The biggest update in the history of Ideal launch: “Ideal Teacher” can write and draw, and driverless parking will be launched soon

Before this year’s National Day, a career changer’s job-hopping hit the hot search list on Weibo, once surpassing the popularity of the iPhone 15, which was just released. She was one of the biggest highlights of the iQOO press conference, and was called “the most beautiful” Product Manager" Song Ziwei.

The phrase "appearance and justice" is not only an objective rule in the digital world, but also applies to the automotive industry – Song Ziwei's next stop is an ideal car that also brings its own traffic.

A popular person in the mobile phone circle joined Li Auto, which sparked a lot of speculation at the time: Is Li Auto also going to make a mobile phone?

Tonight, Li Auto announced the answer: What they want to do is not a mobile phone, but to replace your mobile phone .

At the just-concluded Ideal Intelligent Software Conference, the keynote speaker Song Ziwei was certainly a highlight, but we should focus on the content of the conference first——

The most significant system update in Ideal’s history: OTA 5.0.

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From classmates to teachers

At the Ideal Family Technology Day held in June this year, Ideal Classmate for the first time changed from a voice assistant to an AI virtual life. In Ideal words: it changed from a "classmate" to a "teacher" .

In a broad sense, people who can provide people with new knowledge and insights can be called "teachers." Possessing rich knowledge and experience and being able to inspire and help others grow is the new positioning given to Ideal students by Li Auto.

The ideal classmate under OTA 5.0 has multi-modal perception capabilities. Through digital silicon microphones, 3D ToF cameras, IR sensors, and spatial multi-modal perception-3M technology covering the multi-sound zones of the entire vehicle, ideal students can fully perceive the multi-modal information in the cabin space.

To put it simply, the ideal student's "ear, eye, and brain" abilities have been greatly improved. With the help of multi-modal perception, he can recognize the instructions of "turn on this" and "turn on that".

To be more specific, today's ideal classmates can judge whether the driver is giving instructions to the ideal classmates or talking to the co-pilot based on the angle of the driver's head turning to the right.

This is just one part of this update of Ideal Classmates. Ideal Classmates can be called "teachers" because of the "Mind GPT" cognitive model added for the first time.

If you follow the Weibo of Li Xiang, CEO of Li Auto, you may find that in the past six months, most of his Weibo comes from the "Mind GPT iPhone client."

Backed by Mind GPT, Ideal Classmate now has capabilities similar to generative AI such as ChatGPT and Midjourney. You can ask it any question you can think of, or ask it to draw. In many cases, it can give Satisfactory answer.

At present, it seems that the ideal classmates supported by Mind GPT can play a good role in two scenarios and replace your mobile phone to a certain extent.

1. Weekend family excursions

I believe that for many ideal users, a short weekend family trip is an important scenario that prompts them to place an order. A medium and large SUV that is comfortable and does not have long-distance anxiety is indeed very suitable for such a thing.

But in actual implementation, the problem is often not the car, but the people. I finally got through the 5-day workday and now have the precious weekend. Do you still want me to make travel plans?

Today's ideal classmates can help you. It will take you to interesting places; it will take you to eat delicious food. The main thing is that it can be taken away with just one hand. At the same time, the deep integration of navigation and Meituan also makes daily dinner gatherings more convenient.

2. Answer daily questions

The "teacher" identity of the ideal classmate is demonstrated in this scene. You can seek help here for all the problems you encounter in life. For example, at Ideal’s press conference tonight, an Ideal user asked an Ideal classmate a question that impressed me deeply: What should I do if the toilet is blocked?

For the children in the back seat, the ideal classmate has become a veritable "ideal teacher." Ideal said that Ideal students with Mind GPT are not only knowledgeable, but can also query Internet information in real time, support all seats in the car, and even support Cantonese, Shanghainese and Sichuan dialects.

In addition, Mind GPT also features an image generation capability, but the practicality of this function is relatively average. Children in the back row can use it to "create" to a certain extent, and the number of uses is limited to 30 times a day. In terms of effectiveness, it's not that different from other current generative AIs.

Overall, the capabilities of Ideal Classmate under OTA 5.0 have indeed been greatly improved, but for users without children, the newly added browser and simple mode may be more attractive.

