The beauty of purple is even more revealing now

It is said that there are only people in the world who believe in MBTI and people who have never tested MBTI…

I don’t know when it started, but terms related to MBTI have frequently appeared in hot searches. More and more people are classifying themselves into a certain personality through the MBTI test results. These personalities are divided into four groups: NF, NT, SJ, and SP. Each group has a different color expression based on personality characteristics. Among them, the NT group is called the "Purple People Group" because of its calm, rational, and intelligent qualities. .

Coincidentally, in the traditional twelve constellations, there is also a saying that color is used to divide personality characteristics. Scorpio and Aquarius have become the exclusive representatives of purple because of their mysterious and stubborn qualities.

In addition to representing reason and mystery in horoscopes and personality tests, purple also symbolizes other things, such as nobility and luxury.

In the era of imperial power, purple often belonged to only one person or one family. During the ancient Roman period, only the Roman emperor had the right to wear all purple robes, while other members of the Senate could only wear purple borders on their clothes. In the Middle Ages, Queen Elizabeth I also banned non-royal people from wearing purple.

The reason why imperial power is closely associated with purple is mainly because it was extremely difficult and costly to obtain purple dye in ancient times. It is the scarcity of purple that gives purple its noble meaning.

Three to four thousand years ago, humans could only obtain dyes from natural animals, plants and ores. The earliest purple was called Tyrian purple, which needed to be extracted from molluscs. About 12,000 murex could produce 1.4 Grams of dye, so even if you want to turn a piece of clothing purple, a huge amount of murex will be consumed.

It is not easy to obtain purple dye from plants. For example, purple dye in ancient China came from the roots of Lithospermum chinensis. The conditions are also very harsh. Because the dye liquor is afraid of high temperatures, it can only be dyed in autumn and winter. It also requires multiple dip-dyes to ensure color fixation.

If this kind of purple is dyed on cotton and linen clothes, it will be dull and dull. Only precious silk can make purple bright and eye-catching. This is the reason why purple has not been associated with ordinary people for a long time. Its preciousness is systematic in both material and cultural aspects.

Therefore, only purple with high saturation, dyed all over the fabric, uniform and delicate is the orthodox purple.

This is the noble meaning that purple retains in both the classical and modern senses.

Purple, timeless fashion

In modern times, industrial production has made purple no longer exclusive to royal aristocrats. Everyone has the opportunity to try to control it. In addition to clothing that goes with fashion, purple also makes mobile phone colors more colorful.

When the front of mobile phones evolved into narrow bezels and full screens, the back became the main focus of design. CMF (color, material and craftsmanship) ushered in explosive development. Designers attach no less importance to color than painters.

Purple, a color that was originally rare and difficult to control, has also begun to shine on the back of mobile phones. Huawei Mate X5 Phantom Purple captures the most authentic color of purple.

Also because of this purple blessing, Huawei Mate X5 also becomes more high-end and elegant.

From a more modern perspective, the reason why the color of mobile phones is so important is that mobile phones are like new accessories besides clothing, jewelry, and bags. They are a projection of the user's aesthetics, an extension of themselves, and an element of outfitting.

It is because purple has been difficult to control since ancient times that it is considered a unique and avant-garde color in the fashion industry. The compatibility between Yingying’s palm-sized mobile phone and purple is that no one needs to worry about being unable to control it, just treat it as a hundred Pair it with a stylish item that can be the finishing touch to any look.

The phantom purple of Huawei Mate Solemnity and composure.

So, does the Huawei Mate X5 Phantom Purple color match this phone only in terms of charm?

Perhaps, we can shift our perspective from the rich history to the products and designs of modern consumer electronics, and have a deeper understanding of this phantom purple.

The world is infinite, purple will last forever

Product design is an important factor in high-end development. The Huawei Mate X5’s back camera module’s Universal Stargate design is a step forward based on the previous generation Universal Porthole.

The universe is mankind’s broadest imagination for the future. The boundless space is a synchronous track for infinite advancement of science and technology. The unknown and exploration are also two sides of the same coin. This image is most appropriate to express the spirit of exploration.

From longing and gazing through the porthole, to taking the first step through the star gate, it is also a substantial act of exploration. The finely polished metal ring base and glass lens module are combined through sharp lines, which combine hardness and softness, and also represent the all-encompassing meaning of the universe.

The reason why we need to show a spirit of exploration in addition to high-end temperament is because the folding screen product itself is a new form. Good design naturally serves the product itself, rather than existing independently. If the function of two-way Beidou satellite messaging is added, That is the unity of form, spirit, posture, and technique.

After modern humans learned about the relationship between color and light, they realized that purple is at the edge of the visible light spectrum. It is mysterious and elusive. To the left is vermilion and to the right is ink black, just like the infinite and unknown world.

From this point of view, Qingshan Dai is the vastness of the earth, and Phantom Purple is the misty distance in the sky. The farthest color in visible light has reached the highest end of smartphones. Once you get started, it will be like the purple galaxy, and even the entire world. Holding it within a square inch, it folds space and condenses time.

