The documentary created by Lenovo AIPC was released. Ai Faner chatted with director Lu Chuan

During the 26th Shanghai International Film Festival, the documentary "Western Fields" shot by film director Lu Chuan premiered and released. This is Lu Chuan's third work exploring the relationship between man and nature, following "Kekexili" and "We Are Born in China". This is also the first documentary created with the support of Lenovo AI PC after Lu Chuan and Lenovo Group announced the establishment of Lenovo Yuanchuang AI Imaging Laboratory.

The "Nishino" that the documentary lens focuses on is a zoo that goes beyond the traditional "animal cage" label: it takes animal rescue and release as its own responsibility, and strives to maintain the natural behavior of wild animals. Here, animals that meet the conditions for survival in the wild will regain their freedom and return to the embrace of nature.

Through Lu Chuan's lens, the audience can witness the pious protection and deep concern for life of the animal protection staff of Xining Wildlife Park, from the determination to fight against poaching to the re-examination of the boundaries between man and nature, to the unremitting pursuit of maintaining the dignity of biological survival, and finally sublimation into Philosophical reflections on animism and the cycle of life.

The era of rampant poaching in "Kekexili" 20 years ago is far behind us. With the deepening of wildlife protection operations, it is time for us to rethink and change the way we interact with wild animals.

Lu Chuan said this at the beginning of the documentary.

Technology and AI are the new paradigm for the way humans and animals get along. As an ESG practice of AI For All to fill the world with love, Lenovo and Nishino jointly built the "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau AI First Park" focusing on wildlife rescue, breeding, scientific research, science popularization and other work.

For example, the snow leopard behavior AI recognition and analysis system is used to improve the efficiency and scientific nature of wild species protection work.

Lu Chuan said that AI has opened up many areas in terms of animal protection. For example, in the post-production of this film and the intervention of AI PC in the middle and late stages, AI is bringing complete changes to the entire workflow.

Sora shocked everyone when it came out at the beginning of this year. Runway came out a few days ago, and I downloaded it myself and tested it. AI has fully integrated into our work, from the later stages of "749 Bureau" to the nature film "Western Wilds", we are using it.

As a geek among contemporary directors, Lu Chuan has fully introduced AI into his workflow. He believes that the significance of AI creators lies in knowledge equality, allowing young creators to cross the threshold and directly visualize their creativity, shortening, deepening and strengthening the creative chain.

After the premiere, Hu Yanping, chief expert of Future Labs, Zhou Jiangong, founder of Unfinished Research, He Chuan, general manager of consumer business product planning of Lenovo Intelligent Device Group, He Zongcheng, chief content officer of Aifaner, and director Lu Chuan launched a discussion about AI PC empowers creators to communicate economically.

The following is the full text of the conversation (slightly abridged):

Hu Yanping (Host): Welcome everyone to participate in the "Xi Ye" Documentary Premiere and AI PC Empowering Creator Economy Seminar. In fact, what I particularly want to ask is, regarding the protection of animals and what technology can do for animal protection, which part touches the guests the most?

Lu Chuan: From the time I started this project to watching every edit, I have been struggling with two things. One is how much space should be used to calmly and clearly explain the technology empowering wildlife protection, and the second is how much space should be used to tell a touching story.

In fact, my intuition, work habits, and all the training I have received tend to be towards the latter, so I feel that every time I am talking about where the emotional point is and where it can make the audience cry.

▲ Lu Chuan – famous director, screenwriter, producer, chief director of "Western Wild"

Although I participated in this matter, I can't help crying and feeling very emotional every time I watch it. One is the interview with Captain Zhao, which is really touching.

There are also shots of the group that were released. I think that’s the meaning of everyone’s efforts, including the vultures, desert cats, etc., who were released again and again. The director followed up and said, “There will be no more legs of lamb.” ", this is the indescribable bond between humans and animals.

If animals can enter a wildlife park, they actually have a pretty good life. They have meal stamps every day and are fed regularly and rationed amounts. But in the wild environment, as long as they hunt for food, in that environment they are almost all pastures, not in the wild. This ranch has entered someone else's ranch. The living environment is very small, so I am actually worried about them.

▲ He Chuan——General Manager of Consumer Business Product Planning of Lenovo Intelligent Device Group

He Chuan: To put it simply, I experienced a kind of awe for nature. We feel that we know too little about wild animals, and the actions we can take to protect them are not enough. Through this video, we saw the return of snow leopards to the mountains. When I walked into the vast snow-capped mountains, I could feel the helplessness of the humans behind me, not knowing what they would face in the future.

