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  • Coldplay is going to host an "environmental protection" tour next year, music fans can generate electricity
  • This house of bees is envious
  • AMC cinema will popularize open subtitle services
  • Pangaia launches an environmentally friendly new denim collection
  • Newly: The power of simple ideas

Coldplay is going to host an "environmental protection" tour next year, music fans can generate electricity

Just after the release of the new album "Music of the Spheres", Coldplay also announced its global tour plan for next year, in which sustainability will become an important theme.

The tour will not only use 100% renewable energy, but also reduce its carbon emissions in a variety of ways.

This tour covered Costa Rica, Mexico, the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and many other countries. The venues in each place will be equipped with solar panels to produce energy, and the interior will also be equipped with a power floor that can generate electricity and a spinning bike to make fun Fans can also generate electricity for participation.

The electricity generated by the above equipment will be stored in a removable performance battery developed by BMW. The material of this battery itself also comes from old batteries recovered from BMW i3.

Power sources other than batteries will come from grid services that provide renewable energy.

The tour also encourages music fans to travel in a more environmentally friendly way, and through official apps, green travel can be exchanged for on-site consumption discounts. The performance will also provide free drinking water and encourage music fans to bring their own cups.

Coldplay itself will also choose a lower-carbon travel method: take commercial flights and pay surcharges to support the use of sustainable fuels for flights; use electric vehicles for commuting; and choose locally sourced food and vegetarian food for meals.

In addition, the band will also cooperate with Imperial College London, letting the latter be responsible for tracking and calculating the environmental impact of all aspects of the performance.

We have spent several years planning this tour… We are very aware that the planet is facing a climate crisis. Therefore, we have been consulting environmental experts for the past two years to try to make this tour as sustainable as possible. Just as importantly, we also want to make good use of the tour’s potential to move things forward.

We can't make everything perfect, but we will do our best.

▲ This tour will involve multiple countries

Coldplay has listed more detailed environmental protection measures on its official website. Interested readers can click here

This house of bees is envious

Located in Somerset, England, "Beezantium" is a very generous bee home, because it can not only settle bees around it, but also allows visitors to learn more about bees.

Invisible Studio in the United Kingdom disdain to put a glass box directly in the space, which is filled with bees for people to visit, and they integrate the Fengchao structure into the house.

The surface of the building is covered with oak boards, and each oak board leaves a gap of one inch, allowing bees to fly into the wall and then enter the interior by small copper pipes.

For human visitors, they can observe the bees in the hive storing nectar and pollen, and even combing each other. This learning environment is immersive, not only has visual information, visitors can also hear the sounds of bees and smell the smell of honey.

Although bees are not endangered, the number of bee colonies in the world has decreased from 5.9 million in 1947 to 2.7 million in 2020. They like to build nests in tree holes.

In early September, four swarms of bees have already settled here. Some of them were introduced, and some were "moved" on their own.

Among them, there are also two local bee colonies. Previously, these two colonies had to find new homes because the surrounding trees were felled.

AMC Cinemas will provide open subtitle services in more than 240 theaters across the United States

The American theater chain AMC recently announced that the company will provide open-subtitle viewing in more than 240 theaters across the United States. This move ushered in favorable comments from those who support barrier-free design.

Chinese audiences may be surprised by this news, because domestic movies basically have subtitles. But in the United States, movie theaters generally do not have subtitles when they show films in English as their main language.

This situation has caused a lot of trouble for people with hearing impairment, which means that some people must use auxiliary tools to enjoy the cinema experience.

Previously, AMC will provide the following accessible auxiliary equipment: auxiliary listening tools (allowing the audience to hear more clearly); voice description and auxiliary listening tools (when the voice description is not available, it will also describe what happens in the screen); closed captioning display (In addition to displaying the lines, the subtitles will also have descriptive texts).

▲ Accessibility aids before AMC

Now, with open captions, the hearing impaired can see the captions directly on the screen without additional equipment.

This is also helpful for audiences whose English is not a native language.

Of course, some netizens said that they are neither hearing-impaired nor non-native English speakers, but they just like and are accustomed to bringing subtitles when watching movies. This is especially true in the streaming media era.

However, not all viewing sessions in AMC theaters have subtitles. The theater will arrange subtitles in different time periods according to user needs.

If you are curious about the barrier-free viewing experience with language description, the easiest way may be to search "Accessible Theater" on Youku, and you can try to "listen" to a movie.

Pangaia launches an environmentally friendly new denim collection

New York sustainable fashion brand Pangaia has launched a new denim collection.

This new denim material is composed of organic cotton (64%), cotton (18%) and Himalayan wild nettle fiber (18%), which can reduce the dependence on resource-intensive material cotton and bring more durability and breathability Experience.

The series is 100% plastic-free from fabrics, routing to labels, and does not contain any petroleum-based materials.

Another aspect of traditional denim materials that is not environmentally friendly is the dyeing process. In this regard, Pangaia uses a closed-loop dye system, which can save water and reduce the use of indigo dyes than traditional processes.

Newly: Simple, but also attractive

Newly's concept is simple, using recycled materials to create classic and durable household products.

Founded in 2016, Newly now has four main categories of products, which are mainly distinguished by materials (because they are a company that emphasizes recycling materials)-(wooden) cutting boards, glass products, blankets, and acrylic.

As a direct-to-consumer brand, Newly's website is its main communication interface, and its design also extends the sense of "clarity" and "cleanness" in product design.

The advantages of each material are concisely summed up its greatest advantages and design concepts with three key words.

Take the acrylic tray as an example. It uses the three keywords of "no chemical solvent", "saving water resources" and "manually made" to penetrate the product story——

We use environmentally friendly materials (recycled acrylic is relatively more water-efficient), with a human touch (handmade by a couple living in Southern California) and sustainable production techniques (integrated design, using design to reduce dependence on solvents) , The product is more durable) to create a durable product.

In addition, the introduction page of each product will list the carbon emissions saved by product production (compared to the production process of similar products using non-recycled materials), and convert it into "Equivalent to saving XX hours of LCD TV power consumption "It is more intuitive for consumers.

The sense of information restraint presented by the entire brand from product concepts to interactions may make many consumers fascinated-everything is as simple as replacing new materials with recycled materials.

But when more consumers become more mature or even "critical" in sustainable consumption, is this "moderation" enough?

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