The “Crown Prince of Android” Pixel 8 has been exposed again, and there are still many details that Google has not revealed

The Pixel 8 has been leaked again.

Google’s annual flagship had already been stripped bare before it was announced. I thought that the updated content of Pixel 8 had been revealed, but I didn’t expect that Google still had unexpected surprises.

Yesterday, X user Kamila posted an official unreleased Pixel 8 promotional video on the platform, which showcased the Pixel 8’s AI photography function.

It can be seen from the promotional video that while upgrading the stability, Google has added the same "night scene mode" to the video as the photo. The video capabilities of the Pixel 8 series have been greatly improved as a result. The images captured are not only more stable, but also provide good color and brightness performance in dark light scenes.

The update of Pixel 8’s audio noise reduction is even more eye-catching. Thanks to the addition of AI, Pixel 8 can automatically distinguish audio content after shooting a video. Users can adjust the proportion of background noise when quickly editing with their mobile phones, completely It’s up to the user to decide whether to reduce noise or retain some noise.

AI has also brought several unique functions to photos. Pixel 8 can now identify the background and other elements of the protagonist in the photo. Erasing the "clutter" in the photo is just the basics. It is easy to add the same "Magic Changing Sky" from Xiaomi thing. Surprisingly, the Pixel 8 can also individually enlarge and move elements in a photo.

From now on, users don’t need to think about composition, positioning or background when shooting. They just need to raise their hands to shoot, and AI will take care of the rest.

Let alone composition, users who take photos with Pixel 8 don’t even have to think about their expressions.

Google has added an AI face-changing function to it, allowing users to change the expressions of people in photos with one click. Judging from the demonstration, the face-changing function is not generated by AI, but replaced with photos in the album. The advantage of this is that the final effect will be more realistic.

The improvement of Pixel 8's "Portrait Mode" cannot be left behind. Pixel 8's "Portrait Mode" can now adjust the blur in the front and rear backgrounds, similar to the static version of Apple's "Movie Mode". In addition, this mode can also achieve The same drag effect directed by Wong Kar Wai.

There are also some small updates shown in the promotional video but not introduced, such as manually adjustable shutter speed, ISO and focus range. Pixel 8 will change the way the phone clicks to focus, instead using the same sliding focus as the camera.

So far, Pixel 8 has gone through many rounds of leaks, and the specific parameters have been revealed.

The main camera of the Pixel 8 series will also be equipped with a GN2 sensor. The ultra-wide-angle lens of the Pro version will be upgraded to IMX787, and a temperature sensor will be added. Although the battery capacity of the Pixel 8 series is almost the same as that of the previous generation, the charging speed of the entire series has been improved to a certain extent.

According to 9to5Google, the price of the entire Pixel 8 series will increase by US$100, with the Pixel 8 starting at US$699 and the Pixel 8 Pro priced at US$999. Pixel 8 will also receive 7 years of software support from Google, but it is unclear whether the 7 years of support refers to 7 years of version updates or security patch updates.

The Pixel series is the "Crown Prince of Android", and Google has never been soft on its support. In contrast, the Pixel series' negligent confidentiality measures. Rumors about the Pixel 8 upgrade have been leaking since last year. As time goes by, the amount and reliability of relevant information continue to increase. Sometimes Google even personally breaks the news. This also makes the Pixel 8 just feel better. "Wonder".

The Pixel 8 series is scheduled to be released on October 4, which is only more than a week away. There should be no new news, right?

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