The appearance of the iPhone 16 Pro series is revealed/Tesla recalls more than 1.6 million vehicles/Google formulates a robot constitution


 Microsoft's market value will surpass Apple's

 Perplexity raises another $528 million in financing

 iPhone 16 Pro (Max) appearance renderings exposed

 Google creates a “robot constitution”

 Tesla recalls more than 1.6 million vehicles

 Jen-Hsun Huang wins The Economist's Best CEO Award

 Meitu AI visual large model officially launched

 OpenAI in talks with dozens of publishers to license content

 It is impossible for Xiaomi cars to have pricing and policies before they are officially released.

 Huawei Wenjie M9’s competitive targets: Ideal L9 and MEGA

 Zuckerberg sold $428 million in Meta stock in two months

 Alibaba DreamTalk releases test link

 One Fun Thing | An accessory turns the iPhone back into a "senior device"

 What to watch on the weekend | "The Annual Meeting Can't Stop"

 Guide to buying books without reading | "The Story of Color"

 Game recommendation | "Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy"

Apple MFi certified, SMT line CL first launched for sale

CANDYSIGN, a brand of sugar factory under the digital trendy brand Aifaner, has launched a new product. The new generation of fully magnetic data cable (Apple Lightning interface) certified by Apple MFi is officially on the shelves. Click here to buy it directly and get it immediately.

MagTie that supports Apple’s official MFi certification ⭕ Sticking wires is currently the only option for Lightning interface users.

Only with L can you be COOL

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Microsoft's market value will surpass Apple's

Apple has recently suffered two rating downgrades, but it still occupies the top spot in the U.S. in terms of market value. The latest data shows that Microsoft is taking advantage of Apple's difficulties to quietly catch up with its market value.

Currently, Microsoft ranks second with a market value of US$2.73 trillion, about US$100 billion behind Apple. However, the gap between the two has now narrowed to the smallest level in more than two years.

Throughout 2023, Microsoft's stock price has risen by 57%, higher than Apple's 48% rise. Among them, Azure cloud computing business has become a major factor supporting the rise of Microsoft's stock price last year.

Coupled with the overall unfavorable start for technology stocks this year, Apple in particular faces particularly severe challenges. It was downgraded by investment banks twice this week, and its market value evaporated by US$160 billion in three days.

Perplexity secures another $528 million in financing

Perplexity, an American AI search engine startup, announced on its official website yesterday that it has received US$73.6 million (approximately RMB 528 million) in Series B financing, led by IVP Venture Capital, with Nvidia, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and others as new investors Investors follow the investment.

To date, Perplexity has raised $100 million. Perplexity co-founder and CEO Aravind Srini-vas revealed that its conversational search engine has reached 10 million monthly active users, more than 1 million mobile application installations, and more than 500 million queries by the end of 2023.

iPhone 16 Pro (Max) appearance renderings exposed

According to the official website of MacRumors, they designed and created a 3D model of the iPhone 16 series based on the latest news about the next generation iPhone.

Building on the curved edges and titanium frame Apple introduced with the iPhone 15 Pro, the next-generation iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will feature a larger display size and a new capacitive shooting button.

In addition, the two new phones have larger displays, with the size increased from 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches to 6.3 inches and 6.9 inches. It may be related to the addition of a 5x quad-prism telephoto camera, which is expected to be equipped on both Pro models this year.

At the same time, the iPhone 16 Pro models will be equipped with a new "shooting button" and will be located below the power button. The shooting button will be flush with the frame of the iPhone, so it will not protrude like the power and volume buttons.

Google develops 'robot constitution' to ensure it doesn't hurt people

This week, the Google DeepMind robotics team announced three new developments to help robots make faster, better, and safer decisions in natural environments. The most prominent one is the "Robot Constitution" drafted by the team System – AutoRT.

Google's data collection system, AutoRT, can use visual language models (VLM) and large language models (LLM) to help robots understand and adapt to the working environment.

The purpose of this regulation is to ensure that AI robots do not harm humans during work; to this end, DeepMind programmed the robot to set limits on its joints. If the force on its joints exceeds a certain threshold, it will automatically To stop working, the human operator can stop the robot at any time through the physical switch here.

The "Robot Constitution" is inspired by Isaac Asimov's "Three Laws of Robotics":

The First Law: Robots cannot harm humans, nor can they harm humans through inaction.

Second Law: A robot must obey orders given by humans unless it violates the First Law.

Third Law: A robot must defend its existence as long as it does not violate the First or Second Law.

This is a set of "safety-centered" tips that allow robots to work efficiently while protecting human safety.

Tesla recalls more than 1.6 million vehicles

According to CCTV news, Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Tesla Motors (Beijing) Co., Ltd. have filed recall plans with the State Administration for Market Regulation:

① Starting from now, a total of 7,538 imported Model S and Model X electric vehicles with production dates between October 26, 2022 and November 16, 2023 will be recalled.

