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When John set foot on the mountain to pick strawberries, he inadvertently found himself trapped on the cliff, and his eyes were at a loss.

Feeling extreme fear and despair, he cried out for help, but no one answered.

Luckily, John was wearing a watch with emergency satellite communications.

He recalls that when using the watch earlier, it was able to send his real-time location to the SOS center. So he pressed the SOS button on his watch, hoping to be rescued.

The SOS center received John's distress signal and immediately activated the emergency plan. Through the satellite positioning system, it determined John's location and contacted the local search and rescue team.

The search and rescue team arrived at the scene and found some injuries on John's body. They took John to the hospital for treatment.

After John recovered, he began to reflect on the experience. He is thankful that his watch saved his life.

As long as satellite communication is mentioned, the above is almost a typical application scenario of this function.

From military to civilian, from professional field to general consumer electronics

Satellite communication can provide users with communication services through the satellite network.

Its advantage is that it can provide global coverage, even if you are in a remote area or do not have a mobile communication signal, you can still contact the outside world.

Satellite communication technology was originally developed for military purposes, and has since been widely used in civilian fields.

It is mainly used in maritime rescue, aviation transportation, mine communication, submarine communication and other fields.

Satellite communications can cover vast areas and provide communication services in places that are difficult to reach from the ground, such as remote areas and oceans.

If people encounter an emergency, they can use satellite communication to send SOS messages to get necessary rescue.

Prior to this, Garmin, which is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of satellite navigation and Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment, introduced satellite communications into the civilian market.

Launched inReach Messenger emergency messaging tool in 2011.

It is possible to send and receive text messages and obtain geo-location information in places far away from the telecommunications infrastructure.

Garmin InReach Messenger also has GPS positioning function, which can locate people in extreme environments and provide assistance for emergency rescue.

In its 11 years of operation, InReach Messenger has provided emergency assistance to 10,000 individuals.

Satellite communication capabilities have become more common as companies such as the iPhone and Huawei have introduced emergency satellite communication capabilities on mobile phones.

It enables ordinary mobile phones to provide communication services and emergency communication functions in places where the ground is difficult to cover, such as remote areas and oceans.

iPhone 14 satellite communication feature is starting to save lives

When a grown man was stranded on a ski trip from Noorvik to Kotzebue at around 2am on December 1, 2022, almost desperate, he finally remembered the emergency SOS function on his iPhone.

He quickly activated the feature, sending a distress call via satellite.

With the combined efforts of the Alaska Patrol, local search and rescue teams, Apple Emergency Response and the Northwest Arctic Search and Rescue Coordinator, NWAB SAR deployed four volunteer search and rescue personnel who rushed to the Nimiuk Point area without stopping, according to Apple Emergency Response Provided GPS coordinates, the man was located.

When they brought him safely back to Kotzebue, the man took a deep breath, never to ignore the emergency SOS function on his iPhone again.

This case shows us the magical effect of satellite communication technology in emergency situations, and also proves that multi-party cooperation and the heroic behavior of volunteer search and rescue personnel are the keys to successful search and rescue.

In the future, satellite communication technology will continue to help us, allowing us to enjoy outdoor sports and long-distance travel with more confidence.

The iPhone's satellite communications feature is made possible by a new radio chip in the latest iPhones.

The iPhone's radio chip handles signals like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and satellite communications, and provides users with radio-related functions.

The chip has functions related to satellite communications, allowing the iPhone to receive and send information through satellites without a base station signal.

For example, users can communicate via satellite phone, or use the "Emergency SOS" feature to send location information to emergency services in an emergency.

The emergency communication feature on the iPhone 14 series is similar to the Garmin InReach Messenger service, but one interesting aspect of the report is that this service is often used to help other people, rather than the device owner.

This suggests that Apple's Emergency SOS satellite feature is likely to save more lives than just iPhone 14 owners.

This situation also reflects the important role of satellite communication technology in emergency situations. It not only helps the owner, but also others in need of rescue.

Therefore, more and more consumer electronics companies are considering introducing satellite communication functions to improve product safety and reliability.

Not only Apple, but also Google and Qualcomm have taken a fancy to it

Apple once invested in a satellite company called Spaceship, hoping to provide faster and safer communication services through satellites.

But in the end, it chose to cooperate with GlobalStar, using its 48 communication satellites, which can cover most of the world's communication network, to deploy satellite emergency communication functions.

Google has also invested in many satellite communication projects, hoping to improve Internet coverage through satellites and provide users with a better network experience.

After Apple's satellite communication became popular, many Silicon Valley companies are very interested in satellite communication and regard it as an important research and investment direction.

Google, Qualcomm, and MediaTek successively stated that they will integrate satellite communication functions in the subsequent Android system and chip to meet the needs of users.

As satellite communication technology develops, it will surely become an important part of consumer electronics.

Since it can also provide communication functions offline or offline, it can bring more convenience and security to users.

For example, a smart phone with satellite communication function can activate the emergency SOS function in an emergency, so that users can get more security when they are outdoors.

In addition, satellite communication technology can also be applied to other fields, such as telemedicine, smart home and so on. Its application range will become wider and wider, providing users with more convenience and security.

When we returned to that cold winter day again, we realized that the man who was once trapped in the snow was safe now.

He activated emergency SOS via the satellite communication function on his mobile phone and called for rescuers.

It was through satellite communication technology that the rescuers were able to locate his location and successfully rescued him from the predicament.

Therefore, we really realize the important role of satellite communication technology.

It not only allows us to receive and send information anytime, anywhere, but also provides us with security in case of emergency.

Therefore, we should thank satellite communication technology for making it an integral part of our lives.

Written at the end: (This is written by a real person, not lying to you)

I can finally get started on my own.

After opening four or five ChatGPT pages, it (or he, she) finally finished all the serious answers.

The process of talking to it is a bit strange, like guiding a child to do something, he has a certain amount of information (I learned in 2021, I don’t know the iPhone 14 yet), and the way of answering is relatively similar.

When editing a text, sometimes I am eager to modify its answer by myself, and write a series. But in the end I held back and gave it full power.

The process of writing is like writing an interview, and what is done is really only "editing" work.

In addition, there is also a feeling that we are using a new (next generation) search engine, but its contextual understanding ability is far beyond the stereotype of AI.

If you have to give him a personal design, it is very similar to the librarian in "Ready Player One". He can easily access the contents of the knowledge base, generate answers in an appropriate way, and paste them in the dialog box.

During the weekend when ChatGPT swiped the screen, many people had a playful attitude to test its mind, logic and ability to find a standard to define it.

There are also bloggers on Twitter who tested that its IQ is only 83, and in some logic tests, ChatGPT does not have human logical thinking.

But facing this article from ChatGPT, and some of its answers about programming code.

I ended up typing the question "how not to be replaced by AI" into the dialog. This is its answer. (Seeing it stuck, I couldn't tell whether it was intentional or the technology was really immature.)

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