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  • The next time you send your iPhone 12 for repair, you may receive a "small brown box"
  • This scene of "Stranger Things 4" hit too many people
  • Twitter's "civilized speech" small experiment, did not fail
  • These people are actually "listening" to coral
  • Beeswax Wrap Co.: Say goodbye to plastic wrap!

The next time you send your iPhone 12 for repair, you may receive a "small brown box"

As of this week, friends who have sent their iPhone 12 in for repair may find that the classic "white box" has turned brown when they get their phones back.

Apple is testing a brown iPhone case from the aftermarket, according to an internal Apple memo obtained by MacRumors.

Not only is the packaging 100% plastic-free, but it's also made from Forest Stewardship Council-certified bleach-free paper, so it goes from the familiar white to brown.

Previously, repaired iPhones were returned to users in white boxes.

The attempt is also a move by Apple to meet its environmental goals. In April, Apple announced that since 2015 the company had reduced the plastic used in packaging by 75%.

It's worth pointing out that it's uncertain whether Apple will apply the new box's testing to other iPhone models, or to scenarios other than repairs.

This scene of "Stranger Things 4" hit too many people

Under the Douban page of the fourth season of "Stranger Things", four of the top five most popular short reviews are praising the fourth episode.

On the other side of the ocean, the episode also aroused widespread discussion. And the part where the character Max escapes from "Upside Down" is considered to be the most infectious scene of the entire season.

———— Spoiler dividing line————

At the time, Vecna, the season's villain, took advantage of Max's traumatic experience (witnessing her brother being killed) to alienate her and her friends. Later, Vecna ​​caught her "turning the world upside down" and trying to make her feel like her situation was caused by her own personal choices and actions.

In the end, the friends discovered that music could be a signal to guide those trapped in the "upside down world", and played Max's favorite song, Running Up That Hill , to help Max escape.

———— Spoiler dividing line————

Why did it hit so many people?

According to Mashable, many viewers who have experienced depression, or even suicidal tendencies, felt that the scene was like a description of the painful journey that they had struggled with and finally walked out. A netizen shared:

This episode hit me hard because when I was at my worst, I found my favorite band and that kept me going.

Another netizen said:

I cried while watching this scene because it captured that feeling. Like the feeling I had when I was going through a major depression and finally convinced myself to keep going.

Although Netflix did not respond to this interpretation of netizens, Nora Felder, head of music for the show, said in an interview:

In some ways, the scene can be read as a broader allusion to many teens' inner struggles with personal demons during difficult times, especially when feeling lonely and alienated from others.

On Douban, some netizens believe that this is a plot to "save autistic characters", allowing Max to save himself, full of subjectivity and strength; some netizens think that this time Max "runs" out of "the perpetual core of this drama: friends , courage, friendship, self”.

Indeed, Netflix doesn't have to explain what it's trying to say.

A good performance is to allow the audience to see those who are not necessarily the same as others, but are exactly the courage and strength they need.

Twitter's "civilized speech" small experiment, did not fail

In order to create a healthier dialogue environment, Twitter will pilot a "civilized speech" reminder mechanism starting in 2020.

If a user writes content that may contain offensive language, after clicking send, Twitter will pop up a reminder: "Do you want to change it before tweeting?"

Combining more than 200,000 interventions in 2021, Twitter's trial results are as follows

  • 69% of people ignore the prompt and send it without error;
  • 9% decided not to send it and canceled it;
  • Twenty-two percent decided to try editing their tweets, with 8% making them more "civilized" than they originally were, 13% being the same level of offense, and 1% being more offensive than they were.

While this statistic may not seem particularly impressive at first, follow-up research at Twitter sheds more light.

Instant reminder, the impact is not limited to that moment.

After encountering an alert, the alerted user was 4% less likely to send another offensive reply.

Users who received reminders also received fewer offensive replies themselves.

Tweets that triggered offensive cues had a 6% lower rate of offensive replies.

This presents a broader and ongoing change in user behavior, and also means that prompts can help users better avoid potentially offensive content when posting future tweets.

This year, domestic social media are also trying to launch the "anti-net violence" function . Although the implementation time is still short, and the results of the systematic research have not been published yet, the Twitter experiment can also be said to bring a little hope.

Although the online discussion environment is severe, we cannot give up. A seemingly inconspicuous small move may have long-term impact.

These people are actually "listening" to coral

While you might choose the sound of a burning campfire to relax while listening to white noise, scientists are looking for sounds like this on the ocean floor, because it could mean a healthy reef ecology.

▲ Researchers installed hydrophones next to coral reefs

In a recent study, scientists from universities in the United Kingdom and Indonesia noted that they fed an AI with thousands of audio learnings from the ocean floor and trained it to discern the health of coral reef ecology.

A healthy coral reef ecosystem will make a "crackling, campfire" sound because of the diverse biota that inhabit it.

Conversely, degraded reefs sound quieter and more desolate.

Human-induced warming of the ocean surface and increased ocean acidity have put enormous pressure on coral reefs.

Between 2009 and 2018, 14% of the world's coral reefs have disappeared, an area equivalent to 2.5 times the size of Grand Canyon National Park in the United States.

Scientists say AI is now at least 92 percent accurate, and hope the AI ​​system will improve the efficiency of coral reef health monitoring for conservation groups around the world.

Beeswax Wrap Co.: Say goodbye to plastic wrap!

Beeswax Wrap Co. has always revolved around only one thing – a "beeswax cloth" coated with beeswax resin to help users reduce the use of disposable plastic bags and plastic wrap, and to maximize the life of beeswax cloth.

Beeswax cloth works just like regular plastic wrap, and can be used to seal and preserve food. The difference is that they can be recycled, cleaned, and even re-waxed.

Beeswax Wrap Co. has been launching products along this line of thought.

In addition to beeswax cloth, the company also launched Wax Pennies for users to "re-wax" themselves, soaps that can wash beeswax cloth and dishes, and sponges for cleaning.

Of course, the company also supports public welfare organizations, provides reasonable remuneration for employees, and tries its best to rely on "plastic-free" products, but what impresses me the most is its "handmade" feature.

All the brand's existing beeswax cloth still insists on local hand-made (listed as a major selling point), while also encouraging users to "hands-on".

▲ How to clean moldy beeswax

From daily cleaning to getting rid of mold, from re-waxing to making your own beeswax cloth from scratch, Beeswax Wrap Co. has a rich selection on products (DIY kits for beginners) and popular science videos.

▲ A tutorial on how to deal with old beeswax cloth on the website

This also conveys its sustainable concept from a deeper level – make products with good materials and at the same time make the product life as long as possible, and you can do it.

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