in human-vehicle communication, we have to hand it over to automakers.

At present, the most "Avatar-like" model in terms of interaction has to be this Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR.

AVTR has no steering wheel and no pedals, and the driver can control the vehicle's forward, backward, and steering with only an oval-shaped control unit. You can think of your hands as your "braids", which will be the only link between you and this car.

The vitality of the car comes from interaction

As you can see from the name, AVTR and Avatar are related by blood.

The design inspiration of VISION AVTR comes from Pandora, the planet where Avatar is located. Gorden Wagener, former chief design officer of Mercedes-Benz, believes that Pandora fits perfectly with the design language of Mercedes.

On the AVTR, the most striking thing is the wheels. Look carefully at the glowing light strip, it is the holy tree seed that fell on him like a dandelion when the hero Jack and the heroine Neytiri met for the first time.

These huge wheels also have certain functions, for example, they can act as side turn signals when turning.

Moreover, the AVTR's rear wheel steering angle has reached an astonishing 30°, which not only greatly reduces the turning radius, but also allows it to move diagonally, which is what people call "crab walking".

In order to give the AVTR a stronger vitality, Mercedes added 33 movable bionic flaps on its rear, and these bionic flaps will respond instantly to the AVTR's movements.

Together with the interior lights, the "scales" on the AVTR become a way to communicate with other vehicles, Mercedes said.

For example, when you speed up, it looks like this:

There will also be actions when decelerating, and it will also be accompanied by a red light:

The flow speed of the rear light belt will become faster as the vehicle speed increases:

These are much more interesting than the few LED panels on some "car robots".

Open the pair of "wings" of the AVTR, sit in the car, and what you see is the center console that symbolizes the "tree of soul", which is the most sacred place of the Na'vi people. Here, you will realize the true human-machine integration with AVTR.

The planet Pandora is covered in various luminescent creatures, so the AVTR's cockpit is also filled with ambient lights.

The dreamy Pandora is presented on the instrument panel through projection. Passengers only need to raise their hands to intuitively select different functions on the palm of their hands and switch to different viewing angles.

Cameron once said that the production team "lifted Huangshan into the air." Yes, Hallelujah Mountain in "Avatar" is China's Huangshan Mountain and Zhangjiajie. The production team once came to China to shoot scenes, and then completed the special effects production.

In fact, Mercedes was also involved in the production of the film.

In 2018, a year before "Avatar: Way of Water," Mercedes designers collaborated with the Avatar team to create Pandora's creatures, environments, and sets. Both teams visited each other in Germany and Germany. California studio.

Wagner said Mercedes was present at many stages of the film's production.

But the VISION AVTR will not appear in Avatar: Way of Water.

“All the human machines we see on Pandora are brutal, destructive military vehicles that destroy Earth’s ecosystems at the behest of humanity,” Wagner said. “We don’t want it to be the bad guy.”

AVTR with flesh and blood, like a dream

In "Avatar", the Na'vi used their braids to establish a symbiotic brain connection with the creatures on the planet Pandora, and the VISION AVTR is activated in a similar way-

Put your hand on the control unit of the sub-dashboard, the vehicle will be awakened immediately, and the audio will emit the sound of heartbeat, and the seat shaped like a leaf hammock has eight exciters built in, which can let you feel your own pulse, providing A unique experience of fusion of reality and reality.

At the same time, an oval-shaped controller rises like an accordion, and then moves like a breath. At this point, push it forward or backward to accelerate or brake; tilt it to either side to steer. If you want to experience "crab walking", just twist it.

It seems that such a driving state is extremely leisurely, and the transparent front screen and glass doors also provide excellent visibility.

But it is not.

Former CNET Cars editor Daniel Golson (Daniel Golson) said after a test drive that the VISION AVTR's controls are very sensitive and difficult to fine-tune.

During the test drive, the suspension could not effectively filter the bumps, and the sound insulation performance was also very poor. In the cold winter, it could not even provide a warm cabin.

However, this is a concept car after all, and there is no need to ask too much. Generally speaking, most concept cars are remote-controlled, and the top speed can only be maintained in single digits. The AVTR is different, and its speed can reach 56km/h.

Mercedes said that the AVTR has a 110kWh battery pack and four motors, corresponding to the four wheels, with a combined maximum power of 470 horsepower and a cruising range of up to 700 kilometers.

Although this is just a dreamy concept car, we can still get a glimpse of the future design concept and technical direction of Mercedes.

Maybe one day EQS will become like this, who knows?

Earth is our Pandora

In addition to gorgeous visual effects and unique communication methods, VISION AVTR and "Avatar" also have one thing in common-they both care about the planet they are on.

On VISION AVTR, we saw Mercedes-Benz's pursuit of sustainability.

For the most difficult batteries to dispose of, AVTR uses graphene organic chemistry battery technology, which is completely free of rare earths and metals and 100% recyclable.

Inside, Mercedes has ditched real leather and replaced it with DINAMICA leather, a synthetic microfiber, while the rest of the covering is made from waste fabric and recycled PET plastic bottles; what looks like a wooden floor is actually a fast-growing rattan.

Mercedes even claims that the AVTR's spherical wheels will have less impact on grass than regular wheels—if you drive it on grass.

"The film communicates our values ​​and goals," said Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius. He felt that fewer cars were not the solution, but better cars were.

"Avatar" producer Jon Landau (Jon Landau) believes that VISION AVTR can not only make you feel the connection between people and cars, but also make you feel the connection between people and nature.

This will change their view of the world.

You can't do this with just two LED panels and some fake words.

The author is a bit busy, so I will write an introduction later.

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