Due to a problem with the door unlock logic control of the vehicles within the scope of this recall, in the event of a collision, the non-collision side door latch may detach from the latch, leaving the door in an unlocked state, posing a safety hazard.

It is recommended that users drive the vehicle with caution before the vehicle recall is implemented; and upgrade the vehicle software as soon as possible after receiving the recall software update notification.

② From now on, a total of 1,610,105 imported Model S, Model

For vehicles within the scope of this recall, when the automatic assisted steering function is turned on, the driver may misuse the level 2 combined driving assistance function, increasing the risk of vehicle collision and posing safety risks.

Tesla will use vehicle remote upgrade (OTA) technology to push newly developed functions to the vehicles within the recall scope to reduce the risk of collisions caused by misuse of the auxiliary steering function.

Jen-Hsun Huang wins The Economist's 2023 Best CEO Award

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang was named the "Best CEO of 2023" by the British "Economist" magazine in recognition of his great success in the field of artificial intelligence.

The Economist magazine commented that Nvidia under the leadership of Huang Renxun has achieved significant financial and market achievements and has maintained its dominant position in the industry through its extensive product portfolio.

The magazine investigated the performance of the bosses of large public companies in the S&P 1200 Index and considered data on multiple dimensions such as shareholder returns and employee satisfaction.

Nvidia later forwarded the comment and expressed its thoughts:

"Thank you to our employees, customers and partners for a great year together."

Meitu AI large-scale visual model MiracleVision (Qixiang Intelligence) officially launched

Meitu's self-developed AI visual model MiracleVision (Qixiang Intelligence) is officially launched. Users can experience it on MiracleVision's official website, Meitu Xiuxiu, WHEE and other Meitu products.

On January 2, MiracleVision passed the "Interim Measures for the Management of Generative Artificial Intelligence Services" for registration. Up to now, this product is the only large model focusing on the visual field among the registered products. It is also the first large model product to be registered in Fujian Province.

Currently, users can experience functions such as Vincentian pictures and Tushengtu on Meitu Xiuxiu, and experience functions such as Vincentian pictures, Tushengtu, model training, local modifications, and screen expansion on WHEE.

OpenAI in talks with dozens of publishers to license content

After being accused of copyright infringement by The New York Times, OpenAI said it was negotiating with dozens of news publishers to license articles.

On January 4, local time in the United States, Tom Rubin, OpenAI’s chief of intellectual property and content, said in an interview that the company has recently launched negotiations with dozens of publishers on licensing agreements: “We are in the midst of multiple negotiations and are working with multiple publishers. publishers. They are very active and active, and these negotiations are going well.”

Rubin also said that OpenAI was "surprised" by the New York Times's choice to file the lawsuit because the two sides were in "very active and productive negotiations" before the New York Times sued the company.

According to two media company executives who have recently been in talks with OpenAI, OpenAI is willing to pay some media companies $1 million to $5 million per year to obtain permission to use news articles to train its large language models.

However, this is a small number even for a small publisher, and such an offer may make it difficult for OpenAI to reach agreements with media companies.

Xiaomi Wang Hua: It is impossible for Xiaomi cars to have pricing and policies before they are officially released

On January 5, Wang Hua, general manager of the public relations department of Xiaomi Group, issued an article saying that in the past two days, he had refuted rumors three times to clarify the price of Xiaomi cars. Today, he finally refuted the rumors:

  • Until the end of the official Xiaomi car product launch, all information and posters with Xiaomi car versions and prices were fake.
  • It is impossible to have pricing and policies before the official release. Don’t believe the so-called insider rumors. No one knows the real price or even the official release time, because nothing has been determined yet.

Wang Hua said that for the real pricing poster, you only need to follow Xiaomi Auto’s official account or his own account.

Huawei Wenjie M9’s competitive targets: Ideal L9 and MEGA

According to news from Late Auto, a person close to Huawei said that Huawei’s extended range version of the M9 is aiming to take over the market of the Ideal L9, while the pure electric version regards MEGA as a strong enemy.

The head-to-head confrontation between Huawei and Ideal has already started since the release of Wenjie M7. The hot sales of the M7 prove Huawei's ability to sell cars, and the M9, which took three years to develop from scratch, has put even more pressure on ideals. In the past six months, Ideal's attitude toward market competition has changed from last year's "actual combat, growth, and crushing" to "pause, passivity, and defense."

In November last year, Huawei spun off its car BU and established a joint venture with its partner car companies, further consolidating its alliance with car companies. Later Auto learned that four companies that have in-depth cooperation with Huawei, such as the Wenjie M8 and the MPV jointly developed by Huawei and Jianghuai, which are planned to be launched this year, are in direct competition with Ideal products.