Precisely because we have such a wish, we are trying to use more technological means to let us know more about them and give us more opportunities to help and protect them.

▲ Zhou Jiangong – founder of Unfinished Research, former CEO of China Business News, and former editor-in-chief of Forbes Chinese version

Zhou Jiangong: What touched me most was the moment the snow leopard came out of the cage. I was both happy and worried for it. This territory actually belongs to wild animals. It is human beings who have invaded them and caused all kinds of troubles. Their life and death in nature is the dignity and life experience given to them by the earth.

People offend others in some way. But they have been in captivity in a comfortable environment for such a long time and then returned to that wild environment. So I was excited and moved by their return to their native environment, but also worried about them. This may be the charm of the movie.

▲ He Zongcheng——Chief Content Officer of Aifaner

He Zongcheng: What Captain Zhao said touched me deeply: Is it the animal that ran into your pasture? Or is your ranch built on someone else’s house? Today is different from the era of active killing and poaching in "Kekexili". Urbanization and technology often affect the natural ecology in an objective way. For example, the glass curtain walls of urban skyscrapers can actually cause the death of many birds.

So if technology is damaging something, can we use technology to nurture something in return? This is also a kind of merit and demerit.

▲ Hu Yanping——Chief Expert of FutureLabs

Hu Yanping (Host): What aspects (changes) do you hope to see in Director Lu’s next work? What works will Director Lu himself create?

Zhou Jiangong: When I look at the living conditions of these animals, we humans actually know very little about them. I think Director Lu is the best director in China for shooting animals. I still hope that through Director Lu’s lens, I can have a deeper understanding of where the dignity of life of this wild animal comes from.

He Chuan: Because director Lu Chuan’s first three works were all set on land, and the young director just wanted to be a sea whale, director Lu Chuan’s next animal protection work will be in the ocean. We don’t know much about the ocean. The state of survival may be the direction we want to explore next.

He Zongcheng: I recently read about a team using AI to reduce noise in hearing aids. The principle of hearing aids is to amplify the sound, but this will also amplify the noise, so what is more common on the market is to roughly remove all the noise. But this group of people hopes to use new algorithms to preserve some natural sounds such as wind and rain for the hearing-impaired. I think this is very romantic.

In fact, many technologies and products are implemented for military purposes and then benefit the public. But this world is often a small group of people helping another small group of people. They need to be seen, supported and encouraged. Just like wild animals that need to be protected are not just national treasures, not just Tibetan antelopes and snow leopards, I hope to see more unknown rescuers. And we creators should do things to provide help in times of need, not just to add icing on the cake.

Hu Yanping (Host): You are absolutely right to provide help in times of need. I understand that many of the thoughts that come to mind when creating films, technology, and everyone’s own heart are actually the same. As mentioned earlier, you are also a very geeky director, and I especially want to know why you are willing to do so much exploration from a geek’s perspective, including using technical means, film language, and AI capabilities. What other explorations will you do?

Lu Chuan: When the steam engine was invented, everyone was talking about what it could do. The middle school textbook said that the steam engine boiled a pot of water and then the lid jingled, but later it was discovered that it had profoundly changed every way of human life, food, clothing, housing and transportation, made the earth smaller, made communication smoother, and then came the Internet. Then there's AI.

The company founded by the guy from Open AI is called SSI. They have only one purpose, which is for the safety of AI. The door of AI has just opened, and another industrial revolution is in front of me, one is the Internet, and the other is AI, twice in total. , an epic transformation.

I am honored to participate in such a technological innovation with Lenovo's AI PC. I am so eager to know what is going on inside. It is really a window. I think this is an era that makes people both anxious and full of expectations. It is the best era of technology.

Of course, I also saw the news today that driverless driving has begun in some cities. Originally, Didi was the job of many drivers. How to solve the problems of drivers after driverless driving comes out, all these new opportunities and new anxieties coexist.

As a film director and a creator, it is difficult for me to summarize my current feelings about technology. We must be the lucky ones to stand at the node of such a great era of technological change and feel the impact. In the future, we As an observer, an experiencer, and a thinker, I really can't give an accurate answer right now.

Hu Yanping (Host): Mr. Zhou, from your perspective on technology, how likely is it that AI PC can empower creators in the future? What new forms will there be? How can creators use such technology to better make our real world better? To solve many problems, rather than to show off and act cool.

