The country wants to send you an object? The story of the machine in “Black Mirror” helping you find a lover is really coming

"If you like the male guest number 2, please turn on the light." This is the favorite TV blind date show for the elders in the family.

"Sister Chen, someday call your daughter to come with us to meet us!" This is a blind date for retired parents looking for a couple for their children.

"When I slid to you, I knew it was you." This is a social application that swipes left and right, where young people meet new friends.

"I heard that you are the most suitable partner for me, and our match rate has reached 99.8%." This may be the near future, and you know that the most suitable person is waiting for you there. You only need to walk over to the joint, because your country says you are a good match and you can develop it.

▲ Picture from: "Black Mirror"

Japan: AI matchmaker matches young people with a 55% success rate

In many people's minds, the fourth episode of the fourth season of "Black Mirror" is the best of the season. It tells a story of using a system to choose the other half.

In that world, unmarried men and women will be sent to designated cities for system testing. Everyone has a contact device issued by the system, and any violation of regulations will be prohibited. After careful calculation, the system will select a temporary trial marriage partner for each man and woman. The length of time is variable. On the final "matching day", the system will select a perfect match for them, and the two will spend the rest of their lives together.

In that episode, the two young people were initially matched together and then separated by the system. In the end, the two trial marriage partners decided to join forces to resist the system and choose according to their wishes. In the process of testing the couple a thousand times, they rebelled against the pairing decision given by the system nine hundred and ninety-eight times, so the probability that they are "true love" with each other is 99.8%.

▲The suspicion system of trial marriages in "Black Mirror"

Zhihu user @莫亚 said: "From the first season to the present, I hope for the first time that the technology in the black mirror can be realized in reality. Give me a match that I am willing to do for him, and he is willing to fight the system for me 998 matches Boyfriends with a degree of 99.8%…"

The real world we live in may deviate from film and television, but film and television are also a possible projection of the future. According to Agence France-Presse, the Japanese government really intends to allocate 2 billion yen (approximately 126 million yuan) to local governments to invest in artificial intelligence next year, so that AI matchmakers can play a role as early as possible and match-up between men and women of the right age.

▲ Picture from: Knowledge Source

The current matchmaking agencies have partially introduced AI systems, but they still match users based on specific indicators such as age and income, which are not very different from human work, and the results are not bad. This official investment of the Japanese government is to make scientists and practitioners make AI smarter, not only that humans can do it, but also factors such as the hobbies and values ​​of both parties can be considered in the future to make the matching more accurate, so that human matchmakers can do it Less than.

A cabinet official said: "We plan to provide subsidies to local governments to help them operate or launch matchmaking projects that use artificial intelligence… We hope this support will help reverse the decline in Japan's birth rate."

▲ Japan is seriously aging

It seems that Japan's spending more money to invest in AI matchmakers is understandable. After all, Japanese people seem to be more keen on CP, rather than looking for CP for themselves.

According to data from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the number of marriage registrations in Japan has dropped from 800,000 in 2000 to 600,000 in 2019. Fewer people get married-fewer newborns-more aging. In order to break this relationship chain, it seems good to introduce the right people to the people directly from the source?

There are already successful cases. In 2019, in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, 21 couples were successfully matched under the help of AI. This system called "Aill" has a success rate of 55%.

At present, there are 25 prefectural governments in Japan that directly support people's "marriage work" and provide matching services for people who wish to get married. Friendships, blind dates, gatherings…all the activities that may let you know your lover, the government is directly involved.

In fact, AI is really reliable in finding objects

The country shot the target, and AI came to pick the candidate. This is actually more reliable than you think, or you have tried it.

Mike , the product manager of China's well-known social application Tantan, said : "AI can create artificial intelligence partners, and it can also help us find true friends." This application, launched 6 years ago, initially focused on AI and big data analysis and optimization of core algorithms. , So that users who have a good opinion of each other can be matched smoothly, which is a more accurate "guess you like".

The new foreign dating app BELONG is also taking the same path. In other words, almost all applications that help you meet new friends may use AI.

In 2016, the American online dating site eHarmony and Imperial College Business School jointly studied how artificial intelligence will change the dating selection process. In the end, they concluded that the rise of artificial intelligence will definitely affect the future of dating.

Because in the world of artificial intelligence, the word heartbeat will be transformed into data. Heartbeat, love at first sight, these words that can express your falling in love will be judged by your irregular breathing, rising body temperature, and rapid heartbeat, and they will be tracked by smart devices such as your watch and glasses in the future.

▲ Picture from: "Romeo and Juliet"

It embodies the mysterious feeling and gives more quantifiable indicators of dating and love. In terms of judgment, it is more accurate, and in terms of "guess you like", it may be more accurate than you.

Some netizens have ridiculed blind dates, what do you look like in the eyes of the introducer, you will know the moment you meet the blind date. Only when the introducer feels that the two of you are compatible in all aspects, will you do this kind of matchmaking. But in this process, wrong impressions, limited social circles, and the values ​​of both parties are prone to deviation.

▲The matchmaker image in the movie "Mulan"

The principle of artificial intelligence to introduce you to the other half is actually the same, looking for the other half based on your own conditions and needs. It's just that it will actually provide us with basic insights based on our behavioral data to match people that AI thinks match. This approach ultimately changes the way we choose a partner, not only matching our current desires, but also our subconscious desires.

Just like Japan's "AI matchmaker" sometimes does not care about the rigid conditions of the match, people outside the conditions will also enter the category of AI selection, because it feels that you are not so resistant to this type of person. Everything is just like what eHarmony said-the machine will essentially open a door for us to understand ourselves better.

▲ Picture from: eHarmony

So in the future, when we ask what kind of person marriageable men and women want to spend their life with, if the other party is hesitant to say what requirements, then we might as well ask AI, maybe it understands the real needs of married men and women better.

AI matching is not romantic, but it doesn’t hurt to meet the right person

Finding true love is an uncertain thing.

Since ancient times, countless poems, plays, and novels have portrayed people's pursuit of true love and the sweetness of falling in love. Some people compare finding true love to finding red beans in a mung bean jar. You are a red bean, and your true love is also a red bean, but if you want to meet each other, you have to find a needle in a haystack among the 7 billion green beans. The emergence of AI gives people looking for true love another possibility:

We have found 7 age-appropriate matching objects for you. The highest matching rate is 93.7%. The coordinates are…

▲AI can also be a rival in love. Picture from: "Blade Runner 2049"

Of course, compared with love at first sight and childhood sweethearts, this seems really unromantic and too mechanical. But a couple I knew on a blind date had different opinions. When they met each other, they always thought that getting to know each other through blind date was not too romantic. But after confirming the relationship, they felt that it was a lucky thing to know each other through blind dates.

In their opinion, as long as they can really meet the right person, most people don't really mind the matchmaking of AI.

But is it enough to meet the right person? The reason why the state has taken action to match young men and women is not just for young people to fall in love. It is best to have a family and have a baby after falling in love, and the baby will be full moon by the first anniversary. But for today's young people, being in love is one thing, and gestation is another.

The efficient circulation of social information has made more people aware of the hardship of having a child, not only the hardship of the body, but also the hardship of the wallet. It may cost 2 million to raise a baby in a first-tier city in China. Although there are also poor ways to raise a baby, parents can easily be trapped in another competitive game at the moment of giving birth. In this case, how can young people at 996 in the workplace dare to have children without making enough down payment?

▲ Picture from: "Her"

The existence of AI matchmakers may be able to improve the efficiency of young people's love and social life, but if you want to use this to solve the problem of low fertility, AI matchmakers cannot do it.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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