In modern times, purple is an avant-garde and romantic color in the fashion field. Therefore, in addition to Feather White, Feather Black, Feather Gold and Qingshan Dai of the Huawei Mate X5 series, Phantom Purple and Universal Star Gate join hands to create a noble and romantic Besides, there is also a sense of mystery and unknown.

Similar collision and unity also exist in materials and textures.

The plain leather material on Huawei Mate Material requirements.

The metal middle frame is an inevitable choice to achieve the four-curved body design, making it lighter in appearance, more comfortable to hold, and easier to open and close the folding screen. However, through precision coloring, the finely polished purple metal middle frame appears purple. On one side, light and mute are opposites, but modern and ancient are unified.

From another perspective, the complex and difficult-to-define sense of classicism and fashion of purple also gives Huawei Mate X5 a sense of detachment.

Just like it is suitable for all dressing scenes, it is a beautiful part when it is stable, and it is solemn when it is jumping out. So, who said that large folding screen mobile phones are suitable for business scenarios? Who says fashion can't be elegant?

Huawei Mate X5 does not want the folding screen to be a narrowly defined product. On the contrary, it should be everyone's next mobile phone. Design and color matching are also the dominant part of expanding the definition of its value. It is ahead of the curve and transcends form. It is also the personalized color matching that belongs to the public today. It has nothing to do with gender and is only the finishing touch.

At this point, many elements regarding color, high-end positioning, temperament, and design have all been internally unified around the keyword purple and its extended connotations. This logical smoothness also makes the high-end product a matter of course.

Ever since, the high-end presentation of technology and functions we saw later seemed so natural.

For example, the outer screen is covered with basalt tempered Kunlun glass, and the inner screen is equipped with non-Newtonian fluid materials to achieve a solid quality that is resistant to drops, scratches and impacts, and to eliminate the doubts about the delicate and fragile body caused by the thin and light folding body.

Even though the folding screen pursues the ultimate thickness and weight, which is inconsistent with the imaging module, Huawei still implants XMAGE imaging in the Mate It even uses the folding feature to innovate new ways to play.

Between folding and unfolding, the hovering state achieved by relying on the exquisite hinge is the third state of the folding screen. In this state, we can unlock more interesting experiences of Huawei Mate X5, such as hovering time-lapse photography, hovering Stop the video to watch and so on.

▲Huawei Mate X5 sample

There are also many conveniences that the folding screen itself can bring. Needless to say, a larger screen and field of view. The suddenly larger screen area also makes split-screen display, cross-screen operation, small window display and other functions more convenient and open. .

Today, it is not difficult to make a folding screen mobile phone. What is difficult is to make the folding screen into a good mobile phone. The folding screen is only the starting point for a form of mobile phone, and the high-end design and user experience in the folding form are the key.

Purple It, inspiration about purple overflows

If purple can represent the unknown, then purple also has endless space for interpretation. Colorful purples and reds are not all of purple. The various images and beauty in traditional colors such as cardamom purple, dragon, fish purple, lilac lavender, baby's breath purple, etc. are just purple. A drop in the ocean.

Perhaps we can also break out of the category of purple as a noun and adjective and treat it as a "verb".

So, when "purple" becomes a verb, what does "Purple It" mean?

The official Purple It video just released by Huawei Terminal uses a homophonic meme. By linking specific scenes and functions, Purple It is interpreted as "Purple has you", "Purple is waiting for you", "Purple supports you", "Purple" Look at you".

For light office work, the foldable screen is smaller and lighter than a notebook. This is a little trick of "Zi You".

Hover to take a photo, the folding screen stops firmly, the photo is clear and no one is missed, this is "Purple Waiting for You".

▲ The hover photo and countdown photo functions are combined so that no one is missed in the group photo.

The infinite interpretation space of purple is here. It is not just as simple as playing a homophonic meme, but letting Huawei and Mate X5 users work together to let inspiration overflow and discover more scene meanings about mobile phones and colors.

The same is true for Phantom Purple and the folding screen. Even if there are many interpretations, it is only one or two of the sand in the Ganges. Different people view purple and have completely different emotions and usage when using Huawei Mate X5.

Mobile phones are constantly changing and evolving, which means that the inspiration for how to use mobile phones well is also unlimited. For users, Purple It is actually similar to an imaging contest. Huawei prepared mobile phone cameras and also contributed samples, but the world is full of different situations. Life, billions of scenery, is to find that one moment among countless moments.

The mobile phone is already here, and the scenarios and cases have been displayed. The rest is up to the user to open up the possibilities of the entire world. So at this moment, Phantom Purple is no longer just a color, but the endless possibilities that Huawei Mate X5 brings to users.

It can be said that Huawei Mate It has set a new standard for flagship folding screen mobile phones and is also leading the development and future of the industry.

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