Zhou Jiangong: Everyone has talked about AI PC a lot. I have some new thoughts on this technology recently.

First, I used to be a media reporter and also engaged in creative writing. After a professional creator accumulates a large amount of materials, PC is an essential tool for him. Whether it’s text, photos, videos, or the sounds you generate, you will generate a lot more in the future using these tools to create videos.

In fact, everyone has many means to create all kinds of content. This is equal rights and liberation. PC brings benefits to everyone.

Second, when you want to create personal style and personalized content, you can use your own material library. Everyone will have a very rich material library in the future. This does not mean that it is completely local. It can be combined with cloud technology. It is also the hybrid AI and hybrid computing advocated by Lenovo.

A very powerful tool for individuals. What may be different from the previous PC era and mobile Internet era is that the protection of creators' rights and technologies that are emerging now are developing simultaneously. For example, when ChatGPT was training, did it ask me where my data came from? , it was all stolen from them, and they are currently in a lawsuit with the New York Times. After that, they will negotiate with each other honestly. What Apple does is different from them. Apple talks with every family from the beginning.

Therefore, in the AI ​​era, the rights and interests of creators and the value of their works are not infringed, but that there should be a technology that can be better protected. I think AI PC can give creators a better way to value their works to a certain extent. Control.

Hu Yanping (Host): He Zongcheng, you creator of Faner Cover, please share your thoughts.

He Zongcheng: Chinese creators are very agile and radical when it comes to converting computing power into productivity. When ChatGPT first came out last year, a group of people were engaged in AI hot articles, using a computer to mass-produce hundreds of articles a day to get traffic. This was not a particularly glorious thing, but it reflected a fundamental change: in the past, there was no professional quality. People can use AI to make things that pass the mark.

There is a new trend this year: many creators are starting to build their own AI Agent workflow. For example, use platforms such as Dify or coze to customize prompts, external vector knowledge bases, and call plug-ins to meet the needs of specific business scenarios.

What are the requirements of specific business scenarios? Let me give you an inappropriate example: sorting out invoices, something that contemporary workers hate deeply. But you can’t actually find a service that can solve your problems in one step. Invoices are either paper, electronic, in folders, or in mailboxes, and each company's reimbursement process and format are different.

Using AI Agent Workflow, you can build multiple AI bots on your PC for content recognition, data statistics, and table generation.

Large models may be able to solve many common problems, but the specific workflow of each creator must be different and must be different for thousands of people.

No matter how the tools change, concepts and personality will always be a thing for creators to settle down. Therefore, the convention of content standardization will gradually be broken.

Regarding the evolution of the PC, personal computers are inherently personal, not public. So compared to cloud tools, it is a more private thing. So I think in the future the PC will transform from a popular toolbox into an external brain for thousands of people.

Its local computing power will be more inclined to solve some personalized things, such as your writing style, your thinking logic, your aesthetic preferences, and even values.

Hu Yanping (Host): Each of us will play something. Everyone is a creator, either creating on a mobile phone or on a computer. Mr. He, what do you use and play with when you go home? What is your own equipment?

He Chuan: I definitely still use Lenovo PCs for my own equipment. Of course, I can have the opportunity to get many more forward-looking platforms, such as AI PCs with stronger computing power, greater computing power, and better models. I now A very frequently used application is to do "knowledge summary".

I often have to read reports, which may be dozens or hundreds of pages. Many of the reports are in English. I really have to take the time to understand the essence of the report. It may take an hour or even several hours. There are dozens of pages. Industry research reports, but I will use AI models to summarize and organize knowledge points and documents, and let it summarize for me two to three hundred words in a few dozen seconds. This is very useful for me to learn new industry trends. Very helpful and greatly improved my work efficiency.

I am a typical customer, and I am currently working on the next AI device. This AI device may be more powerful than the AI ​​PC, and may be more useful to our families, including some professional digital creators.

Zhou Jiangong: My personal favorite is, for example, there are ten professors from different disciplines next to me, and I never tire of asking questions. I like to keep asking questions. Of course, it may be called prompt engineering in a more professional way.

When I am in a field that I don’t particularly understand, but I want to master it quickly, I think this is a very powerful tool, and now its assistant goes in the direction of Agent, not only the knowledge of the model in pre-training , it can also enhance the search and bring you more knowledge. If the answer and summary are not understood well, it will also introduce you to many sources so that you can continue to learn.

