The best-selling MPV in Hong Kong is now available

Since the 1990s, Hong Kong has been a world of "seven-seater cars".

In Hong Kong, Japanese commercial vehicles such as Toyota HiAce, Nissan Caravan and Mitsubishi Delica are often called "cargo vans". Their common features are large space, fuel economy and durability. In Hong Kong, where land is precious and trade is developed, this is enough. Make them a hit.

Before Chen Haonan drove a Toyota MR2, he also drove a Toyota Hiace and took his brothers through the city.

Nowadays, the Young and Dangerous are gradually disappearing, and the "seven-passenger car", which was originally mostly used for commercial purposes, is slowly being accepted by more Hong Kong families.

After all, if you can fit a whole family in one car, why spend thousands more every month to rent a parking space?

So, do you know what brand the best-selling MPV in Hong Kong is now? Toyota? Honda? Actually it's SAIC Maxus.

▲Everyone 9

From January to April this year, the MPV model with the highest sales volume in Hong Kong was the SAIC Maxus Max9, with a total of 1,098 units, followed by Toyota Alphard and Honda FREED, with cumulative sales of 471 units and 136 units respectively.

The gap is huge.

However, the top spot of the Everyone 9 may not be maintained soon, because tonight, SAIC Maxus launched its "upgraded version" of the Everyone 9 super hybrid, as well as the more compact and more affordable Everyone 7 super hybrid.

In terms of price, the starting price of the Everyone 9 Super Hybrid is 269,900 yuan, and the Everyone 7 Super Hybrid is 199,900 yuan.

As the plug-in hybrid models of We9 and We7, both vehicles are equipped with the same "ACIS smart full-scenario super-hybrid technology". The plug-in hybrid system consists of a 1.5T hybrid-specific engine, a dedicated single-speed DHT gearbox and a high-speed Composed of batteries with high energy density.

Because of this, battery life has become a major selling point of these two plug-in hybrid MPVs.

This time, the Everyone 9 Super Hybrid and Everyone 7 Super Hybrid have launched long-range and ultra-long-range models. The long-range model is equipped with a 24.7kWh lithium iron phosphate battery. The Everyone 9 Super Hybrid has achieved a CLTC range of 115km. The Everyone 7 Super If mixed, it is 140km.

The ultra-long-range model uses a 39.7kWh ternary lithium battery. The CLTC cruising range corresponding to the We9 Super Hybrid is 225km, while the We7 Super Hybrid has a CLTC range of 230km.

If the fuel tank is included, the Volkswagen 9 Super Hybrid has a CLTC comprehensive range of more than 1,300km, and the Volkswagen 7 Super Hybrid has a CLTC range of 1,327km.

Since the word "super hybrid" is added, power is naturally one of the highlights of the new car. The maximum power of the 1.5T engine is 110kW and the maximum torque is 235N·m. The single-speed DHT has dual motors, P1 and P3. The P3 motor used to drive the front wheels has a maximum power of 176kW and a peak torque of 390N·m.

Not only that, this plug-in hybrid system also truly optimizes fuel economy based on user usage scenarios.

SAIC Maxus said that when the vehicle speed is in the 0-80km/h range, the vehicle will use pure electric drive as much as possible, and the minimum battery pack power can be used to 9%-12%. For comparison, plug-in hybrid products in the industry generally start the engine when the battery is around 15%-20%.

In addition, during pure electric driving, the engine will not be forced to intervene unless the driver steps on the "floor oil".

In terms of interiors, Everyone 9 Super Hybrid and Everyone 7 Super Hybrid also follow the previous design. Both cars use a triple screen design. However, due to different positioning, the interior of Everyone 9 Super Hybrid obviously pays more attention to the creation of a luxurious atmosphere. Everyone 7 Super The mixed interior is more youthful and fashionable.

▲ Everyone 9 is super mixed

▲ Everyone 7 super mixed

We 9 Super Hybrid has also upgraded its configuration based on We 9, adding two new interior colors: Gentleman Brown and Yunshu White, and adding suede coverings to the door panels.

The most "prestige" second-row seats have become the focus of the upgrade. The entry-level model is equipped with "zero-pressure luxury seats" and has all the comfort configurations.

High-end models are equipped with "space capsule luxury seats", which support rare 4-way adjustment of electric slide rails, 2-way adjustment of electric headrests, electric telescopic leg rests, seat heating and ventilation, 8 massage modes + 3-speed massage Intensity, multi-scene mode one-click switching and other functions.

Among models of the same price and level, this kind of configuration can not only keep up with the mainstream of new energy models, but can even be called a leading presence.

If Chen Haonan could drive the Everyone 9 Super Hybrid back then, his uncles sitting in the second row would definitely be very satisfied.

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