Ideal takes the lead with its amazing products; Huawei has abundant resources and complete processes. Two companies with very different backgrounds and personalities met in the new energy vehicle market. After two years of confrontation, each company made up for its own shortcomings and raised its competitiveness to a higher level.

Late Auto believes that this year is about to usher in a major reshuffle in the domestic electric vehicle industry. Both companies are standing at the center of the storm and have come up with their key products: MEGA versus M9.

This is a true test of the all-round strength of products, brands, supplies, organizations, etc.

Zuckerberg sold $428 million in Meta stock in two months

Meta CEO Zuckerberg sold nearly $500 million worth of Meta platform company stock from November to December 2023.

According to sources, a document submitted to regulators on Tuesday showed that Zuckerberg sold shares every trading day from November 1 to the end of the year, selling at a price of approximately US$428 million (approximately 3.06 billion yuan). Nearly 1.28 million shares were purchased.

Zuckerberg cashed out on average US$10.4 million (approximately 74 million yuan) each time, with the highest cashout amount on December 28 being US$17.1 million.

However, Zuckerberg has not sold Meta stock since November 2021. The company's shares rebounded 194% last year from a seven-year low near the end of 2022.

Alibaba DreamTalk releases test link

DreamTalk is a diffusion-based audio-driven expressive avatar generation framework that can generate high-quality avatar videos speaking across styles.

The model performs well on a variety of inputs, including songs, speech in multiple languages, noisy audio, and out-of-domain portraits. The team's paper states that diffusion models have been underexplored when generating expressive head avatars, and DreamTalk's framework can fill this gap.

DreamTalk consists of three key components: a denoising network, a style-aware lip expert, and a style predictor.

Experimental results show that through the combination of three technologies, DreamTalk is able to generate realistic speaking faces with multiple speaking styles and achieve accurate lip movements, surpassing existing similar products.

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One Fun Thing | An accessory turns the iPhone back into a "senior device"

The company Clicks has developed a keyboard cover specifically designed for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro models.

The accessory uses a standard QWERTY keyboard with dedicated keys for voice assistant, emoticons and shortcut commands, and the keyboard also has a built-in backlight. The iPhone is connected to the keyboard through the Lightning/USB-C interface and supports pass-through charging. The protective case also supports wireless charging.

The versions of this keyboard cover are priced as follows:

  • iPhone 14 Pro: $139, ships in February
  • iPhone 15 Pro version: $139, released in mid-March
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max version: $159, released in spring

What to watch on the weekend | "The Annual Meeting Can't Stop"

The New Year's Eve comedy movie "The Annual Party Can't Stop!" is written and directed by Dong Runnian and stars Dapeng, Baike, and Zhuang Dafei. " is currently in theaters, and the film's popularity and reputation continue to soar. As of the 4th, the film's cumulative box office exceeded 370 million yuan, with a Douban score of 8.2, making it the highest-rated domestic comedy in the past five years.

The film tells the story of senior fitter Hu Jianlin (played by Dapeng) who was accidentally transferred to the headquarters when the group was laying off employees. He was promoted along the way by mistake. In the process, he was out of tune with the group and made a lot of jokes, exposing all kinds of chaos in the workplace.

From "factory" to "big factory", from "blue collar" to "gold collar", Hu Jianlin is full of jokes because he is incompatible with the environment of the big factory. It is also like a "workplace magic mirror" that reflects the real workplace environment.

Guide to buying books without reading | "The Story of Color"

This is a monograph that talks about the history of art from the perspective of matter and materials. It takes 240 works of art as examples, tells the artistic stories of 10 individual colors or color combinations and the historical significance behind them, and also pays attention to specific colors. The science and color theory behind it are explained in easy-to-understand terms.

Taking the color blue in the book as an example, the author shows how artists control blue areas in paintings through the works of Michelangelo and Titian, and also shows how different artists handle various colors. At the same time, blue has the unique power to express space and distance, and is also used to create the illusion of volume and suggest three-dimensional space.

Stella Paul, the author of this book, has many labels: art historian, curator, color expert, and museum educator. She graduated from Harvard University and the University of Southern California. She once served as a curator at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and later worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for more than 20 years.

Game recommendation | "Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy"

Recently, the Epic Games Store has once again caused a craze due to its free activities. The last free game in the "Epic Plus One Event" has been announced: the action-adventure game "Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy."

This game is one of the best story games in 2021. The original price is 359 yuan. It can now be obtained for free on the Epic Mall during the event, and it supports Chinese. The event deadline is January 12.

The Epic Games Store is popular with gamers for its weekly free games, and while many of the giveaways are aging games or low-budget indies, every now and then a smash hit pops up, and this time it's the Epic Games Store. "Guardians of the Galaxy" is one of the classic works.

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