So it is a professor you never tire of asking. It is such an enjoyable thing to have ten professors at home studying with you. This is the best I feel.

Lu Chuan: From a learning perspective, sometimes I feel smug when walking among the crowd. The first time I asked AI to help me design a set of mind maps, I was surprised. The whole process of thinking came out in seconds. When the map is presented in front of you in a very hierarchical manner, you suddenly realize that your life is no longer a process of lonely exploration. You have a huge, powerful, and super mentor.

I have been writing scripts, and I once tried to send my script in. I asked you to tell me what kind of script I was writing, and it also gave me a lot of opinions.

I think the first thing it will change is the way of education. The whole education really does not need the current education method. If you can use it, basically all the knowledge will give you the top knowledge, and it is real knowledge, and it is not interfered or contaminated knowledge. What is given is the most valuable from the perspective of knowledge itself.

If our colleague in our company suddenly writes a report very well one day, I will ask him if he has installed something on his mobile phone. He will shyly say that I installed it, and he suddenly changes from the level of a first grader to a After you become a postdoc, there are no grammatical errors, the words are accurate, and the language is logical. You know that it was definitely not written by him, but it is very good. What he gave you is valuable.

He Zongcheng: My PC is a very old device. It has neither a discrete graphics card nor an NPU. In fact, it cannot be called an AI PC. But on the other hand, I also think that the power of a PC depends on the creativity of the creator. Power does not lie in how much computing power it has.

I have been doing two things recently, one is chatting with AI, and I am often inspired by some ideas. In the past, Steve Jobs said that he hoped that there would be a technology in the future similar to Aristotle sitting across from you. I feel this way now.

In addition, I recently popularized the extent of AI to my family, such as teaching my cousin to use AI to do some work assistance, showing my mother AI elimination, and showing them some cases of AI fraud. Many new technologies have just sprouted. At times, black products often move the fastest. I said that if one day you see a real face appear on the screen of your mobile phone asking for money, don’t believe it. If you say that what you see may not necessarily be true, this is actually something that impacts the worldview of ordinary people.

Hu Yanping (moderator): The last question is for Mr. He. I’d love to know what our next steps are? How can we use technology to better protect animals, including how to better cooperate with Director Lu, so that we can all see more good films?

He Chuan: In "Western Wilds", we talked about the application of AI technology to wildlife protection, but it is a very professional field after all.

First, as a PC manufacturer, Lenovo has also begun to vigorously promote the concept of AI PC this year. Lenovo has its own unique understanding of AI PC, which may be different from other manufacturers in the industry, including world-renowned software and operating system manufacturers. We need to integrate a lot of computing power, such as from the perspective of heterogeneous computing, regardless of CPU/NPU/GPU All kinds of computing power must be comprehensively utilized, so that the PC can achieve greater efficiency.

Second, we emphasize the concept of personal intelligence (Tianxi). It is not simply the concept of a large model. The future AI should be a more intelligent partner and feel like your personal personal assistant. Of course, the large model is A tool and necessary capabilities support it, but there must be something that transcends the large model. We are currently working on developing something like this.

Third, we must pay attention to personal data and personalized management capabilities, including data security capabilities.

We even believe that AI technology should be the most important thing for PCs to pay attention to in the next ten years. We called PCs 20 years ago multimedia computers. You may not feel it at all, but you will feel that if there is a floppy drive, an optical drive, and a stereo , let’s call it multimedia for now, later it will be called the Internet or mobile Internet, and the next step may be AI.

Hu Yanping (Host): Thank you Mr. He. Today's interactive discussion is really rare. Although it is short, it is still very fruitful. Today's viewing was not only touching, but also filled with many inner questions. It also gave us the answer, that is, what is the purpose of creation, including the purpose of technology, including the relationship between AI for good and protecting the beauty of living beings.

When the birds return to the sky, the snow leopards return to the snow-capped mountains, and Suonan's little yak can stand up and run behind people, I believe that at that moment our hearts are the same. We are actually the same as them, every "Suonan" "It's the snow leopard. Every snow leopard is also the flying bird. They are all the same.

Ten thousand sentences can change one sentence. I really hope that technology and AI can better assist creation, creation can better assist protection, and can better assist the restoration of the relationship between man and nature. I think this is the only way. It is part of the normal cycle of this world.

From being a bystander and recorder of technology, to becoming a practitioner of how technology affects lifestyles.

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