The browser is my only motivation to update OTA 5.0.

Cheng Nan, the owner of Ideal L7, said this.

From driving to parking

Compared with the progress of ideal classmates, the improvement of intelligent driving ability brought by OTA 5.0 seems to be more worthy of mentioning. After all, for large-size products like Li Auto, the improvement of intelligent driving capabilities is undoubtedly more practical.

Thanks to its leading sales, Li Auto has a very large smart driving fleet and is rapidly accumulating training mileage.

Taking urban NOA as an example, starting from March this year, Ideal has started running the NPN network on urban NOA and early bird test vehicles to extract and store NPN features.

Through the research and development platform of urban NPN coverage, we can check the current NPN coverage situation. Green represents that it has passed testing and verification and is available; red represents that it has NPN features but needs to be verified; gray represents that there is no NPN feature.

Based on this, Li Auto has re-architected the algorithm model and fully upgraded it from AD 2.0 to AD 3.0. The original modular algorithm architecture based on multiple small models and manual rules has been upgraded to an end-to-end algorithm architecture based on large models.

In the perception algorithm, AD Max 3.0 adopts the BEV large model and Occupancy network, which are more advanced in the visual field; the planning algorithm gradually switches to a spatio-temporal joint planning algorithm, which can plan the optimal driving trajectory in milliseconds. On the other hand, Li Auto has updated its MPC model predictive control algorithm, claiming to achieve low-latency, highly accurate steering, acceleration and braking.

At the press conference, Song Ziwei also brought you a video of herself using urban NOA to challenge the evening rush hour in urban Beijing.

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Li Auto said that with the help of large AI models, Li Auto can achieve driving performance close to that of human drivers. At the same time, this is an urban NOA product that does not rely on high-precision maps.

In addition to "driving", the ideal "parking" ability has also been improved.

OTA 5.0 officially brings unmanned parking function to L series models. When facing a narrow parking space, users can get out of the car in advance and let the vehicle park into the parking space autonomously through the mobile phone. As can be seen in the video feedback from content users, the vehicle It can complete autonomous parking in a variety of scenarios. In some extreme parking spaces, the rearview mirror will even be automatically retracted.

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In addition, OTA 5.0 also brings a "valet parking" function, which can help users park their cars in designated parking spaces in underground parking lots and support cross-floor driving. Song Ziwei said at the press conference, "Not only can it cross 2 underground The system can also support 10 floors underground."

OTA, one of the ideal "unique skills"

Every OTA is a growth and an innovation of experience.

Li Auto stated that in the past 14 months, Li Auto has experienced a total of 20 OTA version upgrades, and has launched software functions such as Task Master, Tuning Master, Sentry Mode, Voiceprint Recognition, and Little Master Mode that are popular among users. It even launched the ideal magic carpet air suspension ™ 2.0, which improves the driving quality of the vehicle.

In this OTA 5.0, Li Auto has improved the vehicle's winter endurance by upgrading the battery control algorithm and optimizing the timing of range extender intervention, with an improvement of 15-20%.

Ideal said that the Ideal L series models are expected to launch OTA 5.0 in batches on December 19. Max, Pro, and Air models of each model will usher in a new version of "Smart Space" this month; for the smart driving part, The Max model will also receive an upgrade this month, but AD Pro 3.0 for the Pro and Air models will not be launched until June next year.

In addition, although it missed the 5.0 update, Ideal will still bring OTA 3.4 update to the Ideal ONE model on December 26, including traffic light countdown, passenger screen saver, mobile version of Task Master, energy consumption distribution statistics and parking photo top view. Function.

Yes, Li Auto has not forgotten Ideal ONE. The old users who helped Li Auto "stand up" should never be forgotten.

At the end of this conference, Li Auto also imitated the opening of "Star Wars" and listed all Li Auto's internal beta users, providing these users with an opportunity to "appear on TV."

Finally, let’s use Song Ziwei’s words to summarize: “The Li Auto OTA 5.0 update even exceeds the improvement from Windows 95 to Windows XP.”

When will the ideal "Windows 7" arrive?

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