The digital academy of Italy was born with Tim and Google

When Impresa Ricerca and Accademia meet, great projects can only be born. This is what happened with Google, La Sapienza University of Rome and Tim who gave rise to the first digital academy in Italy. These three companies announced a few days ago the AI Academy project with which they intend to train as many professionals as possible. The training courses that will be provided will be highly qualifying and aimed at multidisciplinary scientific improvement.

In recent days, the AI ​​Academy project was presented in collaboration with Tim and Google at the 'La Sapienza' university in Rome
In recent days, the AI ​​Academy project was presented in collaboration with Tim and Google at the 'La Sapienza' university in Rome. Credit:

The course will involve recent graduates and professionals so that they can increase their knowledge. The press release reports verbatim that the goal will be

"To exploit all the potential of artificial intelligence by combining humanistic, scientific and technological knowledge"

Not only technology but also ethics, philosophy, sustainability and community care. The courses in fact present a very wide heterogeneity. The presentation of the training offer will take place during the month of December but some dates on the development of the main activities are already known.

The first to start will be the Artificial Intelligence for Crisis & Emergency Management in Medicine in January 2021. The goal is to train professionals in the sector in the management of emergency situations and socio-health crises through the use of the most advanced . Immediately after, in the first quarter of 2021, Ethics, Rights and Policies of Artificial Intelligence, the focus of which will be on the possibility of adapting the diffusion of artificial intelligence to public ethics.

Finally, the course that will start in the spring of 2021 is called AI Strategies & Business Applications and will be aimed exclusively at professionals in the sector. The course recipients will learn to recognize and exploit all the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence to entrepreneurship by evaluating their risks and benefits.

Operation Digital Risorgimento by Tim

Both Tim and Google are no strangers to these initiatives. For example, Tim had already started in this direction with 'Operation Digital Risorgimento', an initiative that could push the population to a greater approach to new technologies . The targets to which the contents of the project are addressed are basically four:

  • to people so that they can acquire, thanks to a daily commitment, greater digital skills and improve their lives more and more;
  • to companies to give strength and support to the digital transition more than ever required in this historical period;
  • to the public administration to accompany the digital transformation of the PA;
  • to young people in order to guarantee a training offer with a technological footprint through the introduction of technological teaching tools

Tim's prefix could be summed up in these simple words:

"We wanted to unite Italy, digitally divided, between who knows and who doesn't know, who can and who can't."

How are you going to achieve this? Through the creation of courses, master classes and free meetings. The themes, on the other hand, are very varied from cybersecurity to digital marketing, from news in the retail world to machine learning and so on.

Tim's "Operation Risorgimento Digitale", a great digital education project for Italy, is underway
Tim's “Operation Risorgimento Digitale” is underway, a great digital education project for Italy. Credit:

The partners in collaboration with Tim for this operation are more than 30 each with its own peculiarities in the world of technology.

Italy in digital by Google

Google is also no exception in this type of initiative. The project she has dedicated herself to takes the name of 'Italy in Digital'. In this case, the goal is to bring companies ever closer to the world of digital entrepreneurship .

With the Italia in Digitale project, Google is trying to bring the world of entrepreneurship closer to new technologies.
With the Italia in Digitale project, Google is trying to bring the world of entrepreneurship closer to new technologies. Credit:

From the creation of pages used to make your business known, to the use of data exploration techniques to get to know your customers better. Some of the tools made available are free, while others have a more or less high cost based on the type of need.

In some cases what is advertised is the story of the entrepreneurs who made it and who want to tell their story to entice as many people to invest in digital.

Other initiatives

In recent months, our country is developing numerous ideas to drag the population more and more into the digital world. A few months ago, the announcement that the Italian Institute of Artificial Intelligence (I3A) will be born in Turin and the European headquarters of the patent court in Milan. We talked about it in an article here .

Or the development of an ultra-fast connection that can be more widespread throughout the national territory means that the technological gap is narrowing more and more

All these initiatives bode well because only by keeping up with the times in the technological field will it be possible to progress with the whole society.

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